Texas Hold’em poker rules

Texas Hold’em is the most played poker variant in the world. It is essential to know the rules since it is one of the versions most used by online poker sites as well as in real tournaments!

Widely democratized by the world championships (World series of poker), Texas Hold’em is a card game with rules that are rather simple to integrate. The difficulty of this poker variant is not found in understanding the game, but in its complexity in technical matters while adding a large dose of psychology. The subtleties of this game are however as numerous as you have adversaries. Think of failures. The rules are simple, each piece can move according to specific laws on a checkerboard. Yet it is one of the most complex games in the world because the possibilities in this closed world are almost endless. For Texas Hold’em, it's exactly the same thing. Before understanding strategies, the psychological aspect and bluff techniques, you have to integrate the rules of the game. Then, Become a grinder!

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The basic rules of Texas Hold'em

Texas Hold’em is played with 7 cards. You will have two cards in hand, the pre-flop, and during the game, 5 cards will be revealed: the first 3 are called "the flop", the fourth "The Turn", and the last, "The River". Texas Hold'em and other variants use an Anglo-Saxon vocabulary, origin requires. But if we can find equivalences, we prefer to use the English vocabulary that you will find in online poker rooms, and in our little Practical poker lexicon

The main actions are:

Fold: lie down, throw your hand. You lose everything you played on your hand.

The check: pass, leave the word. It is only possible if no one has placed a front auction in the Tour.

Call: call, outbid. You bid on a tour. For example if someone at Call of 20, you can caller, that is to say overbid 40.

The game in Texas Hold’em

Hold'em tokens

This problem will not arise if you play online since it is automatic. However, it is quite useful to understand. At the start of the poker game everyone leaves with the same amount so the same number of tokens. Each token has a determined value. Online, it's done automatically, but if you go from an online poker room to a real tournament, pay attention to this detail.

Les Blind Au Texas Hold'em

You have two types of blind: Small Blind and the second big blind. SB and BB respectively on online poker sites. These are compulsory bets. They concern the two players to the left of the dealer. The Big Blind is double the little blind. It is an important factor to take into account. All players must pay the amount of the big blind. This can have consequences since if you have paid the Big Blind and no player outnchoring, you go directly to the flop. It is a way to go see the flop without having to follow since you have no choice. It is a good opportunity to see that sometimes a small hand can become fantastic with the flop. You also have gaming strategies like the player who will systematically revive Big Blind position because he has enormous visibility since he is the last to speak. Whoever arrives right behind him is also described as "under the gun" because he on the other hand has no visibility and information on other players.

As you go along you will learn to take advantage of this position when possible.

The pre-flop and the flop: the first auction round

It all starts with the distribution of cards with the donor (dealer): he distributes two cards to each player present around the game table. These two cards are called pre-flop. They are only known to the player.

The player on the left of the donor is from Blind (starting bet). The player on the left of the blind poses him, a big blind (double the blind).

The player with the floor is the one on the left of the Big Blind: the game takes a look: players can follow to stick to the Big Blind, or Call (bet more than the highest bet) or Fold, that is- to bed.

Once at the Big Blind to speak, he can call, follow or go to bed (beginner's error if the auctions have not exceeded the Big Blind that he was forced to pay).

After this first round, the dealer burns a card (eliminate the top of the game and pull the one) then place on the 3 open cards: the flop (thus visible from all the players).

The Turn: The second auction

It’s always the first player on the left of the Dealer who has the floor.

After burning a card, the dealer draws a card, the fourth, nicknamed: The Turn (the turning point)

Players have the same possibilities: check (the first play can simply check, that is to say that it does not put anything. If it is followed, the other players can only check if none of them decides to Call (bid), follow or go to bed.

The River: the third auction round

This is the last card to die for; The fifth, nicknamed, The River (La Rivière). The auctions are made in the same direction and the possibilities are the same.

Once finished, the players drop their cards unless of course that a call is. The best combination wins the pot.

Texas Hold'em requires a lot of experience: you have to know how to read the game, know your level of probability of touching the right cards in relation to your pre -flop, reading the opponent's game and learning patience ... Knowing how to bed is undoubtedly the first quality of a poker player. This poker variant gives way to a certain chance that must be learned to master but whatever your level, adrenaline will be there!