Sports bet: beginner's mistakes

The bet is an institution in some countries. In England, 1 in 2 people bet regularly!
The fashion effect in USA has attracted sports enthusiasts who want to have fun and spice their spectators experience. And then there are those who see this as an activity as such and give it the time and the attention necessary to win. If you want to become one two, we will start by describing the errors not to be made, to finish on our 10 commandments.

Do not be a supporter, a fan or a groupie!

This is the main error of beginners. Bet on his team as if it was a gesture of loyalty to his colors .... we forget. As the adage says, love makes you blind! We advise not to bet on his heart team because we know very well that it is difficult to bet against. We do not vote on Federer because he is too cool, on Hamilton because he is too cute or on Anna Kournikova who is not the hand in tennis that she is at POKER... Never bet on the irrational.
Do not listen to the media blindly! They sell you a product and sometimes extrapolate reality to sell dreams. Move the chimeras against statistics!
The bettor is a cold monster endowed with reason and an extraordinary analysis and synthesis capacity. It does a lot for a single man, but do not skimp on quality because the one that is lacking is simply to be acquired.

You play against the bookmaker!

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It is a simple notion that you have to know how to integrate quickly. When you have a problem, there are often several ways to apprehend it and in most cases there are more effective than others. The sports bet is a problem to solve: How to win in sports betting ? It must be understood its functioning. We don't play on a match, a meeting, we play against the bookmaker. You are not asked if you prefer Barca or Real, but to determine which rating gives you the most chance of putting a beating to your bookmaker and being rewarded for this. Bet, that's it, nothing else.

All matches must be summed up in team B against team A. The bookmaker is positioned with ratings that are fiercely calculated. His goal is simple and clear: to beat and earn money. Whether with a star team or with an honor division team, the ratings are calculated skillfully from statistics and smoothed according to the expected margin which is on average 15%. It is then updated depending on the news.

Do not try to have the right result. What is the point of being right on a rating of 1.10? This does not mean that you have to play only big odds. Sports betting is the environment.

If the statistics are important, you must also take into account your bankroll. It is your departure deposit. The minimum bet is generally 1 euros. If you have a deposit of 20 or 1000 euros, the management of your bets will be different. Often players who lose ten euros will try to bet on a bet to return to them. It's a vicious circle. Sports betting is like poker statistics for this. You have to play in the long term. And for that, you have to learn to lose to understand how to win.

Have several accounts!
It is not a call for overconsumption, it is a simple reality to understand. You are now a hunter. No bookmaker offers the best odds on all disciplines and on all types of bets. You will find the best legal bookmakers with us with all our tests. The other advantage is to enjoy several bonuses.

The sports bet is anything but an exact science! By accepting this fact, this will avoid making rough mistakes.

The ten commandments to be a professional bett.

  1. Never play above your financial capacity. Sports betting is a game, pleasure and incidentally, it can bring back.
  2. Do not bet everything on a single bet. It's not Hollywood. Leave it or double, it can work once, twice, but you will end up losing everything.
  3. Do not play ratings that are too attractive to be honest. If the bookmaker offers you to multiply your bet by 100, it is because there is a wolf. The Bookmaker Père-Noel, we have never seen it.
  4. Let yourself go to sentimentalism. Keep your tenderness for the living. Be cynical, cruel, cold and you will believe that your heart team clearly does not have the level.
  5. Feeling. Unless you have proven clairvoyance donations, and in this case we wait for your pronounces, do not play feeling! "I feel good" .. if you think that just before clicking, turn off everything.
  6. Do not bet when you get back from the evening when you take it for the king of the world to the bow of the Titanic with any Kate Winsley in his arms!
  7. Never bet when you are depressed, alcoholic and other joyfulness. Sports bet is like texting to his ex. Never, o Large never under the influence of alcohol or pink elephants. If necessary take a blood alcohol test!
  8. Play in time! Do not bet two weeks before the start of a tournament or discipline. In two weeks, empires have disappeared. So your forecasts.
  9. Specialize! Find your sport, your competition and devour the stats and news to reach the necessary knowledge.
  10. Give yourself time to learn and understand the dimensions, different bets and the tools offered by bookmakers such as for example live-bet !

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