bet on ice hockey

Ice hockey is an ice sport, well done, but also for us American -speaking, an exotic sport. Our Quebec cousins ​​obviously far from this qualifications since hockey there is a tradition with even teams playing in the National League for American Hockey (NHL) with seven American teams. If ice hockey is a minor sport in USA despite the Magnus League which fascinates aficionados, you find in sports betting sites many competitions and an interesting choice of types of sports betting. For us bettors, ice hockey can be a source of earnings if we play with seriousness, we put with care to properly test the ice. If you are already an amateur and want to bet on ice hockey, you will discover many championships and maybe the possibility of betting all year on your favorite sport. By playing with method, it is possible to make earnings by betting on the various ice hockey competitions. Like more exotic competitions like the Football Or baseball, ice hockey.

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The types of competitions available on ice hockey

  • Magnus League
  • NHL (National hockey League)

  • KHL (Kontinental hockey League)

  • Slovakian

  • Championship of Czech Hockey on ice

  • Ice Hockey Finland Championship

  • Ice hockey norway championship

  • Ice hockey championship

  • Ice Hockey Hockey Championship

  • Ice Hockey Sweden Championship

  • World Ice Hockey Championship Division I Group A and Group B

  • World Ice Hockey Championship Division II Group A and Group B

  • World Ice Hockey Championship Division II Group A and Group B Qualification

  • Ice hockey world cup

  • Ice hockey Olympic Games

    The Queen League is obviously the American League. Nevertheless, it is a king sport in the countries of northern Europe. This is why you will find all these championships available to bet on ice hockey. For nations, the World Cup, but it is above all the ice hockey competition of the Olympic Games that highlights this discipline. The advantage of all these competitions is obviously the number of games available all year round. In NHL is 88 games for each team, including 41 at home and 41 outside. If you are betting on football, you have twice as many games on a classic championship. If you add the matches of the other championships including that of USA, ice hockey can very well be your basic sport for your bets.

The different types of bets on ice hockey

  • Championship / competition winner
  • Winner of the match

  • Score at the end of the match

  • Score at the end of each third time

  • Gap between teams at the end of each third time

  • Number of goals per game

  • Number of teams per team and per game

    Number of goals per third time

  • Number of team goals and by thirds-time

  • Third Party Time The most prolific in goals

  • First team at X Goals

  • Scorer

  • Scorer

  • Top scorer in the competition

  • Team enrolling the next point (except for the first point of the meeting)

  • Best of each group

  • Best second of groups

  • Qualified teams for the quarterfinals

  • Teams qualified for the semi-finals

  • Teams qualified for the final

  • Podium

  • Number of medals per country

  • Winning team at the end of regulation time

  • Winning team after extra time

  • Winning team after penalty shots

  • A winning team of a third time (except for the last)

Here you will find specific explanations on The types of betting on hockey. Ice hockey allows you to enjoy Paris in Handicap. These types of bets are very limited in USA and it is therefore a real when it is almost a tradition in American sports. In ice hockey, this bet is called puckline. You therefore bet on a victory of a team despite a handicap that can be variable. The advantage is to improve the rating of a favorite that can sometimes see, often, be flush with the daisies. On the other hand, it is a risky bet in a sport where there are fewer points and therefore goals. The ratings on hockey are rather interesting because, the professional bettors on ice hockey will tell you, the arjel bookmakers are not specialists and you will be able to enjoy the poorly adapted dimensions. The fact that few players in USA are interested in this discipline perhaps allows Bookmakers more generosity.

How to learn about ice hockey?

This is the problem. All good bettor must learn and see the matches. Bookmakers offer free ice hockey matches, which is a great way to apprehend this discipline. For the rest, we can not say that ice hockey does not make headlines in USA. To see an ice hockey match even in USA, you have to go to a cable channel. You will find easily. For the NHL, chase the info on Quebec sites for allergies to English and for others, we go to US sites. And in addition to winning your bets, you will progress in the language of Shakespeare. You also have a mine of information and statistics on the official clubs of clubs. For beginners, focus on a club and only bet on him. On the other hand, for the other championships, the language dam can be prohibitive. If you have ideas or sources in American for the northern European ice hockey championships, do not hesitate to communicate them that we share them with the community.

Ice hockey is a sport that can be remunerative if you play intelligently. The first difficulty is to see the matches and enjoy fresh information. For the rest, the ratings are good, there is material and the bookmakers offer a wide choice of competitions.

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