The different types of betting on alpine skiing

Alpine skiing is not sport where bettors will find the widest range of types of bets on the various existing competitions. Nevertheless, the offer widens de facto since you know that the Alpine ski appellation brings together five different disciplines:

  • Descent
  • Slalom
  • Great
  • Alpine combined giant (descent + slalom)

The types of bets that we are going to detail are available for all alpine ski disciplines. Bet on alpine skiing May be singularly exciting if we consider that it is a little predictable sporting discipline and that there are few types of bet. It is therefore all the more likely to succeed by refining your Paris strategy. Admittedly, there is a little limited Paris offer even if sport itself does not offer hundreds of possibilities. So let's see, bets to avoid and those to favor. Maybe we will be a little less difficult than in sports for whom bookmakers offer hundreds of different Paris as for football or XV rugby.

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Type of bet: the winner of the event

When we talk about alpine ski test, we talk about a bet on "races". There are 41 tests for men and 39 for women.

Advantage : The dimensions are good with well -defined favorites.

Inconvenience : To find the winner, it is still relatively difficult.

Our opinion : This type of bet is a classic whatever the sport offered by online sports betting sites. For alpine skiing, the ratings are really good, and even with undisputed stars. A race is subject to many factors and a victory can be played in the tenth of a second. It is difficult to throw this bet into block, but it must be used sparingly and in clear time. The most difficult is to make a choice between favorites. In addition, this bet is on the "complete" race, so you have to think that there are two rounds to come. A bet much less easy than you might think.

Type of bet: individual classification at the end of the race

The bettor must choose a skier and estimate his position at the end of the race. You have to bet on the top 30.

Advantage : The dimensions can be alluring and the level of skiers makes it possible to estimate at least the first 10 places without difficulties.

Inconvenience : A small error can make you lose big, especially for those who try different combinations. The big odds can attract, but often, it is not a bookmakers error, but although the skier is outsider.

Our opinion : It is a complicated type of bet that has the advantage of offering a real choice among all the participants, but beginners could get lost between attractive ratings and lack of experience. It's a good bet, if we know the alpine ski test very well on which we want to bet.

Bet type: individual final classification after a round (Top 30)

This bet is double, because you have to bet on the classification of a skier on one of the two rounds or both.

Our opinion : This is interesting, because the dimensions evolve if the bettor is focusing on the second round.

Inconvenience : Twice as difficult, right?

Our opinion : You have to be patient and take advantage of the first round to store a maximum of information to bet as precisely as possible. You have to be clever and avoid betting on a too weak rating when the winner of the first round has too much ahead. No one is immune to a fall ...

Bet type: qualified competitors after a series

For the races where the sleeves are qualifying like the races in parallel, the bettor must determine who will be qualified for the following rounds: quarter -finals - the semi -finals - the final. Note that for the Olympic Games competitions, this bet works on national teams.

Advantage : The difficulty decreases as you go. In addition, each race leading to the final allows you to have information on the shape of the skier, the quality of snow, etc.

Inconvenience : The ratings tend to melt, the more the favorites stand out. Normal.

Our opinion : This is a great opportunity that allows you to make the most of the new racing formats that the International Federation has successfully launched on races in parallel.

Types of betting on alpine skiing for the Winter Olympic Games

The Winter Olympic Games are the showcase of alpine skiing for the general public. The Crystal Globe remains a rapidly mentioned reward for the 8 p.m. mass if a Americanman wins, otherwise there are only the passionate about taking care of it. For the Olympic Games, bookmakers offer many different types of bets, especially on alpine ski events. Why ? Because everyone wants to bet on American or the favorite for the victory over the descent. We find types of bets which are the same as those presented above, but which will also concern the national teams. For example, in addition to "betting on the winner", there will be the bet "which country will win the giant slalom". These bets are only available for winter Olympic Games. The next ones will be in Beijing in China in 2022. Until then, players will have time to bet on the Alpine Ski World Cup which takes place every year.

To conclude, the types of ski bets are well limited. It therefore seems difficult to make betting on alpine skiing and its disciplines Base of an online sports betting strategy. It is therefore an option for enthusiasts of Winter sports who know this sport. These could well finish the game.

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