Texas Hold'em: matching connectors

Poker strategy: play matching connectors

The life of a poker player is not populated by American Airlines, filled with Anna Kournikova chased by a King Kong. I really have to make an article on the nickname of the hands in poker. Americian Airlines is a pair of AS. The beautiful Anna Kournikova, it is a pre-flop hand, as- king and surprisingly, a cursed hand for your servant, and the King Kong, it is a pair of king. Well, here we are far from our starting subject, the connectors. You may watch videos of professional players and you will see that sometimes they leave with a 6 and a 7, flower in the rifle ... It can be confusing for a beginner player who will tend to throw them first Relaunch came. However, the connectors are hands that should not be overlooked and we will show you that a small connector can have greater strike force than for example a hand with king of heart and an 8 of clover.

Kinds of connectors in poker

As in all hands with flop you have a genre: connectors and power. Here we will talk about the matching connectors that give you the opportunity to get very heavy. The color or suite. For example, a 7 of heart and an 8 tiles are not matching connectors. These are simple connectors, more difficult to play since you lose in your mail range the possibility of a color unless the flop is particularly generous with you and no one else. A matching connector, allows you to hunt strong hands. A 9 heart and an 8 of hearts are called matching connectors. In pre -flop, your stats are weak, but the flop can put you on the strongest hand in the game. A matching connector has a very important quality, it is more difficult to read for other players. If you play it with discernment, it can bring you big, especially if there is a strong card in the flop.

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The objective of the Assort connector

This is the kind of moment when you have to stay focused on the rest and the color. A pair or double pair can disturb your mind. The other danger is that the flop offers a sequel, but that it is also possible with one hand higher than yours. You have a 4 and 5 heart and a 6 and 7 flop. This means that a player can beat you with a 9. As always, you have to know how to read opponents well, especially when you play these hands.

A matching connector is a pre -flop hand. Beginners must be particularly vigilant when they embark on this move which is paved with trap of all kinds and which requires a certain experience. A small matching connector that comes out, it can make the effect of a bomb if you come across a player with a game and not having flared the blow. Why ? Imagine that you have a 2 and a 3 that the flop gives one: AS - Valet - 4. Your opponent has a pair of valet and touches his bank. If it sets when the 5 appears, it is that first it reads in you as in an open book, and it would be necessary give less information, and what is he an excellent poker player? I have never seen someone throw an ace fork. Send me an email if you've seen your eyes or do yourself. Now we will see how to play these matching connectors.

Matching connectors for beginners

Play matching connectors in beginner and humble mode. It is true that humility is rarely used in the vocabulary of the poker player. "You have to be aggressive in your game" is undoubtedly the advice most often given to beginners. The problem of this advice is that aggressiveness can often turn into recklessness when it is poorly controlled. Humility is however a cardinal value in most human actions. In poker, it allows you to always learn, never to underestimate the opponent and never to believe he arrives. And to think he arrives with a matching connector, it's to dig his own grave. At first, only play your connectors if you are in position, that is to say in the last to speak. You have to tell you that going on a 7-8 checkered while the pot is big and the exploding is more risky than paying just to go see the flop. If for Caller, it does not exceed 2 or 3 times the Bing Blind, you can go see, but it's already quite expensive.

Assorted connectors relaunching the pre -flop

There, it is a question of positioning, and we are not far from launching the basics of a triple barrel. Let me explain. If no one has relaunched before you and you are in the places at the end of the word, maximum third place with two more players who are not ultra aggressive, you can restart quite dryly as if you had a game made like an average pair. If we follow you, it's very good, but the goal is to make the vision of the flop a little more expensive and why not make all your opponents sleep to steal the pot. Someone calls and follows you. We play it in BET continuation mode if no one has bet, so we play half the pot. You take advantage of your assorted position and connectors. Logically, you should make the table sleep since nobody has restarted before you. If someone you call and you haven't touched, then go to the river and sleep if your opponent continues to attack you.

Assorted connectors are tools that must be learned to use, so above all do not discourage yourself. You are in technical poker that must be learned to master.