American football: tips for betting online

American football is not the most publicized sport in USA. However, for a few years, it is possible to see the superoawl live on American TV. For bettors, it's a bit tight to get an idea of this sport that remains culturally American. However, we can see in USA developing teams and a American championship unfold. It is obviously not available on bookmakers authorized by the regulatory authority of online games. For American bettors, you have to focus on the NFL.

Bet on American football: NFL in the heart of bets

When we want betray, especially on an exotic sport, you should not complicate your life. American football is the NFL. A beginner on this sport must focus on this superlative league. The money flows to flows, it is League number 1 in the US and hundreds of media flood information lovers. If you don't speak English, use an online translation tool. They are free and are increasingly reliable. The National Football League is 32 franchises in eight divisions. They play 16 games in season, eight at home, eight outside. We can conclude that the season is short and therefore that you have to be effective in its bets from the start of the competition. The season lasts a few months between September and February. Faced with the explosion of the intensity and violence of shocks, NFL officials had to drastically limit the number of games. In comparison with the other sports of our guide on online bets, it is extremely limited and therefore, in fact, extremely demanding for neophytes. It is difficult to take the measure of this sport and the level of the teams in just 16 games.

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We will give you advice to avoid being trapped by this sport which can quickly become addictive once you really get it. There are several bets authorized by Arjel. We will soon detail them. The simplest and most productive is to position yourself on "The Line", which gives in American, the bet to disability.

This bet allows you to bet by giving a handicap to a team. This handicap can be a more or less number of points. For instance :

49ers against rams.

  • A bet with disabilities presents itself as follows:

49 ers + 2,5 Los Angeles Rams – 2,5

This means that if you bet on the 49 ers, you bet on the fact that they will win with at least 2.5 points. If you remove 2.5 points, so three points, at the score of the San Fransisco team, they must always be the winners of the match. You therefore believe that they are the big favorites of this meeting.

Conversely by betting on the Los Angeles Rams, you indicate that they will lose with less than 3 points apart. The goal is simple. "The Line" allows you to rebalance the meetings of NFL, regular season or play-off, when the outsider meets one of the favorites. To avoid uninteresting ribs, the handicap bet makes it possible to improve them significantly. We go on a low side to a rebalancing at 50/50.

In American football, the winning ratings/losers are very rarely high, because the favorite is clearly identified. You have to wait for the Plays-Offs to have more interesting ratings. Handicap bets are a real option to optimize your winnings on your bets on the matches of American football from the NFL. To bet well, you have to learn about the most important statistics. As you know, American sports are cut in the microscopes of statisticians. There is so much that it is difficult not to get lost. The gaps at the end of the matches are 1 times out of 3 of three, seven or ten points. 18 % of matches, it is capital information for bettors who use Paris to disability. NFL teams playing at home mostly have a negative line. The importance of playing at home is essential in this sport.

Bet on American football: important parameters

As with all sports, special factors must be taken into account.

  • The calendar

It is logical and it is true for all sports, but in a season at 16 regular season games, it is particularly important. You have to see the favorites of each division, the easy math, the relationship to the classification ...

  • The form

A formal team can move mountains in this sport. Seen from here we only see brutality and violence, but not the share of the psychology of this sport is essential. A team announced as a favorite can collapse, when an outsider can go to the right player on its mind which will sublimate average players.

  • Weather report

Again, we don't really think about it, but catching a balloon launched by 40 yards in the rain and the wind is not the same thing as a reception in optimal conditions.

  • Injuries and turnover

An NFL team has 35 players on average. Some will never play and others can take advantage of an injury, frequent in this sport, to explode. The stars obviously remain the strengths of a team, but they are less important than in other sports. You have to monitor the injuries and the players who will find themselves on the lessened field. This very physical sport is to say to the least, requires 100% players

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