Bet on rugby: the championships

Bet on rugby: T0P 14, championship and pro14

Global rugby is rich in multiple championships that are practiced by practicality between the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere. For all those who are already betting on rugby, the news will not be a surprise, but for the others, the world of ovalia does not revolve around the navel of our top 14 which is one of the most raised from the oval planet. We will speak in this article about the major world rugby championships in XV. We specify that we are talking about Rugby to XV, because it is also possible to bet on XIII rugby and to bet on the Rugby World Cup at 7. The large family of Ovalie has been dominated long in terms of nations by the southern hemisphere and its terrible All Black, even if Europe can do better than resistance. In terms of club rugby, the American and English championships are at the top, and we are not told about the provinces of Ireland and the Pro 14

So let's see how these two championships work before you bet your bankroll on one of the Bookmakers of our selection !

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Bet on the top 14: the giant fight

As much as USA has completely missed the turning point in business football, as much rugby has jumped from the amateur world to the professional world with speed and an amazing ease. As always in our sweet USA the big gap between the values of a sport anchored in the terroir and the economic diktats of rugby business has made teeth cringe. Far from his concerns, the bettor has one of the most competitive national championships on the planet. The best players in the world come to compete in the Top 14. The Top 14 is a Rugby Championship in XV which are played in two phases. The regular season allows you to know the six teams that qualify for the final phase. The champion is the one who wins the final phase. This is one of the criterionSprordial because we can have surprises like the victory of Castres which had however finished 6th in the final stages. This double championship makes betting difficult for everything related to betting on the season. You will find the types of online bets and their in -depth studies in our dedicated articles in the section "Betting online on XV rugby". As in football, those who know nothing can get an idea of ​​the final rankings by looking at the budget. In rugby, surprises are rare and if in recent years we have seen giants sink, like the Toulouse stadium, it was to return better. We note the emergence of a team like La Rochelle, the Lou and the disappearance of rugby from the Netherlands which intersects in Pro D2. Clermont, Montpellier and Toulon are the teams of the last decade. The Top 14 plays the map of offensive and defensive bonuses. This is a criterion to take into account when you bet the money on a rugby meeting. An important criterion is found in the multitude of matches and in particular the international meetings which deprive the teams of their internationals. The European Cup is also a machine to grind energies. The regular season is a bit of a dupe game where the big ones play more to qualify than finish first the end of the regular season. We also note that it is extremely difficult for the promoted teams of Pro B to distinguish themselves in rugby more from 40 % des Paris see font a livebet For the Top 14. We highly recommend it to you.

Bet on the championship of rugby at XV: the other country of rugby

Obviously, we cannot forget the English championship which seems a little less bling bling than the top 14 but which on the field is just as competitive in the matches which make the justice of the peace in Europe, the European Rugby Cup. We will come back to it in an article to continue to bet this time on the European Rugby Cup. We will save you the naming that makes the English championship change its name to the rhythm of the voucted checks. It is made up of 12 clubs which, like the Top 14, clash during a first leg and a final phase which attributes the title. A specificity of the English League is the London Double Header which makes it possible to play in derby mode the four London teams during a double meeting in the Mecca of English rugby, the Twickenham stadium, bet on the championship of Rugby therefore asks to know his teams well and this rugby that remains different. To get there little by little you can start by betting and watching the European Cup matches to get used to these English teams.

Bet on the pro14: the small championship that rises

Formerly Celtic League, the pro14 is a bit forgotten by bookmakers, but we can find more interesting matches on the online Paris sites .... what are the Irish provinces? If you are there, we do not recommend going to bet on the Pro14. This small championship is only because we are in USA and the world of Ovalie revolves around its local little history. No or very little media coverage for a competition that continues to grow and which has welcomed the provinces of South Africa since 2017.

Note that for European cuts, the first six are qualified by excluding the provinces of South Africa which are not allowed to play the European Rugby Cup as for the NBA -It must be said that the model is getting closer and closer, there are two conferences for a regular phase and a play-off.

To conclude on this presentation, we can tell you that there are obviously championships to discover again, but these three are the main covered by bookmakers.

We will obviously make focus on each of them without forgetting the ProB, second American division ... and do not forget the key figure of this article "more than 30 % of bets on rugby are in Livetbet". Read our articles on the types of betting in rugby and you will understand why!

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