poker lexicon

Born between sailors and tripotes, the story of poker gives this game of money a sulphurous smell and a jargon that is no less. All poker player must master the vocabulary, so before you start and win your first stripes on the game tables, we offer this humble glossary, which is in no way exhaustive.

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SLAUGHTER: Fateful moment, at the end of a lap or the playful players return to their cards and revolve their game.

BOUTON: This big token is placed in front of the one that distributes the cards in the absence of a dealer, the button is set up to the right player with each bet. To his immediate right is seated the big armor, to his left, the player of the little blind closes the tour of the table. In the event of a two players, we will place the button in front of the small blind.

Brelan : American ancestor of poker, it can also be used to desigate a third party, or three cards of same value or figure (for example a Brelan of five, or three cards of five).

bankroll: Term used in the world of professional game, he describes the sum of money available to a player to bet, that is to say the prize pool at his disposal for the season.

BURN : Before each bet, the dealer eliminates or 'burns a card before returning the following on the carpet. This method seems to cut off at any desire for a cheater to want to count the cards.

CARRE: combination of four identical cards

CARTE: in poker, if no combination is obtained from the slaughter, the winner is determined according to the one who has the strongest card (according to this hierarchy: AS, King, Lady, Valet, Ten, Neuf ...).

COLOR: combination of five cards of the same sign, or color (example: five cards in thread).

CPRG : Computeur Poker Research Group.

DONNE: It is the game distributed by the dealer to the players around the table, and on the carpet, unlike appearances the word has not just given, but from American 'Dona' or lady, old form of card game , known as under the name of 'looking for the lady'.

FLOP: first serie of three devoile cards by the dealer after burn, the flop is important, it allows to confirm if our hand is strong or not, and therefore to evaluate if we go to bed most surely.

Large suite: Combination of five cards according to their degressive value from AS (AS, King, Lady, Valet, Dix). The combination of five cards is called a small suite by counting the AS as one (AS, two, three, four).

Big blind: In order to ensure a minimum bet and number of players at each lap, the armor system has been ensured, in the absence of a dealer, the button is placed, in front of the player called to distribute the cards, the button is set up to the right at each bet. The clerk with the big blind cannot go to bed, he is committed to betting a preset -bone sum which increases as the tournament goes. This bet can be over -buried in the Hold'em NL (No Limits) game, on the other hand all the other players in the table (at the exception of the small armor) will be called to keep up to the big armor or the strongest bet. The endangered case they will have to go to bed.

Main: Pair of cards distributed to each player at the start of the game. It is the basis of the strategy that all player will develop along the Tour, in combination with the Devoilees cards on the carpet by the dealer. We can name the four lap of the hand lap (first hand: the pair of cards, second hand: the flop, third hand: the turn, fourth hand: the river). This hand will be devoted at the end of the turn during the slaughter, and this provided that at least two players remain smooth.

PAIR: Smaller combination of the game, that is to say a pair of identical cards regardless of their color (example: two cards of three or pair of three).

Small armor: The player seated on the left rating of the button, must bet an equal sum at half the big blind. This bet is compulsory, even if it decides not to follow and go to bed.

POT: or CAGNOT, it is the sum of the playing on a tour, it will be carried by the winner, in case one or more players impress all their assets before the end of the tower, the pot will be left according to the moments Their contribution to the Enssemle of the Tour.

RIVER: after having to devote the three maps of the flop and the turn card, the dealer 'burns a card and returns the fifth and last card. This step is the river or river, the whole game is before our eyes. It is time to bet as well as possible in order to take the pot, even discuss the opposing players while overcoming, thus forcing them to bed, without proceeding to the slaughter or devoid of different hands.

GO TO BED: leave a tour by refusing to bet more. We put his cards face against the carpet far ahead of you. We can of course replay from the next round.

SHOWDOWN: or slaughter, after the river setting, and if at least two players are smooth, we can see the cards we have in hand in order to determine who has the best combination and can take the pot.

SUITE: or fifth, combination of five cards next hierarchically (example: seven, eight, nine, ten, valet).

SUITE COLOREE: or fifth flush. It is a sequel to which all the cards are of the same color (example: eight, nine, ten, valet, lady with hearts). Be careful, the term color in the poker designs the sign of the card is bike, heart, tile or trefle and not the color red or black.

SUITE COLOREE ROYALE: or fifth flush royal, it is the strongest combination of the game.

It is a colored follower ending with an ace (example: ten, valet, lady, king, all of a tile).

FOLLOW: Continue the tour by betting up to the strongest bet, without poring as much overwhelming.

CARPET: This is the place where the deende deeux diveile the flop, the turn, then the river. You can also make a carpet, by betting the totalite of its tokens in one blow. This has the effect of surprising opponents, if the bet is substantial. This term is also valid for those who do not have enough tokens to follow, put everything was had. We will divide for him the pot up to his bet.

Texas hold'em: The most popular poker game, especially in its NL version (no limits) which allows you to play without any restriction of bet. Introduced to Las Vegas by a group of Texans, it will revolutionize the world of poker, allowing players to bet four times per turn instead of two in the traditional closed (or American) version in practice until then. This Alonment des Tours is the source of the strategic, even psychological development of the game, which will make it a must, especially in the online versions.

TURN: After the three flop cards, the 'burn' coupier 'a card and returns the fourth card of the Tour, it is the turn or turning of the game, the players will then be able to bet. Generally the bluffers are undermined at this level of the game, because the bets naturally increases the cost of their deception.

WSOP: Abbreviated by World Series of Poker are the world poker championships. They have been held every year since 1970 in Las Vega. The entry price of a tournament ranges from $ 565 to $ 1,000,000. The winner of each tournament wins money and a bracelet.

So much for this little non -exhaustive index of the most used terms of the Hold'hem Poker. Do not hesitate to consult the page of Poker strategies To improve your technique! We hope he will bring you luck and now Moussaillons, on the toll!