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Poker comes from a tradition from the High Middle Ages, mixing two old ancestral cultures (Persian and Western) which consists in playing by chance by a combination of calculation and other techniques that initiates know only. Poker is therefore the fruit of a beautiful love story between the Persian Nas game and the Western Primero. The NAS was played with 20 cards and the bluff was already an important element of the game. Concerning the premium, we put on it and hands of different values, including the pairs, the bank and three cards of the same kind as we called "Flux ''. In the 18th century, the elements of poker bet and bluff were present in several five cards games, including the English game of the Brag, the American Pocket game (the word" pocket "means bluff) , and the American game called Poque.

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Origins of poker

Some see the origin of poker in the Ponlan game which was imported into the United States via American sailors in the 19th century. We find the first descriptions in New Orleans. Later, this game will know its first boom at the time of prohibition, and nowadays in its Hold'em version in the years two thousand, with the explosion of online games.

This strategy game, simple and accessible to all, is often offered as a free game, but as long as we spend a few hours weekly, it can generate pretty gains, gains from which many players live - and even live very well , for some people. See our article " How to become a grinder ».

In the meantime, like many the first time you have played it was in the very private circle of the family, but today you want to play seriously, by betting real money And possibly, faced with real people. To do this, you will find in our large folder the basic variants of poker, the poker winning strategies, where play for free Online and finally, the live poker, to play live from a real game table with other players.

Play real money at online poker

Play online poker in real or virtual silver? This is the existential question of all beginner players who want to embark on online poker. As often, the answer is in the middle, but it depends above all on you and your level. Most online poker rooms offer virtual money poker parties for its registered players. The question arises after all. In my opinion, poker without money, it would be like a champagne without bubble. The essentials are missing. Poker is not a game of greed, but a strategy game where you have to know how to endanger what you have to earn more. The question is not to play millions, but simply a few euros. And you will see the difference in the perception of this card game.
If you have nothing to lose where is the pleasure? Before playing, you also have to understand and learn and that is the use of virtual money. Follow me, we will answer this question or at least, give you arguments and perhaps even a crosspiece to make the most of these two possibilities.

Online poker: for or against?

For: To attract new players and especially beginners, American online poker rooms all have tables to play in virtual money. You will often find it under the name "Fun". Poker rooms have understood that playing online poker money is a brake for part of the population. We must therefore create a bond of trust with his future players. For them, it is an argument to convince the seriousness and the quality of his games. There are also players who just like to play a few hands for fun.

For you, the advantage is multiple. Note that you have to be registered to take advantage of these poker tables. A priori, you can play all versions available in the paid part with the obvious exception of tournaments, with some exceptions. Some rooms can offer free tournaments to its new players, but the offered bankroll can only serve you to earn real money.

Play for free allows you to test the poker room before depositing all of your bankroll. You will be able to familiarize yourself with software, with the various options offered and in general to play online.
If you are a beginner, it's the best way to discover how you have to play poker. For more experienced players, it's an excellent tool for working on your strategies. the Virtual silver poker It is to be confronted with everything and especially anyone. You have to have steel nerves to confront beginners playing all in all in and then end up in head to head against a real player who came to test a strategy.

The poker rooms, to try to put a semblance into play in its tables in virtual money, do not automatically recharge your account. Betclic Poker demands that you have 200 minimum virtual tokens to ask for more. Winamax Poker limits virtual tokens recharges for two per day. These limits allow you to see a more serious game than with a no limit on the tokens.

The counter: the only thing you can find against virtual game is that it is virtual. Lapalisse thank you. The money, even for a 20 -cent blind, gives its whole dimension to poker. Poker strategies are, among other things, based on your bankroll, the height of your bets, the value of the blinds ... It is difficult to understand the technicality of the poker by playing only in virtual.

Play online poker for free?

It's the drama. You will meet profiles of ultra aggressive players, precisely because the money is virtual. It's time to learn to observe who plays how. The exercise will serve you in all the parts that you will play later. You will have to leave huge hands because an idiot is constantly attacking you. Wait for it at the turn, be a real hunter and when the spell gives you a good game, finish it! Do not allow yourself to do anything. Play seriously to gain experience and arrive on sharp tournaments like an athlete!

Play real money: that's poker ...

It's poker! To take advantage of the welcome bonuses and all the promotions, tournaments, pass, loyalty points. In short to enjoy the full offer of an online poker room, you have to play in real money. This is the sine qua none condition.
There is no question of playing a lot of silver. You can get started with 20 euros to make them grow, especially since they will often be doubled with the welcome bonus. Play poker without real money, it's like playing football with a foam ball.
You can thus go from poker tables to virtual silver to small tables, freeroll or even tournaments reserved for beginners. And then you can always return to virtual tables. The two accounts are separate. One does not prevent the other.
Tournaments, cash tables, Games Les Free Roll are an unknown world for you if you have never had the experience of winning a big earnings. If you are increasing 20 cents, a 10 -euro jar is huge. And there you will have the exciting who will accelerate, you will be confronted with half a million questions in the second: do I have the best hand? Why does he follow me? He bluff? I have relaunched well .. and it is precisely at this moment that you will become or not a poker player. And to touch this moment, you have to have something to lose or win. In my opinion, this is the one and only reason to play poker. Playing poker with real money is leaping out of the row of murderers, and for some, like Grinders, it's simply living ...

