Online poker: strategies

Poker strategies, psychological instinct ...

We understood this, in the POKER, the nerve of war is to destabilize our competitors, to plunge them into doubt, when we are ourselves ignorants of everything. Until the final outcome, nobody knows nothing - and as this famous player said, it's as with sex - we think we know exactly what we are doing but in fact we do not know everything about what's going on in the head of our partners...

And despite all these mysteries, there are still pros' strategies - techniques developed by real grinders And revealed in this article ...

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Poker stakes

We have seen it in our article relating to the rules of the Hold'em, the towers take place so that a starting bet is ensured through the large and small Blind. That said, nothing prevents you from outbid on the Big blind. You will thus force the other players To align or go to bed ensuring the keys to success. Admittedly, outbid before FLOP seems a little reckless, but already during the TURN, this will give to think about your opponents, you will look like a confirmed player and moreover you will be able to gauge which of them has the strongest hands.

Test your liar talent at online poker

Another tip to find out whether or not you stay in the game is to focus on your game using a simple evaluation system that will allow beginners to quickly assess the game they have in hand. For example, count eleven points, the figures and the ten, ten points, each cash card carries the number of points of its value.

Add to that a bonus value of five points in the case of a pair and three points in case your cards are of the same colors (example two clovers), or follow themselves digitally (example eight and new). Thus, if your score is more than eighteen points, you will follow without adding, if it exceeds twenty-three overwhelming points, if it is less than fifteen points be careful. You can continue and improve this counting by combining your cards and these can on the carpet during the flop even turn of the turn.

au Texas Hold Hem This kind of method will allow you to respond more and quickly to bets, improve your management of bets and therefore your earnings (bankroll), giving an impression to the opponents to deal with a player confirms. This method is relevant until after the turn, then you will rather focus on the combinations between the carpet and your hand.

Do not hesitate to go to bed either, preferably after the flop or the turn, this will allow you to observe the attitude of the other players (do they bluff, do they have the game at slaughter?), You will be able to Better thwart their tricks to the next game.

For the most confirmed, poker axiums!

VoThey will prevail every time:

  • You will help that you know which cards your opponents have in hand.

You prevent your opponents from betting accordingly from their game. (David Shlansky, the man who was blowing in the ear of kangaroos).

It is on these two axiums that David Shlansky opens his famous “Fundamental Theorem of Poker” based on calculations of probabilities recognized effective by researchers - and professional cheaters. Without going into detail, it is obvious that the construction of a good strategy must take into account, as a primary objective, the maximum optimization of nos gains In the event that our hand is strong. Conversely, encourage players to go to bed when we guess THE HAND Exceptional with an opposing player.

Keys to optimal stake management: how to maximize our earnings and how to dry out bankroll of our opponents.

La main collective

Another foundation of the game wants us to be active on the atmosphere that reigns at our table.

Let me explain, insofar as we detect a strong hand from an opponent, we can seek to tie the other players against him. It is obvious that everyone has every interest in bringing this player to the insolent luck. Contrary to what one might think, poker is by no means a game of chance, but it is certainly the management game of chance.

From your understanding of the tactics of your opponents, you will be able to deduce what game they hold in their hands. To determine as quickly as possible the situation will gradually induce you to influence the game of your opponents, that is to say collective hand.

Attenuating or amplifying the bets of your opponents, in favor of the game you hold in hand. For this you must always be aware of your typing force (state of the bankroll) in order to be able to destabilize your targets. For example push your richest opponents to do CARPET (put on all their tokens) by exaggerating your bets, allows you to get them out of the game while securing your earnings during the slaughter.

Pushing a rather fortunate opponent to overcome your bets, pretending to be fear, while your hand is solid. Or conversely, outbid, then go to bed after other wealthy players followed the bid, their pheasants, at a lower cost to wear the blow that you were not able to assemble him.

All this requires a sense of sharp observation, a capacity for rapid and logical decision -making, a total mastery of your emotivity.

So don't forget, before destabilizing others, be able to stay cold in any situation, focused on your game and even more on that of others. Make decisions always based on reason, never on feelings such as pride or fear, trust your intuition, it is also the fruit of your reflection, except at one point, you did not have Time to analyze it, never follow the spirits of anger or revenge, be sure that this is what your opponents will want to lead you. Surprise them rather by the diversity of your game approaches, you will then be indecipherable in their eyes.