Golf - Advice & strategies for betting online

Golf is not really sport that immediately comes in mind when we think of sports betting. It is because, thank God, we are not English. In English bookmakers, golf is a historic sport of their offers, long before the explosion engine. With us, irascible Gallic, we had to wait until Tiger Wood for this sport to make a very small place, and punctually, in the American media. For American bookmakers, some of which are from Anglo-Saxon countries, golf is obviously offered. You have to have it in its catalog, even if the bettors are rare and the total of improper stakes. So, obviously for our online betting guide, we were interested in betting on golf to know if they could become a source of profits and an engine in our winning strategy.

Bet on golf: simpler than you think

It is advice that works for all sports. For golf, it is very comparable to the ATP and WTA tennis circuit. There are tournaments all over the world, but it is advisable to focus on major tournaments: Masters, US Open, British Open, US-PGA. Why ? These tournaments are broadcast live, information and statistics are very rich and beginners who want to bet can take advantage of the analyzes of the best specialists. For a first tournament, it is necessary to draw a maximum of information. There is no need to bet, you have to study. A major tournament is therefore ideal for preparing for a professional bettor career for golf. With the arrival of the Tokyo Olympics and the first golf test in the history of the Olympic Games, it's time to get your hands on.

Golf is therefore like tennis, because it is a female and male circuit, but also, because it is an individual sport. By simplifying, you have to bet by opposing two players. Bets on tennis know that surprises are rare, just like golf. The comparison stops there, even if we will see later that on the field, time and specialty of players are just as important criteria as in the world of the little yellow ball. Golf is obviously a very special sport and you must therefore know the key points of bets on this sport.

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Bet on the golf: the key points

  • Use statistics:

Like any self-respecting Anglo-Saxon sport, the golf is scrutinized with a magnifying glass to feed pages and pages of statistics. You have to know how to sort especially when you are a beginner bettor on this sport.

For us, at the beginning, we must focus on the following statistics:

  • The Fairway in Regulation or FIR: it is the statistics that indicates the number of times or the player has touched the fairway. This statistic exists on the career, but obviously, it is above all necessary to look at the tournament on which the bettor wants to bet.
  • Green in Regulation or Gir: It is when the player touches the green in:
  • a blow for one by 3
  • Two shots for one by 4
  • Three shots in 5

This statistic starts from the principle that the golfer makes 2 puts to succeed in s.

  • Scrambling: it is the statistics that indicates the number of times or the PAR is realized when the player is not on the green. This statistic is very interesting for playing livebet on golf.
  • Sand Save: When the golfer finds himself outside the course or in a bunker, this statistic identifies us the number of times he managed to touch the green. Again, it's very interesting for Livebet

These statistics are basic. “Amateur” golfers also use them to see the curve of their progress.

Learn the terms of the golf course

Golf is a sport where vocabulary is very specific and in addition in English.

Here is: the terms of the scores:

  • Nombre de coups => Score
  • Quatre coups sous le par => Condor
  • Trois coups sous le par => Albatros
  • Deux coups sous le par => Eagle
  • Un coup sous le par => Birdie
  • Autant de coups que le par => Par
  • Un coup au-dessus du par => Bogey
  • Deux coups au-dessus du par => Double Bogey

This is the basis, because it is impossible to bet if the player does not understand the score. Afterwards, there are the techniques, the names of the clubs etc. At the beginning, a bettor will rather seek to understand who will win the tournament and no matter how!


It is the heart of sports betting. Generally, bettors who come to golf have experience. Nevertheless, remember that you have to always analyze and imagine the scenarios of a match or a duel. Golf requires the same analytical capacity. For once, it's quite tedious. Golf is not really funky, even if the latest generation has brought a little colors to the greens. What is difficult to estimate in golf is the psychological aspect. The favorites are often identifiable, but a golf player is like a tennis player, his worst enemy, it is himself. This is the main part of the unknown.

Our advice is to bet on duels with a favorite well determined to get their hands. You can see competitions on the cable or canvas. Betting on golf requires a great capacity for analysis and the courage to work on a sport which is nothing in common and which is much more complex than putting a ball in a hole. So courage and tell us how it goes and share your experience with our betting community !

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