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To bet on American football, you should know that you will have no choice on the competition. American football is played at US and it is therefore the NFL, National League of Football, which represents this sports discipline. It is true that there are teams in USA for example, but the championship is semi-professional. Far from me to question their qualities and their talents, I would not want to be tackled by their line of defense, but today bookmakers only offer NFL. Anyway, if you want to bet on American football, you will have to find out and it is already not easy on the number one sport at the US. Culturally, American sport has trouble exporting. Yet in the US, it is a audience machine and say it to money. It is even a real religion in certain state as in Texas where university football is as important as the NFL. Fans of the Friday Night Light series know what I'm talking about. Before betting on a sport as exotic as American football, it is always good to draw inspiration from its culture and what it represents. It is as if you are betting on a Genoa- Sampdoria in Serie A in football, without knowing that it is the hottest derby in USA. Are you ready to bet on American football? It is a difficult bet that will ask you to really invest in the knowledge of this sport. I tell you directly: start by being an observer, play little and learn. This sport requires being particularly humble if you want to increase your bankroll. Like many exotic sports for us Europeans, it's a real challenge, but it's exciting.

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The American American football line (NFL)

The NFL brings together 32 teams which are divided into a conference. You notice that most teams are north east. The number of games per season and limited. It is rare compared to American sports. It is' the intensity of matches and the recurrence of shocks that limit the number of meetings to preserve this little the physical integrity of players. A team plays 8 home games and 8 outdoor games. The season is therefore extremely short and lasts from September to February. The main difficulty is the lack of reference to estimate the level of the teams. And yes, I told you it would not be easy! Then the 12 best teams compete in the Plays-Offs which are played in three eliminatory games with direct elimination. And then it's the Grail, the Super Bowl, the match that makes legends in front of hundreds of millions of viewers. And even perhaps you ... The Super Bowl is broadcast E USA, but frankly, the biggest defect in American football is that it lasts lead. The show side and the cutting of matches are a real obstacle that you can avoid if you watch the replay matches.

Competitions authorized to bet on American football

  • US football national football: regular season - playoffs

The main types of Paris authorized for superbowl meetings

  • Team author of the greatest number of touchdowns
  • Finalist team of the NFL championship (Super Bowl)
  • Winner of the competition
  • Winner of the regular season (League / Conference / Division)
  • Qualified team for play-offs
  • Score
  • Score at the end of each quarter
  • Score at the end of the match
  • Gap between teams
  • Number of teams per team, total, by quarter time,
  • Team that marks the 1st/last
  • Most marking team
  • During what a quarter the largest number of touchdowns is marked
  • Field Goals name
  • Number of transformations at 2 (two) points in the match
  • Marker names
  • Number of touchdowns per marker
  • Minute of the first and last touchdown

How to bet on American football

The looks like handicap is authorized for NFL matches and it is a bit of the traditional bet of this discipline. You can bet on the fact that a team wins with +4.5 points. It means that your team will win with at least 5 points ahead. It is a bit of a simple betting of American football, because the ratings of the winner /loser are often below the dimension of 2. To optimize the dimensions, try in Paris in Disability. Once accustomed, you will complain that it is so little available on the Paris SPORITF SEN USA. The statistics are essential. American football is a sport scrutinized in its smallest detail. Look at the stats of each team is almost as important as the names of the players. Each team has 53 players in its workforce. And if you remove the stars, a player's injury is often anecdotal. And again, you always have 'the story of the rookie that leaves the bench to save the team.

Outsider is often the team outside. Look carefully about the stats of victories at home and outside, especially for the Plays-Offs.

Here are some factors to observe:

  • The classification and level of the 2 teams: easy to say with so few games, but after a few days, the leaders will stand out. For play-offs, this is a real element. Coaches have a visiWe general of the game and a way of adapting to the opponent. It is then difficult to understand the tactics of each phases. American football is seen in USA as a wirelessly hormone gap, but we forget the tactical aspect which is essential.
  • The game systems set up by coaches: it is the most delicate. American football is a tactics game. He tells himself that a player does not master them before university. he coaches have a general vision of the game and a way of adapting to the opponent. It is then difficult to understand the tactics of each phases. American football is seen in USA as a wirelessly hormone gap, but we forget the tactical aspect which is essential.

  • The place of the match: home/ outdoor, passive on the field.

  • The injury of a "key player": if the Quaterback Star farts its knees, it can really change the situation, but replace it or even the 3rd in certain franchise can do the job. There are 53 players in each franchises, so good luck!

In conclusion, thee football American would ask for a novel to understand it and a Test to bet on it. These tips are likely to accompany you in your approach, but I repeat that betting on American football, that is to say wanting to make its bankroll grow, it is a hell of a challenge, especially you have been beaten in the matter. After nothing prevents you from putting a room on the Super Bowl, but you know that here we do not like to lose what is so difficult to win.

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