Tennis betting guide for beginners

Tennis allows you to find beautiful odds and familiarize yourself with Live-Bet. We note, however, that it is poorly placed in sports that receive the most online. However, it is a discipline that offers many games, many types of bets and odds that can compete with those of football. One might think that it is above all the recognition of the tennis offer of the bookmakers which dismiss many bettors of this sport. For this beginner's guide, we will come back to the bases to be respected to bet and above all bet on this sport.

Bet on tennis: man, woman and double

The offer is wide since you have the opportunity to play on three ATP circuits. The male circuit is obviously, or unfortunately, the most followed, the best endowed and the most highlighted by the bookmakers. The female circuit, WTA, has been in the shadows for a few years. The lack of emergence of new faces and therefore world stars do not help. The double is largely forgotten, however, it is for us, the bettors on tennis, an excellent opportunity to find good odds with a minimum risk. In terms of content and choice, the offer is therefore large and specializing in online bets on tennis allows you to bet often, but always wisely. Note that for the Grand Chelem tournaments you can bet on the youth tournaments "the Youth Challenge

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Bet on online tennis: how to set up your Paris strategy?

If you read these lines, it is because you are a beginner or perhaps a little too ambitious bettor who broke your teeth by playing his bankroll on a season of the ATP World Tour. There is the beginner of tennis lover and the professional bettor who wants to expand his range of hands as a poker player would say.

If you don't know much about tennis

Find out and work a little the recent history of sport. There are a plethora of specialized tennis sites. Above all, don't bet on a famous player because he is famous. He can very well come back from injury, get out of an exhausting tournament or know difficulties on this or that playing surface. Do you think it's easy? Nothing better than trying your luck on a tournament, but without risking part of your bankroll !!! Train to bet white On an ATP 500 tournament. Take the odds of your bookmaker or choose one in our bookmakers guide and their magazines. Make your bets on the tournament and matches and take stock of the tournament. Analyze your weaknesses, understand your mistakes.

It is essential to understand the functioning of bets on tennis: the type of bets, the level of dimensions, the live bet. For each sport, you have to assess the types of bets, which we have done for you in an analysis on Types of Paris on tennis.

If you know tennis, but you have never bet online

It may be the most delicate situation that will ask you the most humility. We are going to ask you to forget what you know about professional tennis match to learn to watch a tournament, a meeting or a player like a bettor. We will start on our original tips to be a good professional bettor, you must bet with reason and never with the heart. Your knowledge and passion must transform into an analysis tool and not a rope with a blow hung on the branch of your passion. The Paris strategy on tennis will be for you not to bet on your favorite player. Believe me, it's the trap. The other advice is to forget the names to replace them with your analysis done on everything that has stored by watching matches.

If you are an enlightened bettor and want to make tennis a new card in your game:

We advise you to go and play directly on the live of your bookmaker. This is where you will enjoy the best dimensions. You will see that betting on tennis looks like rugby. The favorites are well identified and rarely disappoint. The ratings improve around the quarter -finals. Certain dimensions that we do not recommend for other sports can apply to tennis becoming very interesting in a sporadically on a live BET.

Don't bet on tennis like you bet on football.

Tennis and dimensions on online bookmakers

It is a very difficult wedding. The ratings are relatively low for those who like to play before the matches.

Take an example of a tennis rating:

  • K. Anderson 1,40 - 2,65 G. Simon

Tennis, Pune ATP 2019

  • N. Djokovic 1,15 - 4.50 R. Bautista -Aut

Tennis, Doha ATP 2019

You see the gap between favorites and outsiders. All other bets are of the same vein, unless you play on betting which are more from the Bingo and Online lottery games. To find interesting dimensions, bet live to take advantage of the interesting dimensions. However, to use live bet well, you have to learn and understand the working of the beast.

How to choose the ATP match or tournament to put a bet on it?

To choose the match, just look for the rating. Be careful, you should not look for the big rating, but a balanced rating on simple Paris. There will be more luck by looking in the types of bets you find an honest rating that allows you to make a profit without having to risk your bankroll too much, but by giving you a chance. If you are absolutely to bet on the Players of the Top 5, go get on the side of the bets on the sets and do not hesitate to bet against them. For example, great players are diesels. Competition diesels, but you will be more likely to see him lose his service, see his set in the first game of a big home tournament.

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