Types of Paris on volleyball

Volleyball is not the most popular sport of online bettors and one might think that bookmakers do not bother to offer an offer worthy of the name. If the types of Paris on volleyball are not as numerous as for a football match, there is still material to reflect and optimize its earnings. If you are regulars in this section, you will find more hazardous than serious bets, but also good shots with a sport where the draw does not exist with its two winning sets. Finally if you are decided at Bet online on volleyball, here are the types of bets authorized by the Arjel. As we usually do, we emphasize that the title of online betting can change according to the bookmaker or simply not be used ... Note also that bets on the Beach Volley are different and independent.

The analysis of different bets on online volleyball

  • The bet: final result of the competition

It is the common bet for all the sporting disciplines available on sports betting sites.

Advantage : The rating will be all the higher since the bet will be made as soon as possible.

Disadvantage : A sum blocked all season for a blind bet ...

Our opinion : The bet on the competition can be understood on a World Cup or an international competition over a short period, but in a full season, the summated sum is blocked. We must also find a good coast while relating the uncertainty of a championship and play-offs. It is an overly random bet if you want to become a professional bettor.

  • The bet: final classification of the competition and/or the regular season

In this bet, you must determine the teams that will be on the podium of the Plays-Off and/or the regular season.

Advantage : The ratings are good and it is not necessary to give an order, but only the teams which will be in the first three.

Disadvantage : None.

Our opinion : It is an excellent bet, because it allows you to level the difficulty while avoiding too weak dimensions. There remains the downside over the duration where the bet is blocked. As in all investments, the sleeping money brings nothing. It is therefore necessary not to block too much of your bankroll.

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  • The bet: the teams qualified in the play-off

This bet amounts to finding the classification of play-offs. You have to know the competition on which the bettor will put its bet. For example, to bet on the American championship, you should know that the first eight of the season will be qualified in the play-off.

Advantage : The bet is equipped by team, it is not a "lot".

Disadvantage : The ratings are relatively low unless you play a big surprise.

Our opinion : The pros and cons would tend to balance. It all depends on the championship and the forces involved. In short, it is a bet that can be tempted by the bettors who master this sport well and who have enough of Bankroll to see coming.

  • Bets: Best attack on the regular season / Best defense of the regular season / Best marker of the regular season and play-offs

We group these three types of bets, because it is the same basis. Bets on the season or the Plays-Off on specific points, perhaps even too specific.

Advantage : The dimensions are generous.

Disadvantage : It is very random.

Our opinion : It is a bet that asks to have clairvoyance donations. Obviously, we can stand out from the batch two or three favorites, look at the history and statistics of last season, but the bet is too risky for our taste to block part of the bankroll on this kind of bet on volleyball .

  • The bet: number of victories at home or outside on a championship day

It is a completely original peer that does not exist for other sports. It is therefore surprising to see it only for volleyball. So we ask ourselves the question, why? No idea. The Arjel cultivates the absurd.

Advantage : Volleyball gives a real statistical advantage to the team that receives.

Disadvantage : The bet is done on a specific number, not on an interval.

Our opinion : It is a unique type of Paris and hope it remains. The ratings are not necessarily high. To flee.

  • The bet: number of team victories in the championship (regular season) (excluding American championships)

Again, one wonders which fly has stung the arjel which excludes from this bet the American volleyball championship. This bet does not require an exact number, but an estimate in one interval: 4-5 7-8 etc.

Advantage : The dimensions are brilliant and dapper.

Disadvantage : A risky and hazardous bet?

Our opinion : By dint of betting on volleyball, we realize that outsiders rarely drop the favorites. This "rarely" can make the difference on the overall estimate. Statistics can help from season to season. For us, this type of betting with two crumbling defects: too hazardous and too long. We avoid except exceptional scenario reserved for purposes.

  • Type of bet: Number of sets in the match

Will the match be played in two sets or three?

Advantage : There is a way to beat the bookmaker on this kind of bet.

Disadvantage : None.

Our opinion : It is a good bet, because it is readable and the bookmakers tend to judge it with an a priori on the favorite without taking into account the external factors. It is a bet to try for those who have a Good knowledge of this discipline.

  • Bet type: Livebet on volleyball

This is an opportunity not to be missed when it is offered. The lives live on the volleyball are quite frequent, especially on Unibet Live Bet.

Advantage : It's an excellent school to learn to bet on volleyball.

Disadvantage : Be very careful for your beginnings!

Our opinion : For us, live bets are the icing on the cake. It is a particular tool that puts us in front of reality. Are you a Sunday bettor or do you know your sport and your bets? It is an abyss.

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