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Tennis is a very special sport for sports bettors. Most players are betting on football and coming to bets on dilettante tennis. However, it is not the most obvious sport especially in the current period. If you read this article in 2050, this part is no longer relevant. Tennis is dominated by three players: Federer - Nadal and Djokovic. Female tennis is much more open. Tennis is a more complex discipline than it seems and perhaps more selective because it is an individual sport! L'Bookmakers offer is generous and most tournaments are available so that you are as we will see. Here are some tips for betting like a pro tennis.

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An individual sport: the pros and cons

Tennis has this particularity that it is undoubtedly the most appreciated individual sport of online bettors. First, it is necessary to determine what your bettor profile is on tennis. Indeed if you are betting on tennis occasionally, professional tennis may seem quite easy in particular given the current domination of the three players at ATP. On the other hand if your tennis is at the heart of your online Paris strategy, you will have to work. Why ? It is an individual sport. When in a collective sport, the failures of some can be offset by good days, in tennis is as the players of POKER "Head to Head". There is therefore in addition a certain number of objective and subjective criteria that come into account.

The most: in tennis no surprise! The favorite will win his match against the outsider. A Rafael Nadal is only very rarely released by a guest or qualifying player. Rarely does not mean ever, but playing outsider is clearly not profitable on a long -term Paris strategy.
Take a simple example: a month before the Roland Garros tournament, the tournament winner is listed

  • Rafael Nadal 1.40
  • Dominic Thiem 9,00
  • Novak Djokovic 10,00

Better a good example than a great speech. On a tournament on D+ 34 days, you have a ridiculous rating for a bet ultimately distant. You touch your finger at the particularity of tennis in general and especially at the moment. Three extraterrestrials compete for major titles in a discipline which often sees prey to long reigns. To bet on tournaments, you will have a choice between favorites clearly identified with a minimum risk of surprise.
The obvious advantage, but which one must think when one wonders if tennis must be the basis or not of your online Paris strategy is that for tennis many criteria disappear in comparison of Paris on sports sports : no strategies, tactics, team composition.
It is as many difficulties that disappear.
Obviously you will find another problem if you are your goal is to beat the bookmaker. Find the right side!

Good reflexes to win your bets in tennis

Tennis players have predilection areas: take Federer who is one of the greatest players in the history of professional tennis, he won a single Roland Garros tournament. The American suffers too much on clay and must face Rafael Nadal who at present has won 10 !!
The surface is a determining factor and may be enough to guide you in your bets.

The ATP ranking of the two players
If the top of the ranking gives a photograph of the forms of the year, pay attention to the errors of this classification which does not take into account injuries, the choices of players to zap such or such tournaments. The more you enter the depths of this ranking, the more you have to look at the history of the players.

Rain, wind, cold, heat can put a player in the hard if he is not used to the weather conditions he can undergo. For the example, the Australian Open tournament is played under a heat wave that can reach 50 degrees in full sun on the central course. And when you know that Federer plays most of the time at the start of the evening, cool ... An example to show you that knowing this kind of detail can help.


Tournaments are more or less endowed. Do not play on minor tournaments, they have bizarre things and ATP recently announced that it was its primordial problem. Another scourge fell on the tournaments, it is the players who hunt the premiums and who will give up when they arrived at the expected earnings.

  • The profile of the two players.
  • The latest results of direct confrontations.
  • The current forms of each players.
  • Players' goals

Tennis is a particular sport that will ask you to know all of these factors to develop your expertise and why not your bankroll! You must also know how to choose the suitable bet to optimize your earnings, especially if the match is unbalanced.

The different types of Paris on tennis

  • Le score exact
  • Winner of the match
  • Will a tie-break take place during the match?
  • Which player will win the 1st set
  • The total number of games
  • Score final (sets)
  • Number of 1st set games
  • Total number of games
  • Sets name
  • Score exact du 1er set
  • Set of sets

Do not forget the global rules on all bets. If the rating is too low for the victory of a major player, try the combined Paris To optimize your rating and therefore your earnings.

Smile tennis livebet

The advantage of tennis is that it is offered with our livebet bookmakers. This is an advantage for bettors because you will be able to see the live games streaming and thus bet according to the course of the match. It is a way of betting at most near reality while enjoying the updated ratings. The Bookmakers Livebet that we offer are available on your smartphones. You have no excuses!

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