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Before giving more details on the right way to apprehend online sports betting, it is good to remember that the latter already have a long history behind them. Indeed, many archaeologists believe that it was during prehistory that the first bets were taken during duels between tribes chiefs. However, evidence is lacking and it is therefore in Antiquity that we find the origins of the sports bet. In ancient Greece, the sports competitions were numerous and it was offered to the spectators to bet on the results of these in order to make the organization of the event profitable.

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Sports bet: an exhilarating challenge

The sport bets Then experienced a remarkable boom in ancient Rome since they were offered on tank races or gladiator fights which were extremely frequent since the emperors promised the "panem and circenses" people, in other words "bread and games ». In the Middle Ages, the sports bet will continue its development during archery or sword tournaments and then during the following centuries through the palm game or cricket. Until this time, the gain was only rarely monetary.

From the 18th century, the situation changed and earning money becomes the goal. In the 19th century, sports betting but also horse racing exploded, in particular for members of high society who were passionate about sport and races. From the second half of the 20th century, the sports bet was democratized since sports competitions open to the general public via their broadcast on television and then on the Internet.

Today, many sports betting operators are accessible online and offer a wide range of sports disciplines for those who want to earn money through good predictions. Only here, in order to start well in the world of online sports betting, it is better to respect a few rather simple rules. So here are some advice from pure wisdom to start or continue, your bettor activity.

Choose the right bookmaker online

Because many bookmakers offer online sports betting, the priority for those who want to make forecasts is to choose the right platform for playing. Obviously, it is not recommended to rely only on the results of search engines since the best referenced are not necessarily the most interesting or even the most reliable - especially if their belonging is sponsored.

Yes, not all books are equal and some offer much more interesting offers than others for players. Also, in order to choose your bookmaker, various criteria must be taken into account:

  • The holding of an official license. This is the priority criterion given that it is not recommended to play from an illegal platform since the latter can quite easily block your possible deposits
  • The game offer. Before you register on a Bookmaker, make sure that its sports betting offer includes the sports disciplines on which you want to bet but also the competitions you know best.
  • The recommendations of other players. Although some bookmakers cheat by posting false reviews, comments and recommendations from other bettors are often a good way to select a reliable and serious bookmaker.
  • The bonuses offered to new bettors. Whatever your profile, it is interesting to integrate the bonuses you can enjoy by creating an account with this or that bookmaker. Whether it's cash to play or free Paris, everything is good to take ...
  • The attractiveness of the dimensions. Beginners sometimes have some difficulty taking this criterion into account, due to lack of knowledge. Also, do not hesitate to consult Bookmaker comparisons to see which ones offer the best odds. This is essential since the higher the ratings, the more your gains hope will be important
  • Personal data protection. Your data is essential and everything must be done to protect them. Therefore, take care to choose a bookmaker that guarantees you their safety.

It is now up to you to select the bookmaker which seems to meet your expectations and your desires better - and we can only suggest you choose from our selection of duly verified sports betting sites.

Analyze the future sports encounters well

If the scratch games let chance decide your destiny, it is not at all the same for sports betting.

Also, before taking any bet with a bookmaker, it is essential to analyze sports meetings and see those that can allow you to pocket money. For this, it is strongly advised to consult the specialized newspapers (L’Equipe, Midi Olympique, USA Football, etc.), club sites and more generally to follow the news.

Indeed, if you want to bet on a sports meeting upstream of the match, it may be good to know the compositions of the two teams. It would be a shame to lose a bet simply because you did not take care to note that a team made a "deadlock" by aligning a "bis" team.

Specialized forums or even the opinion of football experts can also help you take good bets but never lose sight of the fact that a bet is accompanied by a chance to win but also a risk of losing.

Also note that most of the sports betting focuses on football, the most popular sport on the planet with practitioners and supporters in absolutely all countries of the globe. However, if you are passionate about another sport, it is on this one that you must bet because it is important to bet on a discipline that you master and that you follow.

Never bet on exotic encounters

This is a simple consequence of the previous council. Indeed, if it is recommended to analyze sports meetings before betting, it also means that you have to ban betting on competitions or matches on which you have no information. Consequently, the meetings of the "exotic" championships are to be flee unless you want to let chance decide on the success of your bets or that you have a particular knowledge of the subject.

Do not bet on the small dimensions

Although it is sometimes tempting to bet on small dimensions as part of cumulative bet, this is actually a big mistake. Indeed, "because as long as the referee did not whistle the end of the match, everything is possible", surprises are extremely frequent in sport.

Also, a small rating may make you lose a cumulative bet where the gains can be substantial but make you earn little money if you have bet. Therefore, in order to avoid losing a cumulative bet on condition of 1.05, flee the ratings that are too low.

Do not bet on your favorite team

If you are a supporter of a team or a sportsman, never take Paris concerning him. You probably have an erroneous vision of its real level and you may not be objective. Suffice to say that there is a good chance that you are wrong on your bet by letting your subjectivity speak.

Combine bets, but not too much ...

In order to increase their possible gains, some bettors choose to combine bets in order to combine the dimensions. Obviously, this is not without risk since only one losing bet and it is your whole cumulative bet that will be a loser.

Also, it's up to you to find the right compromise. Generally, it is recommended not to combine more than 3 bets with a rating between 1.20 and 1.50 but after all depends on your risk aversion. Read all Advice from an enlightened amateur on bets combined here...

Go live

Betting live from a match is a sport in itself and we have devoted an entire article to this particularly exhilarating discipline. All the advice of pros to bet live are in This article!

Master the jargon

Because the sports bet has its own language, and only the initiates will be able to understand and communicate, and that is where it all starts - it is absolutely necessary to consult the Lexicon of sports betting!

Manage your bankroll well

As soon as you have deposited money on a bookmaker and your bonus has been credited, it is essential to set up a strategy to properly manage your bankroll, that is to say the money you have on your account.

Thus, never play all money that is available on your account and favor small bets on a multitude of meetings. Try to play risky on a few bets with small bets and cover these positions with more importance on events which, in your opinion, have a high probability of taking place.

For the rest, as in poker, avoid wanting to do it again after having experienced a failure. Your reflection may be altered and there is more chance that you will make a new loss than a gain. Precipitation is undoubtedly an enemy of the bettor.

You will find in This article real good advice for bet on the 2018 World Cup, and show a total mastery of your bets during this essential event. And you will learn in the next when, how and why bet on the favorites, or Prognosis for matches With the Blues ...

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By following all these tips, you should be able to start very gently in the world of sports betting and ensure a healthy and productive game. However, do not lose sight of the fact that sports betting is more entertainment more than funding, even if it is often a matter of winning beautiful victories. It is more the love of sport than that of money which generally animates the bettors. And then, as it is very well said in the film Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, "when you make a bet, you have to be a sporting". It only remains for us to wish that the best wins, and that the others have fun with sports betting!

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