Bet on tennis: the different types of betting

It is a very special sport for those who want bet on tennis. Individual sport If there is one, tennis allows you to find simple bets - "which will win the match" but the little yellow ball can also lead you to all these types of bets which we are very cried that requires more the Katya's mom's cartomancer talent than that of the pro -line bettor. Let's go for a precise study and undoubtedly in several parts of the types of online bets.

  • The Pari Simple : Winner of the tennis match.

The simplest of online bets that allows everyone to bet on all sports. Who will win ?

Advantage : Very simple and in tennis no draw.

Inconvenience : When it's too easy, the dimensions are low.

Our opinion : It is not necessarily the best of bets for those who want to play seriously, but it is an introduction to beginners.

  • Peer : GRAND CHELEM special bets: Number of Grand Slam titles for player X.

This bet asks you to determine if a predetermined player will win 1-2-3 or 4 Grand Colem tournaments.

Advantage : The dimensions can be interesting depending on the player ...

Inconvenience : The bet requires an "exactly".

Our opinion : In recent years, the Great Chelems have been shared between the three giants: Djokovic, Nadal and Federer. However, it is difficult to know "exactly" how many grandch will be won by one or the other. Everyone has their favorite surface, but they can gain anywhere, an injury can intervene and a new head can emerge. In addition, you have to predict in January to take advantage of the best odds before the Australian Open ... for fun, put a few euros, but only a dust from your bankroll.

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  • Equi: Score final (sets).

It is a question of finding the "score" of the meeting of tennis. How many sets on both sides.

Advantage : This bet can optimize the rating of a favorite.

Inconvenience : Relatively risky for beginners.

Our opinion : This is an interesting party for those who master the knowledge of players and historicals on clashes. This bet is sharp, but it can be readable for certain big games that you must learn to recognize.

  • Land even: Total number of games in the match.

This bet allows you to give more or less the number of games won by player X or Y in a match.

Advantage : Average dimensions for a relatively safe bet.

Inconvenience : Little disadvantage if not to master betting well on tennis.

Our opinion : It is a bet that may seem complex for beginners of online betting, but over the course of learning, you will see clear trends according to the players and their opponents.

  • Equi: Total names of sets.

The online bettor must find how many sets will be played in a match. Read our article on the various tournaments which can be played in 3 winning sets for the Grand Colem or in 2 sets for the Masters 1000.

Advantage : You play in "more or less" mode without having to take the risk of choosing a winner.

Inconvenience : The disparity of the dimensions which vary on average between 1.45 and 2.

Our opinion : It is a bet that can be very interesting if you detect a tight match that the Bookmakers Think of one way, go for it!

  • Equi: Which player wins the 1st set and the match?

Determine who will win the 1st set and in addition the match .. Simple, right?

Advantage : This can be an easy bet on a favorite, but ..

Inconvenience : The dimensions are low for a favorite that stands out.

Our opinion : This by little interest because it can be difficult to do with two players of equivalent levels and very poorly paid if a favorite is clearly distinguished.

  • Equi: Wins after the loss of the 1st set

A bet strictly opposed to that above which turns out to be hazardous, but remunerative.

Advantage : Good rib for a more than uncertain bet.

Inconvenience : Very random if it is not attempted in livebet.

Our opinion : The kind of bet that is not valid only if you are betting on Livebet tennis. Without seeing the course of the first set, it's still divination, but if during the 2nd set you think you have enough information to see a reversal, go for it!

  • Our bet: Score exact des sets :

You have to find the exact score of the set on which you want to talk about ... It is still a bet that you will find in live bets of online bookmakers.

Advantage : Crazy ratings (today in the Doha tournament match

Stan Wawrinka-Nicolas Jarry The 6-0 is listed at 65.00 and 6-2 to 25)

Inconvenience : It's not pro sports bet, but online bingo!

Our opinion : It's like shopping on the internet, when it's really cheap, there is a wolf. When an online betting site offers you to multiply your original bet by 65, it is that you have very little chance of winning.

