The 10 online poker commandments

Online poker: beginner's mistakes

You will often read that poker is the art of bluff. It is a commonplace. Shuffle against a good player and he will bite you if you hurt it. Poker is an intellectual and psychological discipline. You may even be carried out to discover its physical requirement if you have a long time to a tournament. Become a good play of poker requires discipline and rigor. Of course, knowing The different strategies can be very useful too.

Poker can be apprehended in a thousand and one ways, but you will meet different profiles: beginners, students, confirmed and "unplayable". In each of these profiles hide thousands of ways of playing and, the more we go upmarket in adversity, the more the player in front will be able to change his way of playing.

Do not believe it is lucky

It's difficult because it exists, just there above your shoulder to send you the game or to deprive yourself of it. A poker player does against bad fortune good heart. He does not play wrongly and through, but he does not necessarily go to bed if his pre -flop is average, see bad. Statistics are essential. It is not mathematical, but in poker you can influence them with the psychological aspect. What matters is not what you have in hand, but what your opponents think you have ...

Don't play too many hands

It is a common error and I even think that it is beneficial because it will show you that poker is not a classic game. We sit with friends around a table and therefore, we want to play! The online poker beginner stands out for this compulsive desire to play. A player who does not make this error plays 20 % of the hands on average. The problem is that curiosity in poker can be expensive. And if in addition, you are noticed at the table for this defect, you will be devoured little by little. Going with 2 and 5 mismatched can only be justified if you have the button ... or a strategy because you have read an opponent or when you have a bankroll far above and you try to use your opponent.

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There is no law

All advice can be invalidated by a game. Remember that strategies, statistics and advice are long -term based. To use the example of 2 and 5, you are not immune to ending up with a square of 5 at the River. Knowing that with a pair made in a flop, you have less than 0.9% to touch a care. But it is possible. The beginner's error is to confuse a luck with a nice blow. In fact winning a hand, does not mean that you played well ...

Optimize your hands

This is another aspect that beginners must learn. You have to spare your opponent and know how to sleep when he is threatening, even without knowing it and making it pay when possible. You must learn to estimate your bankroll and assess your game. If you think you have your hand, make it play, if you fear the Bad Beat, make the bed. If you take a player to the river, you take a risk by playing the slow play, but you can maximize your hand.

We come back to an essential concept of poker; You have to know how to go to bed. The day you will be able to sleep at a flop on a pair of aces, you will be a real poker player or in any case, on the right path.

You should not go too far by pride or other too far. Do not see going to bed as a failure, but as an act of intelligence. The proof ? Well once you are lying down and even if you play online, look at the continuation of the game and how many times you have done well.

Feeling and emotivity

Play a hand because you can feel it, it's a beginner's mistake. And the worst part is that once it enters the feeling game, the beginner will no longer go to bed and will be close. Poker asks you to be a computer. If you go up to the 7th heaven as you have a pair of aces, you will run on defeat. Get rid of anger, excess ego and everything that could alter your judgment!

Fear is an enemy as harmful as feeling. You will be tested by other players. If at the slightest assault, you go to bed, you will not go far in tournaments, but also in poker in general. Do not confuse courage and recklessness. Poker is an excellent path to find balance and cultivate weighting. It is not yoga either, but if some pro are assiduous practitioners it is not for nothing. A few minutes of deep breath and meditation (you will find lots of guided sequences on YouTube) would not be luxury - you will be amazed by the incredible effect that such an exercise immediately produces on the brain and the body.

Cash Game, Head to Head ou tournoi

Each poker table requires a different strategy. For a tournament, you can for example play with clumsiness for the intoxication while for Head to Head, you will have to be ultra aggressive. Poker requires immense adaptability. Don't worry, she is acquired!

Fatal errors

As in many disciplines and undoubtedly in existence, errors are not serious as long as they are not fatal. Make your Nietzsche's aphorism "everything that does not kill makes you stronger". In poker, your life is your bankroll. Learn to analyze your game and study errors. Remember that it is not on a lost or won hand that you have to judge the quality of your game. The lucky factor can transform a rotten blow into a winning blow. On the rooms of online poker From our selection, you will find a space where the history of your hands is preserved. Consult it and use it to make your mistakes in your future victories.

In conclusion, making some free poker games to train would be very wise. Do not hesitate to consult our advice page for Play free online poker.