Paris types for online cycling

Tracking cycling is not the discipline most helped by Arjel. The moral police ... The regulatory authority for online games offer few types of betting on cycling. Why is the offer also limited to betting on major online cycling races? No idea. It is undoubtedly to protect the bettor of the bad bookmakers. At the same time, as a bettor, the more choices I have, the more I can make sure to avoid certain "Nigaud" bets.
In any case, we will see that if the offer on the types of bets is limited, there are still interesting bets for those who know how to bet on cycling. And strangely, there are even exclusive bets in the Tour de USA.

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The types of cycling bets for online bookmakers

  • Bet on the winner of the competition:

Classic or large tour, you have to find the winner of the race. For step races, it is the winner of the general classification that will have to be identified. A classic bet found in all sports.

Advantage : The dimensions are interesting and the choice is made on two or three favorites.
Inconvenience : You have to bet with the start of the race, because this rating melts like snow in the sun
Our opinion : The advantage of this coast on cycling is that the favorites are well defined, but the uncertainty of a race leaves the odds at an interesting level. We could compare to the ratings of the winner of a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

  • Bet on the winner of the stage:

This bet is reserved for steps races. It is therefore necessary to define who will win the stage. It's simple, but very complex.

Advantage : The ratings are very attractive, because the possibilities are numerous.

Inconvenience : You have to know at your fingertips the forces involved and fully understand the intentions of the peloton.
Our opinion : this bet is not to be thrown, but it is Reserved for cycling specialists and bets. You have to understand the teams, what step can be released by the favorites. The prestigious mountain stages rarely escape favorites. For an arrival at the sprint, you will never see a Tour favorite taking the risk of throwing yourself into the sprint at the risk of falling heavily.

  • Bet on the final carrier of a distinctive jersey in the big towers:

In the big cycling towers of the season, different jerseys are to be won according to different rankings: best climber, best sprinter, best team, best young. It's up to you to determine who will have it on your shoulders.
Advantage : the choice, the dimensions and on the towers, the favorites for the jerseys are perhaps easier to find than the winner of the general classification. If we put aside the uncertainty that makes the salt salt, it is an interesting bet, because it allows the runners to be sorted according to their specialties.
Inconvenience : You have to know cycling, the race, the nature of the stage, the specialties ...
Our opinion : It is an exciting bet that can help a novice to dive into the world of betting on cycling. It is good on the side, but it requires real substantive work.
Note that it is possible to make this bet on the steps.

  • Bet on the team of the winner of the competition/team of the stage winner

It is a simpler bet. Instead of choosing a runner, you have to find the team that will arrive in this ranking.
Advantage : The bettor reduces the possibilities with dimensions that remain interesting before the start of the Tour.
Inconvenience : None
Our opinion : This bet makes it possible to limit the possibilities, to minimize the risks and to play blows for good dimensions. Obviously, if the Sky team is on the race with their number one team, think carefully.

  • Bet on final podium and in stages (individual and team)

You have to find the first three of the stage and/or the general classification or a runner placed in the three.
Advantage : This is the ideal bet for the big towers. Ontonte that it is enough in some bookmakers to know if the runner X will end up in three first.
Inconvenience : The bet by step is less difficult than that on the winner, but it remains random.
Our opinion : For the bet on the final classification, it is a fairly simple bet since it is enough to find which teams will be in the three without having to make a classification between them. In terms of runners, it avoids underperformance and perhaps even playing an outiscuss. The odds are climbing quickly!

For special bets for the Tour de USA

The bettors will find a whole range of bets on the rankings. For example, it is possible to bet on the runner arriving first at the top of a pass. It is obviously the legendary tests that are concerned. For the green jersey, it is possible to bet on the intermediate sprints. These bets ask to have a very sharp knowledge of the world of cycling, but also of the Tour de USA and the stages. We can gain a lot with cycling on bookmakers and especially on the big towers, but you really have to be an enlightened connoisseur of this discipline. Players can also bet online with live bets. The advantage is that you bet live while looking at the race and its progress. It's the must and the right way to enjoy the odds if you feel the right blow. Connoisseurs make great profits this way. The bettor is directly opposed to the bookmaker which fluctuates the dimensions according to the events. If you are faster in the analysis, you can drop beautiful odds on Tour de USA stages.

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