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Betting on boxing is as natural as the first uppercut. The bet has always accompanied this discipline. Boxing, noble sport, inspired writers, filmmakers and even painters. It is perhaps the discipline that was the most told far from the sports gazettes. Low funds in the spotlight, matches rigged to those who dance in the ring, boxing is a source of fantasy, poetry and allegory. Nothing has changed in the 21st century. To bet on boxing, you have to get rid of all this and for this particular sport, it is more than difficult by that you like boxing because we like stories. We all have in mind Mohamed Ali who was boxing as he spoke with verve and elegance. Mike Tyson in whom brutality and force turned into destructive power for his opponents in the ring and for himself in life. There is something terribly intimate in the boxing of a man and it is perhaps this parentage that artists echo.

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Bet on boxing is understanding it. Always this same word that I repeat you discipline after discipline, bet after bet. To understand. Yet boxing is a sport of rare simplicity. No off game, no "forward", no descending phase, just two men face to face who must bring down their opponents. They are opponents, but they don't exist without the other.

To bet on boxing you must know the two boxers who compete. The record is not enough. It is adversity that counts. We can see it for example with our Olympic boxing champion, Tony Yoka who embarks on the big bath and who continues the victories. He learned and his career is built around an evolution. He could well arrive against a world class boxer without having a defeat for his record, but on a match against an experienced boxer and who has already proven him by winning a belt or even by being worthy during a defeat, He will be in front of an unknown. Because it is the upper level.

This is why the history of the boxer in the ring is essential. Boxing is not really the place of surprises, but there is always the day a champion falls. The dimensions express that. A favorite stands out, but the outsider is always a chance. Why ? Because it is enough for an dodge chained from an uppercut to bring down a champion. You glass below that Types of betting There are not many. Boxing is a simple sport, but the bet is not simpler than elsewhere.

A boxing match can end in different ways:
Knockout (KO): one of the boxers is KO and cannot take up before the end of the count, 10 seconds, of the referee
Knockout Technique (TKO): This is the end of the fight on an injury too disabling to continue the round or simply by abandonment. The healer throws the towel in the ring to indicate that his boxer abandons.
Decision (D): This is a point victory. The judges consider the blows carried. It is the place of all controversies
Technical decision (TD): Afterwards, an injury that stops the fight, the judges count the points to attribute the victory.
Disqualification (DQ): Disqualification of a boxer for a prohibited blow. For example, crunch the ear of his opponent ....

If for boxing you do not have the problem nature of the field and the weather, you will have to get out of one of the major problems of betting on boxing: the absence of impartiality. All comments, analyzes are charged and discharged. The media excitement, the trash talk of boxers, the weighing sessions which turn into a pugilat ... and in the end there is no longer any question of who is the best, but who is the nice or the bad guy. You must absolutely avoid this trap especially if you are passionate. The show and marketing side should not influence you in your bets on English boxing.

English boxing competitions

  • Fights affiliated with the International Boxing Federation (IBF
  • Combats affiliated with the World Boxing Association (WBA)
  • Fights affiliated with the World Boxing Organization (WBO)
  • World amateur boxing championships
  • Olympic Games
  • European Professional Boxing EBU Championship
  • American professional boxing championship
  • Ligue's cup
  • Criterium of professional boxing hopes
  • Open Ligue
  • American amateur boxing championship
  • European amateur boxing championships
  • American Cup

For IBF -WBA -WBO matches only meetings with a belt in play are available in USA.

Types of Paris authorized on English boxing

Match result (1 n 2)
• Number of rounds disputed
• Point victory
• Victory by KO
• Tournament winner
• Number of medals per country

There are few. This is an advantage because they allow you to focus on specific points during your analyzes. The ratings are often interesting. With a good analysis you will be able to do Paris winners. So put your gloves and go for it!

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