Professional poker - How to become a grinder

Do you master the winning techniques in poker and you little by little put your knowledge at the service of your lifestyle by becoming a pro that plays tables below your level? You have the mentality of a real "grinder" that earns his life by playing poker. It was the famous American professional player Michael Mizrachi who gave this name to this lifestyle. So, what advice, what strategies can you apply to become a professional online poker player? Response elements in this article.

Become professional poker player

Your goal is to generate a stable, predictable income, with overall low risk. It is not a question of exaggerated fear or prudence, but quite simply a long -term, more mature vision, which consists in capitalizing on your high current skills and your rich experience often acquired at the expense of your bankroll which must recover from These emotions that make the Yo-Yo. Your wallet wants more calm, predictability. You too !

A grinder will generally try his luck at several tables simultaneously. To apply “standard procedures”, grinders will choose tables of the same nature and with the same limits.

The problem is that many “default” tactics applied to each game lead to the fact that potential errors, always the same, tend to repeat themselves because the table parameters remain relatively stable, because predictable.

However, it is a long -term strategy: in this way, you widen your options despite the fact that your participation in each table is reduced. Know that there is less chance of losing, but winning is automatically less profitable. It’s a bit like the turtle that still wins the race against the hare, without hurrying and showing consistency.

In the same vein, it will be more difficult for you to be spontaneous and responsive while playing with several games at the same time, so it is an aspect of the distribution of your attention, your concentration, that you will have to work. You therefore need a very high level of concentration and an acute capacity to digest large amounts of information.

In short, you will have to become “multitasking”. Not easy as a strategy, but quite possible!

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Concrete advice to become grinder

1. Find a poker website which allows you to play several tables at the same time, or two sites on two separate screens.

2. Play coherent sessions: Start the software, add tables until the maximum is reached, play for 1 hour and a half, then take a break of at least 5 minutes, then repeat.

3. Maximize the profitability of the table: make sure that recreational players are always on your right, avoid aggressive players on your left.

4. Keep confidence in the management of your bankroll: if we know that we have enough buy-in (suppose 50), then check our results after each session or day is not necessary, so we can check once a week And follow our results.

5. Distractions: Stay away from cat, email, television, mobile phone, etc. programs, Imagine that you are a race pilot and that you can do nothing but concentrate on the road and Drive this car! Music is generally good if it is not too rhythmic or at an overly high sound level.

6. Daily limits: Try to limit yourself to no more than 6 hours of “grinding” per day, at one point your brain can no longer follow and you don't need to go from dominance to defeat!

A disciplined lifestyle for grinders

To cope with the challenges of the stressful existence of a grinder, you have to be inspired for example from the discipline that Caio Pessagno, a great poker player. His reasoning is simple: to become one of the best in this sport, you have to plan the daily professional routine and optimize your time. You really have to plan the day as a high -level athlete. Here is a typical daily program:


We get up at 11 am (still after a sacrosanct sleep of seven hours!). We have a solid breakfast.

Physical exercise

Around 1 p.m., the coach is already there for training in Muay Thai, gym or physical conditioning. Practicing sports helps relieve stress and become more resistant. However, you shouldn't kill yourself by training, because you have a work day to face. Like athletes, grinders need to have a strict lifestyle.


At 2:30 p.m., a dietetic meal prepared the day before. Eating well allows you to focus effectively on work. We avoid all meat or dairy products that slow down brain activity and literally make us "animal". Fruits, vegetables, cereals and legumes for healthy, active and reactive neurons and muscles!

Monacale discipline of professional poker players

This is a real job: we start to play at 3 p.m. and we usually feel ready to play at the top of our shape. In order to always be concentrated, the physical structure created in the house helps a lot. Thus, you have to take care of the environment: a comfortable armchair, a powerful computer, a keyboard and an ergonomic mouse. Do not hesitate to offer you one or more high -resolution monitors to see all the aspects of the current games on your screens. This is how you can all the time be at the best of your physique and your mind!