Online poker - Basic variants

The poker conquered the planet with a version which has become queen on all online rooms: Texas Hold'em. This version, in addition to not being the oldest and the most played before the Internet boom is far from the only one. Experts even say that it is not the most complex and a large number of players practices all variants. If you think it is a legend, the H.O.R.S.E has become an official discipline at WOSP and we have been finding it since on certain poker rooms. The characteristic of the Horse is that it combines five variants of poker in the same game. Horse is the acronym of: Hold´em, Omaha High Low, Razz, Stud and Eight Or Better. Very played in casinos, the Horse combines the complexity of knowing and above all to master all its variants and thus makes it possible to separate the good grain from the tares.

For us simple player, it is already difficult to know the versions and sometimes even understand what the online poker rooms offer which beyond variances also have different forms like no limit - Pot Limit - Limit ..

Here are some menus details to discover the vast world of poker and the richness of this game that unleashes passions. Too often limited to Texas Hold'em and the gain of gain, poker is a real intellectual discipline. Before trying to gain, you must first understand.

The most played online poker variants

Texas hold'em

She is the undisputed star of online poker rooms. Relatively easier than other versions, it is introduced in casinos in the 1960s. More than 95% of online poker players are adapted. Most of the new generations players have learned poker and its strategy with this variant. It is played out from 2 to 10 players at a table. The players have 2 cards closed and five are open. The best combination wins with auction at each turn. The goal is to have the best game or succeed in throwing the cards to his opponents. This is where poker becomes a psychological game, the main reason for its success.

Stud 5 cards - 7 cards

For those who entered the poker family by the Hold'em, this variant is close to the immense difference that the game is part of discovery card. Instead of simplifying the game, you will see that having additional information shared with your opponents will make you melt the neurons. Note that the game is played in limit. (See below).

Since 2016, you can play on American online poker tables.


Be careful, be careful ... Omaha is a variant of poker very different from the Hold'em. This variant of poker is played out in different ways. (Hi, hi-low, pot limit ...). The main difficulty is to understand that your hand is made of two of your cards and the three cards of the carpet. You absolutely have to understand this rule before going to play your tokens. The Omaha can be a chasm if you play without really knowing the rules. Train with virtual money before going to a real money poker table!

The Omaha Hi-Low is quite special because the winner is the one who has the best game, but also the worst! So there is a sharing of the pot.

5 card Draw

It is a myth of the poker that you saw in the westerns and films on the American 19th century. This cowboy game has lost its aura with the birth of a more complex poker and let's say more lucrative for casinos. The draw is played in two auction towers. It is paradoxically an excellent game to embark on the star version. With two auction towers, the Strategy is more limited ... in theory. Poker is a strategy and one wonders if a pro poker player would not find an effective strategy by playing battle. There are dozens of variants that are not available online. From Indian poker to One Heart Poker, this game has been declined hundreds of times.

The different poker modes

Poker in addition to variants responds to game modes. You will see on the software poker rooms of Drôles registration in English "High - Low - Hig Low. It is not a hymn, but a characteristic of the table or you will enter. This characteristic is decisive for your game so understanding what it is about is essential.

Le mode « high » : The classic. It is the player who has the strongest combinations that wins. It is the most used mode online. If the mode is not specified, it is because it is in high.

Le mode « low » : It is the weakest combination that wins the hand. Only the strongest combinations of cards count. This is the "historic" mode of poker.

Le mode « high/low » : Combination of the two previous modes, High/Low mode gives the strongest and weakest hand victory. The pot will therefore be divided into two between the two winning hands.

Put systems

There are three bet systems: Limit, No Limit, Pot Limit

Mise no limit:

This is the usual version in Texas Hold'em. The bet must be between the big blind, or the last bet requested within the limit of your carpet.

Limit put:

It is the history mode of poker. A low limit for the start of the auctions and a high limit for the end -of -game auctions. In the event of recovery, you do not determine the level of revival, you simply relaunch a bet.

I can limit them:

It is a more complex bet system. Your bet is free but limited to the value of the pot. This stake mode allows you not to have crazy inflation. It is mainly used for the Omaha.

In conclusion : Familiarize yourself with the terms and these different ways of playing and you will have the cards in hand to progress in poker. Even occasional players should take a look to avoid leaving feathers on the green carpet!