English boxing: the types of betting

English boxing. Let's be precise. The noble art. The fighters who dance. Mohamed Ali. And bets. Since the first fists have hugged a ring, there are bets. Little sport are as linked to bet as well as boxing. This sport drains a lot of bettors in other countries. In USA, with this habit of doing nothing like the others, noble art has become a sport on the fringes. There is no trace of boxing in the 5 favorite sports of the American. There is obviously the complexity of belts, lack of visibility in the media and the absence of competitive American in the queen category. For some time, 3-4 years, there has been a start thanks to the Olympic Game and the gold medal of Tony Yoka and his partner, Estelle Mossely, remarkable Olympic champion. In addition, take a former Olympic and world champion (WBA) Brahim Asloum who launches a European league, the media playing the game and we feel American boxing get out of his tunnel. Sometimes it becomes ridiculous when a encrypted chain tries to sell us a product boxer, but boxers are not soccer players, it is not the media that make the champions but only the ring. In this momentum, one can think that new opportunities can be offered to bettors who want to bet on English boxing. You will see that the types of Paris for boxing are not legion, but this can be an advantage to enjoy relatively high odds.

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Peer : Result of the match (1 n 2)

It is the 1N2 of boxing. Because the draw to the point is possible and more frequent than you think. We must determine the outcome of a fight. It is the original bet of boxing before the very existence of bookmakers and online betting sites.

Advantage : The ratings are good all the more if no favorite stands out.

Inconvenience : It is difficult to consider a draw between two boxers. The rating is low with a favorite, but really weak. Around 1.05 - 1.10.

Our opinion : She is the mother of all bets on boxing. It is a complex bet in the sense that each boxer is unique. He has qualities, faults that the bettor must oppose those of his opponent. The slightest error can be paid by a ko. In the rest of the cases, boxers can spend their time hanging with a defensive boxing. It is an inevitable bet, but we advise you to know the boxers who compete well. Obviously, Never bet on a dimension below 1.50, which sometimes can really limit your choices of matches.

Peer: Number of rounds played

Could you guess how many rounds will last the match? It is a big game that all boxers of boxing do and that one finds even in press conferences with the prolix boxers whose humility, in any case in front of the press, is not obvious "I will put you on the first round ”. For the bettor, it is a question of not igniting for a bet that can bring big.

Advantage : A beautiful rating on a relatively readable bet when you know the boxing style of the two competitors well.

Inconvenience : No one is safe from an uppercut, even the bettor ...

Our opinion : It is a difficult bet that requires good knowledge of boxing. In general, we know which fight will go after 12 rounds, but we are never immune to a KO or the stop of an arbitrator. If you think, for example, that there will be a draw, it will be possible to optimize your bet by taking advantage of a better rating on the bet "number of rounds disputed". Yes, you think of a draw, it is that the match will end ...

Equi: Point victory

If the match ends with the two boxers in the ring, that is to say that there was no ko, the victory will be given to the points. We ask you which boxer will win at the points but also if the match will settle in points. It depends on the bookmaker. Be careful on this point.

Advantage : This can be a good alternative bet that does not ask to get wet.

Inconvenience : this is where all injustices can land .. we say injustice not to say scam, corruption and special effects and obviously errors of good faith.

Our opinion : If the bookmaker asks you which boxer will win at points, avoid this bet. If he asks you if the boxing match will end with a point victory, it's a great option.

Peer : Victory by KO

Will the meeting end on a KO? We don't ask you which player will win.

Advantage : the ratings are good for a complicated bet

Inconvenience : It is a bit random especially on a fight between two opponents of the same level.

Our opinion : It is a difficult bet on the belt matches. If you manage to find a Outsider Who is gaining momentum towards the title, it is a bet to use with intelligence.

Peer : Tournament winner

This bet concerns the English boxing tournament of the Olympic Games, the Copper of the Boxing World etc ...

Advantage : the rating relating to the difficulty

Inconvenience : Extremely difficult
Our opinion : Betting on the winner of the Olympic Games boxing tournament is difficult even with a favorite. You should know that since the last Olympic Games, professionals can participate. The tournament is long is the many matches. Fatigue and injuries can disturb your finest bets. To avoid.

Equi: Number of medals per country

It is a bet that concerns the English boxing tournament of compensation by country. So, take out your crystal ball.

Advantage : It is a bet that will say if you are lucky or not.

Inconvenience : Too difficult to read ...

Our opinion : It is difficult to determine who will win the tournament in its category, so having an idea of the number of medals per country can report very large, but it is more from the field of Ke on enjo èrè only online sports bet.

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