Formula 1: strategies for betting online

Formula 1 requires a very special strategy of Paris adapted to the discipline. Betting on football is for example easier because there are few people on this land that has never seen a football match and not having a minimum football culture. And Formula 1, there are enthusiasts and the rest of the world. A bettor can turn to F1 to enrich his Paris strategy and because he has noticed that the online bookmakers' ratings on betting are good. Getting started on Formula 1 bets obviously requires, but as for other disciplines, to know and understand the ins and outs of a race. In recent years, we note that the strategy of pilots at the level of judgments, for example, has taken on crucial importance. It is even said in the exaggeration of a boring race that "now the pilots are doubled in the boxes". This article is therefore dedicated to bettors who have a base in the process of being solid and knowledge that allows them to have an idea of the world championship and an F1 race.

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Bet on F1: start of the season

This is undoubtedly the most difficult period to bet serenely on F1. Traditionally the set is found on the grid of the Australian Grand Prix to launch hostilities. You can make the mistake of betting based on the previous season. It is not a fatal error if we lay this factor with all the changes that there may have been during the season. The most visible change is the pilots who change their buckets. Usually, the best pilots who change manufacturers launch a dance that can modify two or three stables. The first thing to do is therefore to study the new tray. And it can lead you far, to the motor manufacturers and even to the tires. For a few seasons, F1 has opted for a unique manufacturer. In Formula 1 nothing is engraved in marble. The regulations are constantly evolving. And to say that it can revolutionize the plateau is to say. Again, the richest stables will have more ways to adapt quickly. Renault Motor for example, 70 designers work day and night. We know from experience that engine problems, performance concerns that sometimes play a millimeter are more present at the start of the season. For example for next season the Hass stable changes its engineer chief. This is the kind of little info to take into account if you want to bet on Sébastien Grosjean on the spot at the start of the season.

The cult of secrecy in F1 is the nightmare of bettors. Very little filter and the official pre-season trials are to be taken with tweezers. We are not told about the pilots who at a press conference play bluffing to give a minimum of information on the quality of their mounts. The question is therefore whether it is reasonable to bet on the first Grand Prix of the season. We especially recommend it if you have a limited bankroll. Wait until you have at least one GP of F1 to have an inventory of the forces involved. There is a more intelligent way to get around the problem. You have to choose the Paris live option.

Bet live on F1

The live bet makes it possible to elude the strangers who weigh on your reading of a Grand Prix. The dimensions are good, the types of bets are quite varied to offer a satisfactory choice. And the main advantage is that you are not betting on a race with your crystal ball, but with the course of events. The live bet is ideal for mechanical sports. Beginners will have to get used to the interface work, but les bookmakers that we have tested to offer you a live bet. They offer an easy -to -use and extremely fluid live BET service. Fluidity is the nerve of war because by betting on a live side, you have to be quick not to miss the right operation, but the smartphone app must also be fluid and easy to use. At present, Unibet Pari live is pretty good with in addition to many streaming, but not yet Formula 1. At Betclic, Live Bet is competitive. Our advice to bet on Live Bet: Test this feature before betting on it. Take for example a sport where you are more comfortable with the types of betting to get your hands. The main concern for Live Bet is that it requires a certain dexterity and cold blood in full grand prices. Imagine that if you hesitate a second too much to send heavy on a dimension, you can see it spin under your nose. Consult our article concerning live bets on American bookmakers To have a further approach to this Paris option which for us is not far from the best.

tip for betting on f1: far from asphalt, an essential factor

If to bet on a Formula 1 race you only take into account mechanics and the circuit. In short, only concrete equipment, you risk ending up in the sandbox. An important and essential tip: don't bet too much upstream of a race. What is true for most competitions you will find on sports betting sites, this is particularly important for F1. The weather can change everything and even overcome the best to release an unexpected podium. Never bet without knowing the weather and the meteo-dining pilot report. For example, a car can be less efficient with a large humidity or in high heat ... In F1, less performance for the cadors, this counts in thousandth of a second. The rain will put the qualities of the pilots in highlight and transform the track into an ice rink. The wrong tires and your bet on the first three of the race will go up in smoke.

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