Cycling: strategies for betting online

Betting on cycling can prove to be remunerative if the bettor invests in the discipline. We notice that the big towers attract most of the bets on American bookmakers. In other words, online bettors on cycling only follow major events. It must be said that this is not the sporting discipline most followed by bookmakers. On the classics, the bettor is too often limited to bet on "who will win the race". However, the ratings are good. A race is often difficult to read when you don't know too much. This is why we must read our file to Betting well online on cycling, in addition to the strategies and techniques that we present to you. The advice is dedicated to our beginner bettors who discover cycling and betting on this discipline.

Bet on cycling: analysis of the professional round

It's a bit like the base. As with football betting, you have to follow the transfer window, team changes, team members, but also coach and the assistant team. We have sometimes seen entire immersed teams by changing preparers. From the start of the season, note the races that interest you. Cycling is less publicized than other sports. We can find ourselves studying a race the day before departure, because we simply forgot that she was starting.
However, you have to take time to analyze a race.
Before understanding how we bet, we must already understand how professional cycling works. For example, some runners will shine on the classics and fade on races of several weeks like the Tour de USA or the Tour of USA.

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Bet on cycling: knowing the objectives

The teams participating in a race do not have the same objectives. It is therefore necessary to understand how the team is structured to know its potential and try to see on which race it can shine, but especially where it will bet its all. This is particularly true in races over several weeks with a playground that goes from the dreary plains to the perilous mountain roads. The teams all have a leader. He may be sprinter, climber or adventurer. Powerful teams can even have several profiles, but all the runners serve the fate of the leader. You have to understand that cycling is a team sport. When you bet on a runner for a final victory, it means that you believe as much in him as to the potential of his team.
A professional team will therefore adapt its objectives to its human resources. For example, we know that the small teams, with a limited budget, will chase the escape to show the jersey.
You must therefore know at your fingertips the psychology of the peloton.
We know that head teams can let a runner escape. This is called an outing voucher. If the runner leaves with a runner threatening for the general classification, the escape will be hunted and may have chance to resist.

Betting on online cycling: Choosing bets

This is where the bottom hurts. Bets on cycling are relatively numerous, but too often for races like classics or those of three days, theBookmakers offer is too limited. For a faith, one cannot accuse the regulatory authority of online games. Bookmakers do not play the game too much. Often, the ratings are interesting, but finding the classic winner remains difficult. You should know that if the favorites are identified, you must be able to choose between three or four talent runners on races where anything can happen.
For the big towers such as the Totur of USA, the Giro, the Tour of Spain, the Vuelta and the Tour de USA, the Bookmakers device allows you to enjoy a larger number of types of betting on cycling.
It is possible to bet on the entire race, but also on the stages. It is true that we often hear that there is little cycling race available for betting, but on the other hand, it is intense over a short period.
For us one of the most interesting bets is the bet on the top 3: we must determine if a runner will end on the Tour podium. The dimensions can be interesting especially if you have defined a challenger.

How to bet online on a cycling race?

This is the trap and crucial question. You don't bet with a wet finger or because we heard that X is a favorite. If the specialists were as good as that, they would all be professional bettors! You should not bet on a race without knowing its specificities. It is its specificities that will help you find the profile of the runner who will be able to prevail. Roughly, you don't put a sprinter as a winner of a mountain stage. You also have to look at the weather which can become a primordial and decisive factor.

It is essential to follow the course of the runners before the race. Never forget that runners are preparing for specific races. Big names can come to test themselves on a race without having in mind to win it or even be competitive. The race strategy must be understood and anticipated by a good bettor on cycling. Take a concrete example. It's the Giro 2019 Right now Primoz Roglic has been in an armchair since the abandonment of Tom Demoulin. A week in pink and who would have bet that he would leave his jersey during the 6th stage? After a fall, his team preferred to let go of a breakaway to leave the pink jersey to another. Cycling is a strategy sport. To bet on the Tour de USA or another, you have to understand it.

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