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Our pro tips should allow you to bet on tennis by avoiding the traps of this sport. If you find repetitions of our previous articles, it is because certain points must absolutely be highlighted so that you are a profitable bettor. Obviously, we all have losses, but there are those who make losses an inevitable and those who think that you have to understand the Commises errors so as not to do it again. When you are told that you should not bet on the name, no later than yesterday, Djokovic got out of the Doha tournament by an illustrious unknown of the general public ... This advice, you will find it hundred times, in all the sports that we offer and you will find it 1000 times if necessary. Here are our tips for betting on tennis like a pro of online sports betting.

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Bet on tennis like a pro: selection of matches and dimensions

it's the béaba of all bettors who play online. The offer is bloated, the types of Paris for tennis are numerous, although less than other sports. Choosing the right side, the right type of bet, on the right match will make you a bettor with a good king. This rule, common to all bets, has different ramifications depending on sports.

You can think that an individual sport saves time on the player's assessment. However, it is a gross error. Bringing on Federer with recurrence, without asking the slightest question, because he is known to all that he is an exceptional player is an error of the basic. Why ? Everyone knows and in particular online bookmakers that will offer weak ratings for their victory. To make a weak rating grow, you have to bet big to win little. On the other hand, those who had their nose to bet on him when he was just challenger were able to take advantage of good odds without seeing disproportionate risks. The search for profitability for your bets on tennis as elsewhere, it is precisely to find the right balance between a profitable rating and an average risk taking.

In an individual sport, find the right side asks to look for less media meetings to find more balanced ratings. To play on top ten players while preserving a profit margin, you have to wait for the end of the tournaments for shocks to arrive. Tennis leaves little room for surprises and for 10 years for men, the domination of three players do not plead towards an open sport. We could take refuge towards "patriotic" bets by following the tricolor players, but their inconstancy is dangerous. This is true today, but we are not immune to a golden generation. All his laps and detours to insist again that you should not bet on players, but on a balance of power. This balance of power can lead you and should lead you to seek in Paris on the meeting in herself ; Set, game, disability bet. This kind of bet will quickly replace simple bets in your Paris strategy on tennis.

The question is how to choose the right bet, what are the essential factors to take into account to estimate the number of sets that will be played, if a player will lose a set or not.

Bet on tennis: learn to read the story of a tennis match before it is played out.

Here is a very pretentious title. You can never read the scenario of a tennis match or another sport. We just try to read through different factors what the match could be. Unfortunately, it is far from an exact science. To simplify the thing, you must take into account many factors, some of which are factual and others less rational.

The factual is the surface, the weather, the player's ranking.

Tennis players have predilection areas. Nadal for example is almost untouchable on clay. We know that this specificity is all Spanish. It is not a cliché, but the fact is that the tennis training is done almost exclusively on clay. It is this kind of detail that can help you bet rather on a Spanish player in a start for the start of the season between two players whose you don't know much. The weather can be essential especially when it is extreme. The heat wave is a horror for organisms. Make a match in 5 sets and go to the next round against a player who made an expeditious match can level the level.

This can therefore be a selection criterion for you. Try to fall on the matches between a player tired by a long game against a fresh player. This criterion is not always taken into account by bookmakers. However, a cador can suffer a set before leaving because of Al Fatigue in addition and an outsider that has nothing to lose. The player's classification is an interesting variable because it gives you more or less the current level of performance. He alone is not optimum. Progress is a more decisive criterion and it can make it possible to discover a future top 50, then Top 20. An unknown player can thus become a hen with golden eggs.

The irrational is to try to put yourself in the player's head. Motivation, envy and its state of mind. Tennis is eminently psychological sport. Those who stay top for decades are rare because beyond being monsters of the game, they are phycology monsters. It is up to you to show yourself a psychologist and take into account the pressure that can become so important that N player like Federer could not win Roland Garros, that Murray supported the public pressure that awaited him in Wimbledon.

These are pro tips to win in betting on ATP tennis. These angles allow you to see a little further than to know at the Pifometer if Nadal will be number 1 or if the score of a set will be exactly 6-2.

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