Bet on alpine skiing

Alpine skiing is a discipline with multiple faces. We will therefore mention in this file on betting on alpine skiing, several disciplines. You should know that bookmakers like these Winter sports who last over a short period and bring a variety in their offers of the year. For bettors, these disciplines have the advantage of not being complex. It is an individual sport where the goal is to descend as quickly as possible from the top of a mountain. Often, we take time to warn you that betting on a new discipline is a lot of work. For alpine skiing, you will still have to work a bit of your fundamentals, but less than if you are embarking on sports betting on baseball or snooker. Alpine skiing asks to know certain aspects, its specificities ... You will find this in the consulting section to bet on alpine skiing. We put his hat, his mask "flexion, extension".

The different disciplines of alpine skiing

Bookmakers offer all the following disciplines:

  • Descent
  • Slalom
  • Great
  • Giant
  • Alpine handset (descent + slalom)

On all American bookmakers, that is to say authorized by the Arjel, the above competitions will be available. Alpine skiing is more trendy on sports betting sites than volleyball. He is much more publicized. It is true that in USA, skiing is linked to our territory, our montages, with its legends and our holidays in winter sport. This particular attachment to this sport experiences a peak during major events such as the Winter Olympic Games. And if you are fortunate to be in a ski resort, the discipline is even more popular than the sacrosanct football. For bookmakers, you have to look for in the "other sports" part and select the alpine ski section. You will then see the competitions available.

You should know that to bet on an alpine ski test, you have to take your pain in patience. This sport is dependent on the weather and the weather in the mountains is impossible to plan for a long time in advance when it does not change from one hour to the next. Bookmakers open the bets a few days before an event, even if it is as expected as the famous Austrian descent of Kitzbühel. They want to avoid cancellations, delays. Anyway, to bet on alpine skiing, you have to bet at the last moment. You will find all our advice soon in an article on strategies to win your bets on its different disciplines.

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What are the competitions available to bet on alpine skiing?

The alpine ski season lasts from the end of October to March of the following year. The season is short, but the tests are numerous:

  • Alpine world ski championship
  • American alpine ski championship
  • Alpine ski world cup
  • Alpine skiing Olympics

For men, these are 41 tests and only 39 for women.

  • Nine descent events.
  • Eight super-G tests.
  • Ten giant slalom tests (including one in parallel) / eight tests for women.
  • Two slalom tests (including two in parallel during a City Event).
  • Two handsets.

The parallel tests are relatively recent and resemble the less warrior burgundy. Two skiers embark on the track at the same time on two parallel circuits. It is very trendy, but in terms of sports betting, it does not bring much, if not additional questions. You have to think that each alpine ski skiing world test includes the five disciplines. The descent is the queen of all the tests.

Bet live live on alpine skiing

Live bets are available on major competitions. To bet live on track skiing, you have to be morning. The tests take place in the morning to keep the best snow possible. The operation remains the same, except that bets must be done very quickly. Obviously, it is not possible to bet during the race on a skier who started. When he left, bets concerning him are closed. It is therefore unnecessary to try to "grill" the bookmaker by looking for the bet to gain a gain because you saw the skier go in the decor ... The bet live allows above all to bet with the best rating on a skier who Go soon. In reality, it is a semi-direct bet. Live on the race, but not on skiers. Train anyway, a little before with small bets, because the handling and the passage of skiers require experience. And especially if you bet from the lower tracks from your smartphone, make sure that the connection is sufficient.

Types of Paris on track skiing

It's a bit of a positive and partly negative point. It's like that would say melted snow. The structure of the ski competition means that the number of bets is limited. At the same time, this limited offer makes it possible to focus well on the essentials and to enjoy beautiful ribs. The track skiing is essentially offered types of betting on the rankings and the winner of competitions. You can discover them in our article on the types of betting on track skiing!

Also consult our article on the different Types of betting on alpine skiing.

Bonus to bet on online alpine skiing

As we told you the bookmaker play the game. And for promotions, it's the same thing. The bettors will be able to take advantage of promotions, especially for the launch of the season and for the most prestigious events. To take advantage of it, watch your emails and the bonus page of your favorite bookmaker. There are free bets, reimbursed bets and sometimes special competitions.

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