Formula 1 - Tips for betting online

If you joined us, it is because the world of Formula 1 attracts a minimum. Maybe you want to have more cards in hand to bet. With its 21 rounds, the Formula 1 World Championship of the FIA can enable its range of competition on which it is possible to bet. You can also find the case of enthusiasts who want to register on a bookmaker only to bet on Formula 1. Whatever your profile, you have to learn to bet on F1. The traps are always the same. Betting a wet finger because we enter the name of Lewis Hamilton on the radio or on TV is a mistake even if at the end he will be world champion. So we are going to go around the advice for beginner bettors with free specific tips for beginners.

Which bookmaker to choose to bet on Formula 1

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If it is true that Formula 1 is not as followed as football or rugby, bookmakers offer all races with a maximum of types of bets. If you do not know the Arjel, an online regulatory authority, you will quickly realize that it secures players, but it also strongly limits the types of authorized bets. For Formula 1, you have about twenty including those running throughout the season. On a race, you can find a dozen and that maximum. Approved bookmakers are more or less generous and the Paris range available depends on the notoriety of the races. To put it simply, the Monaco Grand Prix or that of USA will be better served than that of Dubai or USA.

The offer is homogeneous as well as the ribs. For any demanding bettor looking for profit, it is necessary to have two or three bookmakers In order to take advantage of the best ratings by zapping towards the best rating.

One important thing we will come back to is live bets. Formula 1 is an ideal competition to enjoy live bets. The ratings evolve quickly depending on the race. It is precisely these unpredictable events by nature that make F1 still fascinating for bettors. You will find in journals and our opinions on bookmakers, all the details necessary to make a wise choice.

Bookmakers often offer Special promotions Formula 1 To encourage new players to try this discipline. Be vigilant and take a look in the “promotion” section of online betting sites.

do yor have to be a mechanical expert to bet on formula 1?

Formula 1 is played out on two things: mechanics and pilot. The best driver in the world will not be on the box with a car whose mechanical level is not up to leaders. Fangio’s time is far away and for pilots, it’s rather a good thing. At that time, fatal accidents were common with cars, the only objective of which was the speed without consideration of handling and even less security. On the other hand, the car has become so preponderant that the talent of the pilots has less impact on the races. And the more the team is rich, the more it will have ways to do tests and offer itself the best technicians on the circuit. All this may seem quite simple. Two things will come and complicate this inventory. There are always two or three stables that fight in mind. The changes in regulations can shake up a hierarchy that was thought to be established.

Bet on F1 therefore requests almost no skills mechanical. On the other hand, it is necessary to understand the operation of the tire with nine different tires, 8 secs and two rain, and the rules of the race. The accustomed bettors know that for any new seasons, it is necessary to take into account the changes in regulations. For that, it's simple. Just consult the specialized sites, listen to the programs dedicated to F1. Specialists will tell you all the ins and out of the new regulations.

How to bet on the first great prices of the season?

The first Grand Prix can be considered a leap into a vacuum. You have as the sole criterion, the test reports of the stables, which, let us recall, are limited in front season. The first Grand Prix of the season takes place in Australia. The engines are directly pushed to the end for heat and humidity. The race is running on the Albert Park circuit, a semi-urban circuit. We know that Sebastian Vettel won the last two. It is this kind of information that allows you to have an idea. However, we will not know the level of his Ferrari at the end of the race. F1 is revealed as you go. This is why it is advisable to avoid betting before this race and rather go to the live bet. It will therefore be our next paragraph.

Betting on F1 live

Live Bet has many advantages for a competition such as the Formula 1 world championship.

The ratings on direct betsT: They can double in front of the front race. Be vigilant, refresh and keep your eyes on the race. For the moment the bookmakers do not offer the free Sen streaming race, but look on the web, you will find your happiness. The live bet on Formula 1 is available Live Bet and therefore on your smartphones. You can look at the Grand Prix in a bar or a friend and bet as the race developments. It is on a huge advantage. Avoid departure is to avoid seeing your foal go to a heap and abandon after two hundred shopping. You can take advantage of stable strategies to anticipate positions. Live Bet is a tool that must be tamed. The first times you use it to bet online on a Formula 1 race, be careful. We must not confuse speed and precipitation.

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