Sports bet: bet on cycling

To bet like a pro on cycling, and yes our collection continues, it must be understood that this sport is made up of several disciplines: road - track - mountain biking - BMX. Not all disciplines are treated in the same way and we can say that the interest of bookmakers will crescendo with the notoriety of the discipline. And then it is the notoriety of the competition that makes the difference. Let's not turn around the pot longer. Road cycling is best followed by Online Paris sites approved by Arjel. And the Tour de USA is the sure value of bookmakers.
Bet on cycling is quite ungrateful; Not because of the dimensions or the difficulties, but especially because of the lack of density of the tests on the calendar. Multiple tests are not covered by bookmakers for fear of all unimaginable drifts that pollute cycling. You will find very few, see too few events for track cycling, mountain biking and BMX.

Bet on cycling like a pro

For road cycling, the competitions are more numerous with the different big towers of the UCI, the world championships, the Olympic Games and legendary events like Paris Roubaix.
It is also the most media discipline and therefore likely to provide you with the most detailed information.
If you want to play on occasion we advise you to bet first on it before you start on more confidential disciplines and whose only common point is to be on two wheels, a frame, a pedal. . Whether in status, preparation, technique and strategy, its disciplines are quite different. We will therefore very much evoke road cycling.

Bookmakers to bet online on cycling

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The various authorized cycling competitions

Betting on road cycling

  • World Championship Men and Individual Woman and Team
  • National level of first level man and woman
  • National level and women's first level championships
  • National Tour: USA - Spain
  • Men and woman Olympic Games
  • Liège-Bastogne-Liège
  • Milan-San Remo
  • Paris-Roubaix
  • Tour of Flanders
  • Amstel Gold Race
  • The Walloon arrow
  • Lombardy Tour
  • Dauphiné criterium
  • Classic San Sebastian
  • Paris-Nice

Bet on track cycling

  • World Championship Men's Individual Woman and Team:
  • National level of first level man for men individual and team
  • Olympic men's Olympic Individual Woman and Team

Bet on the BMX

  • World Championship: Individual woman and team
  • Olympic Games: Individual Woman Man and Team

Bet on mountain biking

  • World Championship: Individual woman and team
  • Olympic Games: Individual Woman Man and Team

As we had told you, the track, the BMX and the mountain biking are the poor parents of the bets offered by the bookmakers.
Remember that steps shopping can give rise to several types of bets. If female cycling is still in the shadows, it exists and can leave good opportunities because bookmakers do not know much more than you.

  • The different types of betting on cycling:
  • Winner of the competition
  • Winner of the stage (for road races)
  • Final carrier of a distinctive jersey in the big towers for road races (best climber, best sprinter, best team, best young)
  • Wearer of a distinctive jersey at the end of each stage in the big towers for road races (best climber, best sprinter, best team, best young, best runner),
  • In the big towers for road races: team of the winner of the competition and team of the stage winner
  • Final podium and in stages (individual and team)
  • Intermediate results in large towers for road races:
  • Victory in the intermediate sprint
  • First at the top of a collar (excluding category or 1 st category)
  • Number of medals per country

Here you can see again that the big towers offer the most possibilities of Paris by type and by number since for example to bet on the Tour de USA 2018, you will have 21 stages to set your stakes. Knowing that you will not necessarily find all the steps on the bookmakers for all the big towers.

How to bet well on cycling

We do not say Bet as a pro on cycling On the road because quite simply, a pro would not find enough competitions to make it its Paris base.
Road cycling is easy to understand as a whole. The favorites are clearly identified.

Remember that teams have a major role.
If you bet on a live bet, especially do not bet on a breakaway and a runner if he is right to break the pace and bring back his leader. The teammates can give everything knowing full well that they will not go to the end, just to bring down a direct competitor and protect the leader.
If you do not understand the collective role of a professional cycling team, then do not bet because you are going to the wall.

A cycling race - whatever the discipline - can see its logic swept by incidents that are impossible to predict.

The falls : We know there will be, but difficult to know who will be touched. The leaders are protected, but they are not immune to individual errors, a hole, a white strip or a poorly managed descent.

The punctures : This is the cyclist's wound. Most of the time they have no consequences, because they remain a kind of code of honor where we do not attack a leader on the ground. If you take Paris Roubaix which run on the northern cobblestones, you will have 3 or 4 punctures per runners.

Weather : Today we are able to know very precisely the weather the same day almost per km meadows. Still, between the one who launches on a descent or the road is dry and the one who will take it with a small rain, the difference will be at the time. A 40 degree on a classified pass, it is anticipated, but it You have to go up it well, so look at the weather well, it can wreak havoc and even lose tricks.

And then the usual advice: ask, read our advice and predictions and never play lightly. Betting on cycling is difficult and delicate, but the odds are extremely rewarding.

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