Online poker stakes and blinds

The bets online poker are one of the basics of the game, but it is also an essential mechanism of any analysis and strategy. Whatever your favorite poker variant, the auction game is essential since it is simply the heart of poker. In online poker rooms, many things are done automatically thanks to poker software. The blinds are played automatically for example. No need to click to put them on the carpet. If from an online poker point of view, it is rather logical because it is clear that the speed of the game is essential, from an educational point of view, it is almost dramatic.

If you have seen online poker players land for the first time at a casino table, or if you have done this experience yourself, you have seen as they are destabilized by reality. Obviously, I am not saying that good online poker players do not know what the poker bets system is, but I am not sure that beginners are aware of the functioning and importance of bets and Online or real poker blind. If you know how to play, forget this article, if you start, if you have any doubts, it might interest you ...

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Online poker stakes and particularities

Antes: It is a predefined sum that all players in a poker table must deposit to enter the game. It doesn't have anything with the blinds (see below). The antes play two roles. They accelerate the game in the sense that the hands become more expensive when the antes come into play. They are often used in the second part in poker tournaments. The advantage is to increase the pot significantly. Players with a weak pot should be more aggressive. You will see many more all in from the first hands.

The blinds: the role of the blinds is essential. Blind means blind in American. Only two players must pay them. Do not worry, it turns in the sense of the game. Blind because you are forced to pay them without seeing your game. It is the same principle as the Antes. You have a small blind, Small Blind and a large blind, Big Blind. It is the players placed on the left of the dealer, the button, who must pay them. Whoever is first on the left pays the Big Blind and the one on the left of the Big Blind pays the Small Blind.

They are fixed at the start of the game and can evolve according to the poker mode very quickly. For example in turbo poker, every 5 or 10 hands, they increase. You will learn how to chase blinds. The value of the blinds is therefore variable. On the other hand, what is always valid is that the Small Blind is always half of the Big Blind.

Brings: This concerns the games of Stud Poker. It is a more complex if you do not know the rules of the Stud. Do not worry, we are preparing an article on the basic rules of the Stud Poker.

Brings (Bring-in): In a game of Stud Poker, the player showing the lowest discovery card must pay the Brings. The Stud includes an ante. The bound is half the low limit or if the player decides in complete stake.

For example, UNS Stud Poker limit $ 2/$ 4, the player will be able to pay a minimum of $ 1 or $ 2.

Poster (online poker): this is happening only on the poker tables online rooms in cash game or in live poker.

When you arrive at a cash game table you have to post to have your cards. This action prevents clever little ones from changing tables before having to play the Big Blind. As long as you do not pay post or when you are not Big Blind, you cannot play.

Blind strategies in Texas Hold'em

You will quickly understand that the blinds are always good to take and that they can be defended. You will also find specialists in Blind flight. Here are some examples of techniques that are linked to blinds.

Defense of blinds

The easiest situation: nobody plays before you. You get the blinds. Suffice to say that it never happens when the blinds are substantial. You will always find an aggressive player who will try to take them.

The more complex situation: you end up with an average game and you have noticed that the same player always attacks the big blind. You can defend it when you have a solid game and you have noticed your opponent's little game.

Above all, don't defend her for nothing! Better to lose it than to follow absolutely to lose even more. It is a beginner's mistake that makes the mistake of thinking: "I have not paid for nothing".

Under the Gun placement or position: this position is dangerous, but you can use it to your advantage.

The flight of blinds

This technique is mainly suitable for tournaments when you arrive at the end and the blinds are high. You will have to calculate your Blind depth. If you have 1000 tokens and the Big Blind is 200, you have five hands to play. So you see all the interest of taking the blinds.

To play this dangerous game, you must have analyzed your opponents. Avoid playing this little game with aggressive players or against the one who has a mountain of tokens. The first will follow you in principle and the second will have nothing to lose.

It is the danger of this technique. If you come across a player with a high hand, you can get caught. Blind flight techniques ask to know the poker well and especially the game of his opponents. They are mainly to be used sparingly.