Points of vigilance to play poker like a pro

Becoming a poker pro has some drawbacks. Automating its objectives thus tends to reduce the taste for studying and improving results, which is still an important part of the game, as well as to make better evaluations and to confront real challenges.

This also leads to more important stress for many players because our brain must then work as much as possible and we have very little time to act and make decisions at the tables.

In the end, you will understand, the major risk is to essentially reduce the game to a very robotic state where we are content to take small steps calculated, with few issues, and where there is not much 'excitement. If you don't be careful, you may transform the state of grinder into a normal job, precisely the one you want to escape!

Indispensable lifestyle of poker players

As everyone knows, we live in an increasingly hygienist society. All the good things in life are today carried out in the Groêve and await the judgment of the self-righteous. We do not carry out this article in this spirit there. We will explain to you why and how appropriate lifestyle can make the difference during poker tournaments and that even for a cash game on one of the poker room that we offer in our review of online poker rooms, there is Hygiene and form conditions not to be overlooked. A poker tournament Can last hours and several days if we talk about hard poker tournaments. Far too many poker players will tear each other apart to win passes and online packs to get out because they arrived in their pockets by negotiating the passage of online poker and at Omaha or Texas Hold tournaments 'EM in real. . You will be able to master a set of technique and strategy, have worked observation of other players and tells, you will be in danger if you are not in good shape, if you tire quickly or if you feel muscle pain strongly to sit for hours .... The poker is often qualified as sport by its followers. This question agitates the world of poker, but what is certain is that a great poker player must have physical and mental qualities that recall the requirement of high -level athletes.

Fatigue and sleep in poker

A game of poker requires maximum concentration and a capacity to think quickly and well at its maximum. Fatigue is therefore the number 1 enemy of the poker player. Whether you are on an online poker tournament or at a table, it will necessarily come at one point. You will not necessarily feel it and it is unfortunately often by making a mistake that one goes as that psychic and psychological fatigue is present. Sleep must be at the heart of your approach to a poker tournament. You have to arrive fresh and rested. Which can be a sacred challenge when you arrive in a festive environment where the requests are numerous in the most beautiful cities in the world. It is not worth going so far. A good online poker player will also have to manage his environment. It is therefore necessarily advisable to rest the week before an online or real tournament. Beginners have an interest in getting used to playing longer, a bit as if he trained in a marathon. So let's come to an important point that will make the regulars of the Gamers armchair jump. You have to do workout !

Sport has been an essential point to work in the different education philosophies. To play it poker, sport is an excellent outlet that allows on the one hand to evacuate stress stored and on the other hand to put you in the best conditions for your next goal. Very clearly between a player who spends his life in his chair and the one who knows how to return to real life. For those who are interested in lending the life of pros, Kid's time is over for professional poker players. The kid and his legend you find her in our article on the life of this genius. Today, professional poker players all do sport and rent the services of the best coaches. Sport is good for your health and your health makes you better play poker. Endurance is working with sport and poker games. Be demanding with yourself and poker will return it to you.

Food to play poker like a pro?

And now we invite ourselves on your plates. So we're not going to ask you to download Yuka, but just to have a balanced diet. The image of the poker player turning with pizza, chips and beer all night is a fantasy more than a snapshot. It is all the more important to eat slow sugars just before you embark on a poker tournament. You have to forget the cassoulets, tartiflets and other taste happiness to avoid spending hours with the stomach in bulk. Drink water. You have to hydrate yourself throughout your poker game, without falling into over-hydration and go to the toilet every 5 minutes. In everything, moderation is good.

Sex, drugs and Rock'n Roll, interdit pour le poker !

