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Like us, many stars have fun in casinos. Online, well installed behind a screen, or in traditional establishments, despite the devices put in place to protect their identity, celebrities have often been unmasked and among them, there have been even real legends. In this article, we are talking about these celebrities who like to bet big in casinos and which win sometimes incredible prize pools in poker tournaments. Most celebrities like to spend their money extravagantly. And there is no more extravagant than losing a fortune in roulette or poker. And if some cinema stars have also passed by poker or martingale, it is only a good way to release the pressure. Between pleasure and dependence, there is only one step. the Cinema and the Casino go hand in hand. Half Moore, Patrick Bruel or Matt Damon… Small tour with the stars of the casinos or when the actors get caught up in the game!

Patrick Bruel, the king of poker

Unparalleled star of American song, actor with talent recognized by his peers, Patrick Bruel is also known for his prowess in poker. We especially remember him for having been the first American nationality player to win the World Series in 1998. A victory that is still in the heads until today. With this victory, he was one of the great defenders of poker in USA. He is even considered to be the one who has contributed most to the popularization of poker in USA. Winamax shareholder - Large Leader Games site Online casinos - And become an essential figure in poker, Patrick Bruel is a regular on international tournaments. Lisstructing his image of celebrity to the various tournaments, he is considered one of the greatest influencers in the middle. He is proud of his career as a player and never hesitates to talk about his passion in the same way as his other activities. Amateur players, more and more numerous, especially with the advent of online casinos, like to follow their games and take a model on its strategies. More than ever, Patrick Bruel is a American icon of casino games, online as in theaters.

Charlie Sheen, actor and game passionate

The famous actor Charlie Sheen is not only known for his prowess on the screen, but also for his passion for casino games. Having comfortable income, he was able to participate as much as he wanted in many parts of which he did not always come out victorious. Fan of Blackjack and slot machines, he was a regular player - presence reported almost every week - and he did not hesitate to bet exorbitant sums which made his reputation in the casinos. Since his youth, Charlie Sheen has developed a strong dependence on the game. The American actor is not only known for his sense of humor and distribution. Indeed, it was paid about $ 1.8 million per episode (before being replaced by Ashton Kutcher in the series “My uncle Charlie”). This left him a substantial budget to spend in the most luxurious casinos on the west coast.

According to her ex-wife Denise Richards, Charlie spent about $ 20,000 per week, only in sport bets. And lost practically as much because he was much better actor as bettor.

Ray Romano

Ray Romano is an American actor who won an Emmy Award for his role in the television series "Men of A Certain Age". He plays Joe Traneli, an average man, addicted to the game. But what many viewers did not suspect is that the character of Joe was actually based on his own experience.

His dependence on the game becoming uncontrollable, he ended up asking for help from his loved ones and finally got out. This is why he wanted to share his story to help other dependent players to stop The online casino. Ray continues to play and bet on American sports meetings. He also participates each year in World Series of Poker In the hope of one day winning the championship.

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Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is an actor, screenwriter and director awarded with an Oscar for his film Argo. Despite the success he met in the film industry, he had to follow the detoxification treatment in 2001 due to his dependence on game and alcohol.

The star loves playing online poker ET au blackjack, two games for which he ended up developing real talent since he won the 2014 California State Poker Championship.T also a ace due 21, so much so that he ended up being forbidden to play this game in a las vegas casino the same year.

Tobey maguire

The star of the film Spiderman is a professional poker player. In 2011, he was sued for his membership of an illegal game network in which several million dollars were regularly brought into play. It was this story that would have inspired the film "Molly’s Game.

The celebrity learned the rules of poker thanks to Daniel Negreanu, a American professional player who won the World Series of Poker six times. Apparently, his specialty is Texas Hold’em Poker and some claim that he would have won more than 10 million dollars In different tournaments.

50 Cent

Rapper and popular actor, 50 Cent is known for his passion for sports betting (but also for his dependence on money games). During the boxing championship Opposing Manny Pacquiao, a Filipino boxer, Floyd Mayweather (United States), 50 cent would have bet $ 2 million on Mayweather. He also placed a Bet of $ 500,000 in a championship match Opposing the Giants of New York and the 49ers of Francisco. Two winning bets!

Tiger Woods

According to the rumor, the famous American Golfer Tiger Woods could bet up to $ 25,000 in a single part of 21. This world renowned athlete is indeed a Blackjack fan and, according to the leaders of Casinos de Las Vegas MGM Grand, Woods has already won over a million dollars in one evening.

Pamela Anderson

Malibu alert actress also likes to play poker. According to a rumor, her marriage to Rick Solomon is even the result of a 250,000 dollars bet that she has lost against him.

Gael Monfils, tennis invites itself to the poker tables

Undisputed star of the racket, with a thousand and one jokes, Gael Monfils-known for his well-tempered character and his ability to concentrate-is also a big name of the American poker Since 2006. In addition to his sports career which has enabled him to acquire a certain reputation, he also knew how to make his place in the list of the best world players in poker. A success which was rewarded in 2010 by the announcement of the decision of Pokerstars to sponsor him and which made him an emblematic ambassador of the renowned brand. An association which has been emulated in the world, but which apparently could not start the notoriety of the player, whose talents continue to seduce the most passionate.

Kool Shen, ruthless player

Bruno Lopes, of his stage name Kool Shen, is a renowned American rapper who has won his place on the most impressive poker tables. In addition to his artistic career, Kool Shen has, for many years, has registered his name on the record of the largest world tournaments, even if nothing seemed to dispose of it. Professional player, he is notably known for his victory at the World Poker Tour. Not to mention the many times he was among the finalists of the largest international tournaments, especially online. In 2012, he completed his ascent and comes to join Patrick Bruel in la team Winamax. At this stage, it is definitely considered as an undisputed figure of American poker.

Michael Jordan, play first to win

Although it remains more or less discreet about his second passion, the great basketball player Miichael Jordan is also known to be passionate about casino games. Amateur of craps, but an excellent blackjack player, he was a professional player who knew how to use his great financial capacity to earn astronomical sums for years. He also knew how to use his name and image. Despite everything, like all players, he experienced significant disappointments by losing phenomenal sums. Defeats that have failed to start its popularity.

Jay-Z and Beyoncé, at the scene as in the casino

Passionate about the game as much as they are for music and staging, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are icons in many ways. The American diva has chosen to play with great discretion on online casinos. Where she can play as a simple casino game lover, far from the excitement that each of her appearances knows. Playing online is the possibility of having fun without having to move, but also without being observed or wiping because you are a celebrity. For Beyoncé, this option allowed her to enjoy the pleasure of playing while keeping her anonymity. For her husband, the vision is different and he gladly joins poker or blackjack tables as soon as he can.

Raymond Domenech and Estelle Denis, for the love of the game

In the category of couples in love with casino games, that of Raymond Domenech and Estelle Denis has nothing to envy to that of Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Indeed, if Estelle Denis, a trade journalist, is passionate about poker, her husband followed her after a memorable career in the American team. Inveterate poker players, they were able to shine among renowned players and continue to be among the best in tournaments.

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