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XIV rugby and XII rugby are available on all online betting sites approved by the Arjel. Rugby is the 3rd sport that receives the most put in USA, but far behind the round ball. It is however the second sport in USA in terms of TV retransmissions, but around the 10th sport at the level of licensees. Rugby remains an elitist sport strongly associated with regional culture. Rugby sports betting has not really entered customs yet. Without failing in a counter sociology, the popular football side and the habit of making a lottery football well before the existence of the web can explain this. And as everywhere, the wallet is not expandable. What you put on one side, you don't put it on the other. Here you know, if you have read Our advice for betting, the bell tower wars and the supporters remain in the locker room, we look at only one thing. If rugby can allow us to put a beating in the book and how to do ...

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For bettors, rugby has a unique characteristic: the favorite almost never loses. Obviously, it can happen, but we can start from the principle that it does not happen. Do you know why there is no American rugby cup? Because unlike football, an amateur team in addition to having no chance of winning will risk its physical integrity.
It is a collective sport where playing on the outsider is risky, but in addition the draws are extremely rare.
Technically, the paris 1N2 which remains the easiest for a beginner bettor is to be avoided to play on the outsider. The team that plays at home to win. This factor is often exaggerated in other sports such as football, but in rugby is a fact. Over the past six seasons you have less than 40 wins outside. This explains that the final phases of the top 14 are played on neutral terrain.
So you will tell me that betting on the favorite that will evolve at home is to secure your bet? Unfortunately, the dimensions are weak. Far too weak.

Toulouse 1.28 - 21.00 - 3.75 Castres => cote Betclic
If you follow us, you know that the dimensions below 1.20 do not interest us at all. Between 1.20 and 1.50 very little. You have to play too big to gain a minimum with the risk of unpleasant surprises. Play tight to beat the bookmaker requires not endangering your bankroll in a match.

And there, you come across an essential and particularly important thing to bet on rugby like a pro, it is to know the sport and to follow the news on a daily basis. We are not going to lie to you. Experience in this sport also plays an important role.

Know and understand the calendar

It is the magic of rugby. If you are betting on a big team during the VI Nations tournament, they may well that all these international players are not there and that they play with juniors. Let’s not talk about the games where the team is discarded to let its holders blow.

The wounds..
It is a wound of rugby and which with the explosion of the physical power of the players only increases with more and more cases of concussion. Nevertheless, this sport is played 15 and it is rather the accumulation of several injured holders who can handicap a team. Obviously if he is a player of the Wilkinson level, it's a problem.

Competitions in all directions

In addition to the fact that championship matches can be combined with international matches, the rugby offer is planetary with two major centers. USA and England and the South African Championship without forgetting international competitions. You have other championships and competitions.

Small non-exhaustive list of competitions authorized by ARJEL:

Top 14 - Super rugby - XIII rugby - NRL - Super League - England - Celtic League - 6 Nations 2019 - World Cup.

You can bet on rugby all year round.
Try to focus on a championship and a team to start. The complexity of this sport is obviously found in betting.

Unique Paris types

Rugby offers Paris with Handicap, which is prohibited by Arjel for most other sports. For XV and XIII rugby it allows you to improve ratings especially if you play on the favorite evolving at home.
The principle is simple: you determine a penalty penalty to a team. Let's take the example of the Stade Toulousain - Castres stadium meeting.
If you play the handicap of -18.5, you think Toulouse will win with at least 18 points more.
The rating of a Toulouse victory increased to 4.40 instead of 1.28.
Obviously, it's very interesting, but you have an interest in not playing the rating, but having studied the forces in the presence, the place of the match and the calendar.

To optimize the dimensions, you can play the bets placed: 2 places paid 1/3 on the coast. This means that if you are betting on the winner of a competition and that in the end he finishes 2nd, you are a winner anyway.

Small non-exhaustive list of bets authorized by Arjel

Result of the match - Number of points - Number of points - Total points - Handicap half -time - Marge of the winner - another margin of the winner - Half -time / End of tests - Total number of tests

You will understand when reading this article, rugby is a separate sport that does not yet have the visibility of football even if the top 14 is considered one or the best of the planet. It is therefore necessary to go to information by yourself. Bets are also special. Sport itself due to its essence, calendar and specificities requires great knowledge and experience of bettors. Bet little, but intelligently to learn and understand. Beware of the ratings that are often high. When we advise not to play the odds, rugby is really a concrete example. When you have understood all of this, rugby is really a useful sport to increase your bankroll!

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