Sports bet: sailing and water sports

Sailing and water sports are not sports where we can bet in USA in a traditional way. Pass the round and you will not see a bookmaker that does not follow all sailing competitions and water sports. It is however surprising because, let's be a little patriotic or not, but note that the American are very strong and often present on the podiums. Let us in fact exclude the America Cup where the American are up to their means in a competition which unfortunately has become a race for budgets. One wonders why bet on sailing competitions and water sports? You could tell you the odds without lying to you, straight in your eyes. You could tell you that the competitions are prestigious, but the truth is that it is absolutely exciting. Sometimes you can also bet for fun, just for fun. A small bet to follow races that can last more than a month, with something magical, this idea of ​​man in front of the sea and to observe these giant fights ... from the rum route From USA to sailing, you will find many categories, many boats, a new world in front of the ocean for one of the few sports which despite the dizzying cost of boats Formula 1, technical means keep a certain romanticism.

The authorized competitions and sailing disciplines of the Arjel

Match Racing :

  • America Cup

  • World Match Racing Tour

  • Louis Vuitton Series

The Racing match is a frigate where two boats compete. It is an emanation of COPA America with sometimes the obligation to use the same ship.

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Course au large :

  • Tour of the world sailing in a non -stop double

  • Solo transatlantic race

  • Solo race by stages

  • Tour National

  • Team Transatlantic Course

  • World tour with solo sailful sailing

  • World tower to team sailing and stages

    The offshore race brings together long -distance, often transatlantic sailing competitions. It is opposed to the regattas which they take place on a closed circuit, generally on a day or several days. Highlight is the Mecca of sailors and for a 20 -year -old, it is also the Mecca of technology for certain categories.

Light sail:

  • Continental championship

  • World Cup tests

  • Olympic Games

The light sail welcomes all small -scale boats such as drifts, sporting skills and coastal cruisers

Fleet race:

  • Global Circuit events

As its name suggests the race in the fleet is devoted to the race where the boats make regattas in fleet.

The types of Paris authorized on sail by the arjel

  • Victory (final, stages, sleeves)

  • Podium (final classification, steps, sleeves)

  • First five places (final classification, stages, sleeves)

  • Racing match matches during the direct elimination phases (1/4 finals, ½ finals and final)

  • Final classification of the Robin Robin phase (for racing match competitions)

  • Records recognized by the WSSRC (beaten or not)

  • Records of the number number necessary to carry out the course of a offshore racing test (beaten or not)

  • Number of days / hours set for a record (+ or -) or to carry out the course of a offshore race test (+ or- =

  • Number of medals per country

How to bet on sail and water sports?

It's a bit like other online bets at bookmakers. Better to know sports discipline. The less mediatized discipline is, the more difficult it is to find information. It is however false on certain niche sport. Sailing is a sport of enthusiasts. You will find on the canvas specialized sites, forums and amateur sites. We were really surprised by the quality and diversity of information. In the world of sailing, complexity begins where the talent of the skipper stops. The technology, and, in particular these new sailboats which seem to fly over the waters, is decisive. And there, that cannot be invented. We can start that the higher the budget, the more perfected the boat. However, improvement can induce greater fragility.

It is therefore necessary not to bet everything on the skipper, but to look at the monster he rides. Sometimes an improved boat will be lower than a brand new ship at the forefront, but which has never known months through the ocean. Offshore racing is what the 100 m is for athletics. Before throwing yourself in the big bath, could you start with the frigates of the Racing match? These races offer frigates with identical boats over a day. So it's easier to understand and it will give you the basics to get started in the open sea. Often we talk to you about weather as a factor to take into account to bet, for example on, a football meeting, for sailing, it's essential.

Betting live on sail is absolutely exciting. Large races offer all live weather info on their official sites! We recommend the Route du Rhum site to bet on one of the largest races in the world! Sports betting on sail will lead you to play for fun and beyond the gains on online bookmakers, you will fall in love with its disciplines.

In conclusion to bet on the Route du Rhum or bet on the Copa America 2021, you will find the odds at Betclic Bookmakers and Bwin Sport online.

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