Poker: Hand classification in Texas Hold'em

Poker: Hand classification in Texas Hold'em

It is the base of the base. As Orlesan would say, it's simple and basic. However, do not think of playing poker without knowing the values of the combinations by learning about the job. We even advise beginner players to have a small sheet so as not to make stupid mistakes. Spontaneously you can go on a Strategy Quite false by ignoring a stronger hand than yours. It is also the stake of poker. Do not stay focused on his hand, but on all other possible hands. Knowing the combinations is also to know their values. In the stress of a part or a Online poker tournament, do not hesitate to use a benchmark. I repeat it to you and it is with full knowledge of the facts.

Value of the cards, from the most powerful combinations to the lowest

  • Quinte flush royale
  • Quinte flush

  • Carré

  • Full house

  • Flush (color)

  • Quinte (continued)

  • Brelan

  • Double pair

  • PAIR

  • Height

And yes, if you only have that, it doesn't speak to you. We will therefore detail each hand and clarify certain difficulties and why not give you some statistics.

The kicker: this is the map that allows you to decide between two hands with the same force. It is the highest card of your hand. Imagine a pair of ace that clashes. It is the hand that will have the strongest card that will prevail. If this card is on the carpet, there will be equal and sharing the pot. It is an important factor that should not be forgotten when you bet.

Quinte Flush Royale: It is the best hand. It is a series of the same color at AS (spike, tile, heart and clover). AS - King - Lady - Valet -10. The probability of having a Flush royal fifth is 0.000154 %. He tells himself that some players will never see the color. Suffice to say that you have an interest in pampering it and not playing an All in Direct. You have to pick up as much as possible with this hand, but nothing prevents the ultimate frustration from seeing all the players in the bed. This is the harsh poker law.

Quinte Flush: It's a series of the same color. The value of the cards does not matter, unless obviously you have the unlucky enough to have an opponent also opposing you a Flush fifth. Dance this case, it is the highest card that will make the difference.

Square: it's 4 identical cards of the same values. 4 kings, 4 valet etc etc. Again, if two squares oppose, it is the highest which prevails. If the square is on the poker table, the kicker makes the difference. The kicker is the highest square card. If it is also on the table, it is equality and there is therefore sharing of the pot.

Full House: It's a Brelan (3 identical cards) and a pair. If you have three ladies and a pair of aces you have a full house. On the other hand if your opponent also comes out a full house, it is the Brelan force that is taken into account. With a lady's lady and a pair of 8, he will beat you. If the Brelan is on the table and is therefore in common, it is obviously the height of the pair that will make the difference.

Flush (color): Simply, easy to say, to have five cards of the same color. Be careful, only the color counts, no following. If you have five cards to heart D - 10 - AS - 8 - 7 it is a flush. It is the strongest card of your flush that indicates its color. If two flush oppose, it is the strongest card that makes the difference, in the event of equality, it is the second and so on.

Quinte (continued): It is a series of 5 cards of different colors. Warning warning. AS counts both as the 1 and as the strongest card in the game. This is really the beginner's error. So you can have a fifth by both ends. AS -2-3-4-5 or AS-King-Lady-Valet-10 The strength of the fifth is obviously given by the strongest map.

Brelan: A Brelan is three cards that are identical. For example 3 king. Again, if there is equality, it is the kickers who will make the difference.

Double pair: as its name suggests, these are two pairs in your hand. Again, it is the strongest pair that prevails.

Pair: it's two identical cards. Lady - Lady, King -King etc ...

Height: if you have no previous combinations, it is the highest card of your game that determines its strength.

For beginners :

  • The fifth is only 5 cards that follow each other. Not three, not four. Five and it is not negotiable
  • The strongest combinations prevail. If you have a height, but there is a pair on the carpet, it is part of your game. Logical, but to be specified and not to forget.