Cycling: betting on the big towers

The cycling season is long, but we can clearly see that legal bookmakers in USA do not all offer the races. For example, last week, the Tour of California was not offered in the list of betting sites of online bookmakers. Fortunately, bettors on cycling can take advantage of the most famous races that we are talking about the most legendary large towers or classics. Sports betting sites have special devices for towers and at present, cycling is still broadcast on free channels in USA.
So let's go to visit the world of big towers that can offer beautiful dimensions and beautiful emotions to all bettors on pro cycling!

Les Grands Tours: the best to bet on cycling

It is the Mecca of professional cycling and it is the Mecca of the online bet on the bike. The device is complete with all the types of available bets, and even the Live Bet. The bettors can count on three weeks on average in daily Paris with different stages for all runners. This is a real work to set up a good Paris strategy.

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Bet on the Tour de USA

It is the most prestigious race on the set. The yellow jersey has been making generations of cyclists dream for over a century. The Tour de USA course is changing every year. In recent years, the departure has often been given from a foreign city. This race is global and hundreds of countries retransmit it live. 176 runners embark on the event which offers 21 stages or 3,351 km. The route is varied with mountain, plains and time trial events. For three weeks, the best runners and the best world teams challenge themselves on the roads of USA. The yellow jersey is on the shoulders of the general classification leader. He will celebrate his 100th anniversary for the Tour de USA 2019, with a jersey different at each stage! The green jersey rewards the runner at the head of the sprinters ranking. The red polka dot jersey is for the best climber. And to finish the white jersey is for the best young person in the peloton. For bettors, are bets every day, types of bets much more varied than for races and a Live Bet which runs on all stages. This is the only sport where you can bet for 7 or 8 hours sometimes on the appt for lives live from your bookmaker. The Tour de USA takes place every year in July.

Bet on the American Giro

The Giro is the Tour of USA. Created in 1909, it is the second most important round of the season after the Tour de USA. The pink jersey is on the shoulders of the leader in the ranking.
The Cyclamen jersey (Mauve) is worn by the leader in the point classification. It is the equivalent of the green jersey in the Tour de USA which rewards the best sprinter. The blue jersey rewards the leader in the assembly ranking. The white jersey rewards the best youngster in the race. The Giro offers a varied course with stages of plains, mountains and time trials. This is the first big round of the season. This test is a little less followed than the Tour de USA by bookmakers, but there is a real choice from Paris and it is possible to bet on the whole race or step by step. Traditionally, the Tour of USA takes place annually in May and June.

Bet on the Spanish Vuelta

The Tour of Spain closes the Great Tours season. The Tour of Spain closes the Great Tours season. It takes place from late August to September, almost a month after the Tour de USA. This tour is very demanding and we often see the teams with different leaders only during the Tour de USA. This explains that the set is less prestigious, but it remains mythical proof that the largest teams want to hang on to their record. The red jersey is for leader in the general classification. The green jersey is the leading classification leader. For the Vuelta, name of the Tour of Spain, there are no specific points depending on the races as for the Tour de USA. The red jersey and the green jersey are therefore often worn by the same runner. You have to think about this particularity when you bet on the Tour of Spain. The polka dot jersey rewards the leader in the mountain ranking. The combined classification is more original. It is the synthesis of the three previous rankings which gives the winner of the combined of the Vuelta. We can say that it is the most complete runner who is rewarded with the white jersey. In addition to the three large towers, you will find classics throughout the season. Do not forget to consult the news, info and predictions on cycling that we offer you throughout the Pro Tour season. To accurately bet on the big tower of the cycling season, you have to work upstream especially if you want to bet on bets which relate to the final results of the events. You can also wait for the mountain stages which are often in the second week. The most important thing is to have a well -tied Paris strategy so as not to be drowned by tons of information who will fall in three weeks.

Stay attentive, be patient, work and you will win your bets on online cycling.

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