  • Our bet: Winner of the 1st set winner of the 2nd set and Cætera.

Find which player will win the 1st, 2, 3rd, 4 or 5th set depending on the evolution of the match.

Advantage : May be useful if you play live bet.

Inconvenience : Too random to be played before playing the match.

Our opinion : To be used only in live tennis!

Bets on competition and all bets on the ATP season

  • Equi: Qualification in the final table of a Grand Slam tournament (excluding the case of draft or Lucky Losers).

You just have to choose which player or player will qualify for the final table of one of the four Grand Salm tournaments. Obviously, this bet is played tournament by tournament and is open shortly before the official start of the tennis tournament. As a reminder, the final table is all the players qualified after the qualifications. The played players and the Lucky Losers, that is to say the qualified abandonment players, cannot be the subject of online Paris.

Advantage : You can find good ribs ...

Inconvenience : You have to know tennis and the less publicized players very well.

Our opinion : It is an excellent bet for tennis experts. It is not at all easy to know the tennis players who play qualifications for example. The dimensions can be very interesting if you bet on the right player.

  • Peer : Qualification for the semi-finals of the ATP World Tour Finals or the WTA Championships.

There, it's simple, this bet on competition allows you to bet on players reaching the semi-finals of a male or female ATP tournament.

Advantage : In current tennis, there are some almost certainties.

Inconvenience : If you don't play the surprise, the odds are weak.

Our opinion : It can be a good bet if you do it enough upstream and play an outsider. If this is to say that Federer will go in half to Wimbledon Or Nadal at the Roland-Garros tournament, you take a risk of a unpleasant surprise and in addition to losing big because the odds are very medium and they require a big bet ...

  • Equi: Accession to the final of a tournament

Who will be in the final of the ATP tournament? Here is a question what is good, right?

Advantage : The bettor can take advantage of good dimensions and even average for a proven favorite.

Inconvenience : A tournament is long, see very long.

Our opinion : It is a playable bet, but you should not bet too big on medium ratings, there is always a risk of injury. For the Nadal, Federer or Djoko, do not expect miracles in the coast, the bookmakers are not fooled ...

  • Equi: Men's and female world n ° 1 in the ATP technical classification?

This bet is on the season and you will only be winners during the last game of the last set of the last tournament.

Advantage : There are few candidates for number one, but ...

Inconvenience : It is difficult to know who will be the first when the ratings are the most interesting.

Our opinion : It is a bet that has two main faults. The duration of the bet which monopolizes part of your bankroll and the uncertainty which is not really good on the side ... A bet for the fun where you can play little, but really very little.

Paris: the winners of tournament series

  • Equi: The winner of X Grand Chelem tournaments

What a player will win one, two, three or the four (!) Grand Chelem tournaments!

Advantage : The dimensions are very high.

Inconvenience : We are not far from needing a crystal ball.

Our opinion: It is a risky bet that runs over a season and is far too uncertain to risk its bankroll on it.

  • Equi: The winner of more than X Masters 1000

Determine which player will earn more than 2, more than 3 up to + 8, knowing that there are 9 Master 1000 tournaments in total.

Advantage : The rating is relatively interesting for top ten players, a little less for the top 3.

Inconvenience : A delicate long -term bet with uncertain visibility.

Our opinion: You know we don't like this kind of bet too much. Already, take a look at our article on "Betting on the Masters 1000 and you will see that the stars are not forced to play them. It is therefore difficult to get an idea, but the "more" does not ask either, an exact number of victories in tournament and we can find interesting dimensions with a relatively average risk. It is a playable bet, but to use with care.

  • Peer : The country winner of the Davis cup or Fed Cup.

Which nation will win the Davis Cup for men and Fed Cup for women? Be careful all the same since at a time when we write these lines we know that the Davis Cup will change formula, but nothing is yet well defined.

Advantage : Ratings like a night light.

Disadvantage: always beware of what is shining.

Our opinion : It is a difficult bet because the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup are deserted by the biggest players and it is therefore difficult to bet without knowing who will constitute the team.

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