Poker strategy: how to defend your blinds?

Poker strategy: how to defend your blinds?

For this new poker lesson, we will show you as we can defend your blinds. This technique is not complex in itself, but its use requires to read the opponents well and to understand the progress of a game. The beginner will tend to pay his blind and let himself be influenced by this Blind or the Big Blind by saying that since he paid, he must go to the flop. It is a mistake when it is systematic. And by mastering defense his blinds, a poker player can minimize his losses and make this position an asset. The difficulty of this strategy is in the concepts to master to touch the goal and handle it with enough brilliance so that this strategy does not turn around. We cannot advise this poker technique to beginner players because you have to know the poker and in particular the size dimensions and have reading capacities of the relatively developed opponent game. The “how to defend your blind” strategy works in all the variants of poker and its different types where you have blinds and big blinds. Basically, most if not all. If you are beginners Nothing prevents you from learning about this technique, but be very careful by using it.

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Defend your blinds: the basics of the strategy

What exactly means defending your blinds? It's simple. With each complete table round, you will go to Blind and Big Blind. The action of defending your blinds is making a revival while you are in its positions. What is the interest of this pre -flop strategy? The blinds should not be considered as lost money especially if it is your money. Taking blinds can get very interesting, especially in online or hard online poker tournaments when the blind increases. It can even save your place. To defend your blinds, you have to do it at the Flop. This is a bit of the principle. The difficulty is to learn to leave them at the right time and defend them when possible. Reading the opponent's game will ask you to master techniques such as the coast calculation of the pot, the reminders of your opponents and how they make them and their prudent or aggressive character during their pre -flop reminders.

To defend your blinds well, you have to: Understanding the concept of Blind is essential. If so far you pay them by obligation, without taking this position into account in your game, it's time to put the position of Blind and Big Blind in perspective. These two positions are the worst tables of the table. It is not so much because you pay the blinds, but it is above all that you will have to play first in each turn and therefore without any visibility on the game of your opponents. Losing money in your places is logical, you will almost tell you that they are made for. Thus, you will be able to see the level of playing by observing how he plays these two positions at the poker table.

One of the most common beginner's flaws is to follow too often from these places. You must remove the idea of your head that the blinds represent an investment in the hand, automatically making you Pot-Commited (engaged in the pot) in the event of recovery. No. While it is true that having a armor in play gives you better pots of the pot, that does not mean that you can follow any recovery whatever your two cards. To defend your blinds effectively, you must understand the situation and strategies of your opponents you face.

The factors to study before defending your blinds

An important factor to take into account is the position of your opponents. The more, they are close to you, the more visibility they will have and the greater their booster strategy fans. For you, the important thing is to see what position is the revival. The more the recovery comes from afar, the closer the game becomes tight for you. If there is no lucky one to relaunch or better a large part of the players go to bed and you see the Rangement button, it is because you have a chance that he has a wide range of hands. The other factor is as always the style of players. It is still a basis that 'you are repeated for all strategies. There, it is really at the heart of this poker pre -flop strategy. It is therefore advisable not to embark on a defense of Blind during the first hands unless you targeted the opponent who restarts. An aggressive player will attack you with anything and possibly game. There, it's better to play it aggressive to try to take it. On the other hand, a player who ostensibly a tight player will only relaunch with a large hand. Mistrust, if you don't have something serious in hand, it is better to go to bed. The observation of your opponents must be discreet, but take as much information on the hands with which it has relaunched. As you can see, this technique can help you make your trips to the blind, but it can also cost you dear if you defend your blinds with too much aggressiveness and pay the price for the flop or the next round. Know not to go there and go to bed are very important in the Poker Texas hold'em, but even more particularly here. The easiest way to start is to move forward with a high middle hand (A-X or big pair). After you will learn to play with weaker hands when the game lends itself to it.