Boxing: Beginners advice to bet online

Anglaise boxing sublimates its actors and at a time perhaps a distant, boxers were legends. Not to mention Mohammed Ali, boxing enthusiasts will tell you about the greatest boxers whose literature and cinema have been inspired to write legends. And in these stories where the real tutor the sublime, you will always see a more or less clandestine bookmaker take bet in the shadow of the boxing room. Today, rest assured, you can legally bet in USA on English boxing on online betting sites approved by the regulatory authority for online games. We are not going to hide it from you. Boxing is the sport of a life. If for you, boxing is two bourrins who send themselves the lines, we suggest that you forget the bets on boxing. Boxing is one of the few sports where you have to understand the culture and the meaning of the term "noble art" to become a good bettor.

Basic advice for betting on online boxing

These tips are useful for other sports and disciplines that you have decided to add to your online bettor hand. If boxing is the sport that will bring you into the big family of bettors, you will have to make a simple choice: to open several accounts on bookmakers. This is all the more true for this discipline where the types of bets are very limited. It is therefore necessary to take advantage of the best possible dimension. The other interesting possibility is to play live bet. Bwin BookmakeR regularly offers livebet matches. It is easier to read a boxing match and bet on the number of rounds watching the course of the meeting. Live bets are now easy to use, handling is not far from instantaneous.

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First advice: knowing history and understanding boxing

It is difficult for a non -passionate to become a Good online bettor on English boxing. On the other hand, it is very easy to become a passionate about English boxing. There are some essentials. I strongly advise you to watch the documentary film by director Bert Marcus "Champs" which immerses you in the world of American boxing. You will discover what leads boxers as well as the political and social role of this sport in the USA for at least 50 years. Even in the country of Uncle Sam, boxing has become a secondary sport behind American football, basketball and baseball.

To bet on boxing, it is important to understand boxers. To estimate a boxer is the real pleasure of the bettors of boxing fights. Find the challenger that will go to the end and become legend. It is limited if a fight for the belt will interest them less than an anonymous fight. To understand this, you will have it for all tastes: cinema, literature, documentary, press. Our first advice to beginners is to be inflated by boxing culture. You can very well go by this advice and bet by reading only the press and following the advice of experts. In the end, you will miss the most interesting.

Second advice: anticipate your bets well on boxing

You can always play at the last moment. The sooner you play, the good the odds. You have to take advantage of the dimensions before the bookmakers refine them according to the Paris bets. For boxing, it is all the more true. Preparation for two or three weeks begins to enter the technique because land has already been worked. It is not a golden rule, but injuries can happen, but it is often at the time of physical preparation that the body can let go. Anyway, American bookmakers reimburse the bet if the meeting does not take place. Check Bookmakers regulations What will find in the FAQs or send a message to customer service. A man warns is worth two. The worst that you can risk is to have your bet reimbursed. The trick is that it is an individual sport and that a boxer will not change its boxing in two weeks. He will obviously have a strategy adapted to his opponent, but his qualities will be the same especially if you bet on a confirmed boxer.

The advantage is simple. Take advantage of a better risk -free dimension.

Third tips: don't focus on posters

If you only play posters with the most media boxers, you will miss a lot of Paris opportunities and therefore earnings. In USA, the proposed competitions are quite RicHES and not to make the darling while waiting for the fight of the century for the belt, get to know other competitions:

  • Ligue's cup

  • Criterium of professional boxing hopes

  • Open Ligue

  • American amateur boxing championship

  • European amateur boxing championships

  • American Cup

These competitions are less known than IBF or WBA, but they offer so many opportunities for your bets, because they highlight boxers in the future and old people from the day before.

Bet on boxing: where to find the info?

It's a bit of a challenge in USA when you don't read the news in English. For world aura fights, you will find information even in the general sports media. For other competitions, you have to go and search for enthusiasts, boxing and fighting sports forums, as well as on official sites. Boxing information is vital. The form of the players, but also everything around them. Psychology and pre -match mindset make the difference in the ring. Journalists are often enthusiasts and you have to be careful not to come across points of view and opinions on boxing that comes more from passion than from cold reason.

Welcome to a very special sport that could well invade your life. With boxing, we touch the simple pleasures of online Paris when the gain becomes less important than intellectual satisfaction. Make 10 euros and even less on a boxing match and you will understand how we can weigh a lead while watching a boxing match.

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