If it is undoubtedly the most beautiful leitmotif on the planet, it is also the most dangerous for your bankroll. So, for sex and rock'n roll, it looks at you. Although the first is not necessarily advised for your online poker tournaments. The maximum concentration implies that you are what you do. TV is extinguished. You have to be focused. I swear, you don't play better while pending. It's like everywhere, Picole is disinhibiting. You will gain confidence, even without being drunk, and do anything. Drugs ? It's bad and to play poker, it's incompatible. In addition, its products will not help you keep as long as possible at the top of your faculty. The image of the poker player in Rock'N Roll evening mode is for Hollywood. You are here to become a good poker player. Forget the evenings and the holidays before an important tournament for you. You will party afterwards with perhaps a much more full bank account to come back to play on your prefered online poker room.

Poker is your passion. So heal, respect it and take care of yourself. And even if you do not want to exceed the amateur stage, which you will learn with poker will serve you for all your life.

Bad habits in poker

In poker, everything is not necessarily played on your hand. And bad habits can make you lose your potential earnings. Today, we therefore wanted to evoke these behaviors or strategies which do not pay practically never, and which can have a negative impact on your game.

Starting by not knowing why you sat at your table. Remember Rander's famous saying: "If you didn't spot the pigeon at your table after an hour is that the pigeon is you". When you play poker, it's to win, or at least progress, have fun. But whatever your goal, here are the 7 errors that you no longer have to make when you play online poker.

Drink or win in poker - you have to choose!

If some players are convinced that alcohol can have advantages (especially by giving you self -confidence), the disadvantages are much more important. Drowsiness, inattention, impatience: in short, all the ingredients for Reduce your reflection capacities And ruin your game.

So even if you are there to have a good time, limit your consumption as much as possible. Or even better, make your opponents believe that you are more drunk than you are actually.

Do not choose your poker table

Another bad poker habit that you should lose on the field is to sit at the first table that arises. And stay there without asking you if the grass would not be greener elsewhere. And if it is laudable to want to measure yourself with good players and other shortstand specialists, facing beginners with well-filled pockets does not hurt from time to time. So do not miss this kind of opportunities by not eyeing the neighboring table.

The right reflex is to take stock after several orbits, and Revalle your situation (especially if it is not ideal). In any case, don't hang on to a bad table, or a table too hard for your level, and get out of this bad situation quickly.

Ignore your opponents in poker

You don't play poker alone. The worst thing you can do is therefore not to take into account your opponents and stay in automatic piloting, that is to say only concentrated on your cards. On the contrary, you will gain a lot from observing other players. And at adjust your game Depending on the information they can give you. Small details such as looking at their cards before their turn can tell you that they will lady.

In short, stay focused on the game (and not on your smartphone or your working day) if you don't want to start plummed.

Let your ego speak in poker

There is no shame in accepting to play lower limits if the party requires it. Or that the level of your opponents is too high for you. Many players see this descent as a failure, and refuse to lose their Winrate.

In general, you don't win anything to let your ego speak. Keep an attentive eye on your Hourly winnings. And if you have to play lower to climb it, don't think about it twice. Especially if you play to win, not to have fun.

Relax when you have a very strong hand

It's human: we often tend to relax when we touch a very strong hand. And generally, it can be seen as the nose in the middle of the figure. Serious error, as it can automatically Reduce your probabilities of winning. So even if you feel confident, never change your behavior according to the strength of your hand.

Be impatient - do not wait for the right time to folder

As we saw a little above, an index that you can give to your opponents without realizing it is to look at your cards before your turn. It is generally The sign that you are going to fold. And a beginner's error since you are simply impatient.

Throwing your cards only takes a few seconds, so you have no need to prepare yourself. Remember to keep the surprise effect. And push the other players to get involved, even with a bad hand: what is all bled for you!

Be too defensive

We end with a bad habit that beginners players often take: Slowplayer. By not being aggressive enough (and preferring for example the check-call), even with a very strong hand, you deprive yourself of more important gains. So stop playing on the defensive and adapt your game to the situation.