The best types of Paris to bet on golf

Golf is a complex sport to apprehend when you want to put this discipline on your Paris notebook. Nevertheless, the advantage is the bets that are not numerous. This means that there are fewer types of bets to analyze. Here are the bets authorized by Arjel on golf tournaments. We remind you that bookmakers are not forced to use them. Golf is also practiced by women and if you have a doubt seek Blair O Neal on Qwant.

  • Type of golf betting: tournament winner

It's the classic. A list of participating players is presented with a rating for each golfer. The favorite is the one who has the weakest dimension. If the player is injured or abandoned, the bet is considered lost.

Advantage : The ratings are huge when you are used to it. Betting on other disciplines, even if the favorite is clearly identified.

Disadvantage : Once the three favorites are identified, difficult to make a choice.

Our opinion : A fairly simple example with the US Open. Tiger Wood is favorite with a rating of 10 just like Brooks Koepka. So it's pretty great. The third thief is on the side at 12, while the 4th is 30. Rarely, in sport, you will see as large as a favorite. It's tempting, but you really have to know the course and the qualities of each. A bet to try only if the bettor to a very good knowledge golf, course and golfers.

  • Paris type: player / player having successfully managed the best score of the day

It's written on it like Port-Salut! Which player or what player will make the best score of the day? Maybe Blair O Neal?

Advantage : The dimensions are interesting.

Disadvantage : We are not far from the impossible mission.

Our opinion : It's difficult, but not impossible. This bet, in addition to having strong ratings, can really afford to those who are passionate about golf and who can know which part of the course will be a handicap or an advantage for one of the favorites. We do not recommend it, we suggest it to those who know.

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• Type of leader at the end of each day

Less difficult than the bet above, the leader is the one that scores the most points on the day, but you should not confuse with the bet on the best score on a hole. On a tournament, there can be several different leaders over the week.

Advantage : The ratings can allow pretty capital gains.

Disadvantage : You have to be fast and play a little blind to find a good coast.

Our opinion : It is to be tempted when a golfer really has facilities on part of the course. To your statistics notebooks!

  • Type of bet: classification according to nationality in the different categories of competitions

This bet is an originality of the Arjel and personally, I have never seen it at a American bookmaker on golf. This prognosis is dedicated to meetings by nation.

Advantage : It is easier to determine the classification by country than by player.

Disadvantage : The ratings are much less interesting because there are nations, like the US, which are really dominant.

Our opinion : Golf offers much more interesting dimensions, so avoid it, this type of Paris where the favorites are really known and poorly sides.

  • Paris type: number of holes in a number of albatros, eagles, birdies

You have to find the number of blows that the golfer will put to complete the route. It is therefore useful to consult our article on "advice for betting on golf" to find out the golf vocabulary. It's better to bet.

Advantage : None.

Disadvantage : You have to play with a crystal ball.

Our opinion : It is as if you were asked to bet on football, if a goal will be scored with the left, right or head. This bet is far too hazardous. If again, the bet concerned a hole, we could use golf statistics, but there is pifometer.

It should be noted that the types of Paris for golf For the Olympic Games are not yet known, because it is the first time that this discipline has been invited for the Olympiads. For the rest, the golf is for us the opportunity to find big odds that can be paid as long as we master this discipline perfectly. We should not recommend it to beginners or rather we will advise to be interested in it before betting.

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