Sports bet: bet on golf!

Golf ! And yes dear friend, you can bet on the golf course on the sites of approved sports betting by the arjel. It is not the most popular place of our bookmakers, but this page exists, there is no need to resist. We are going to tell you about golf, eagle, put and other pleasures of the green. Golf is a sport that enjoys a very special image in USA. It is a sport of rich, reserved for upper social classes. If it was true, it has now become false. So the ritual question, our ultimate question? How to bet like a pro on golf? Find good bets, techniques for betting on a sport that does not make the headlines. Follow us on the green, club in hand, your gaze in the distance set on the objective ... The main events you Find on online sports betting sites are the major competitions.

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The main golf competitions

You also occasionally find according to your bookmaker the following golf competitions:

  • Alps Tour

  • First level national professional circuit

  • American circuit

  • Generali ladies tour

  • Asia and Australia

  • First -level continental professional circuit

  • PGA Tour of Australia

  • Ryder Cup

  • Solheim Cup

Since 2016, you can bet on the Golf at the Olympic Games and it will therefore soon be at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

The different types of Paris on golf

Bets are quite limited compared to other disciplines, but they are obviously specific. Attention. You have bets on the tournament and between golfers.

  • Bet on the winner of a tournament

  • Bet on the winner or the winning team of a match of a competition in "match play"

  • Bet on the player or the player who has managed the best scoring of the day

  • Bet on the leader at the end of each day

  • Bet on the final top 5 of competition categories (exclusion Ryder Cup / Solheim Cup)

  • Bet on the classification according to nationality in the different categories of competitions

  • Bet on the number of hole in one

  • Paris on the number of albatrosses, eagles, birdies,

  • Bet on the best round trip score

  • Bet on the number of greens in regulation

  • Bet on the greatest length of Drive

The ratings are rather good because golf is difficult to predict. In addition to the talent of the professional golfer, the external elements are decisive.

Golf, a sport reserved for initiates?

If for you, golf comes down to part of Wi between friends, we are bad. Nevertheless, you already have an idea of vocabulary and the importance of a major factor: the weather.

To join the golf bettors' family, you will have to go up your sleeves. This sport is quite special. Deeply Anglo-Saxon, take a tour of St Andrew to feel what this sport represents far from USA. Golf is a popular sport there. If we forget the Queen's club, you can make holes without the slightest condition on one of the most beautiful journeys in the world around its situation and its history. You will understand, the golf whose use says it means: "Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden", uses a whole Anglo-Saxon verbiage. To understand the rules and terminology, you will have to get started. It is not Joyce either.

Our first advice is therefore not to rely on your wild games on the WA, but to carefully study the rules of sport. Logic ? How many bettors attracted by the Tiger Wood period guided blindly? Not that here. You can watch videos and other "golf for dummies". Do not hesitate to go to forums where enthusiasts are inexhaustible. There are obviously the thorny subjects to avoid especially if you know nothing about it. And then why not try? All golf clubs make open days. All may not be the most chic, but the others do it. Golf tries to break its elitist image and CSP ++. We constantly say it to you: you have to learn before betting. And for sport like golf that can be publicized and which are also extremely rich in history, culture, technique .... you have to learn. Once you have acquired the essential bases and hope for your bankroll, a little more, you will have to learn and understand the players. Basically: who, where, what, when.

  • Who: who is comfortable on this course, the history, the history ...
  • Or: where is the course, how is it drawn, he evolved ...
  • What: what types of event, by team, masculine, feminine
  • When: the weather, the player's program.

Subscribe to a weather channel:

We exaggerate a little. But the weather is crucial. The worst part is that it must be analyzed when the player passes. Participants in a golf tournament are not tied. The weather is changing over a day, especially if the route is by the sea. A gale can put the best player in the world in the worst difficulties. Again, see if your golfer is comfortable on the course, but also keep in mind that the weather is an essential factor.

Is golf course to discover for your bets?

It's up to you. You will not be able to do it halfway. It is a real challenge. If it is to bet as a dilettante, it is not really worth it. In addition, competitions are rarer than in other sports. Our advice is a bit radical, but it seems right to us: bet on golf is a story of enthusiasts.

A small anecdote: the "Pictures of Sports Illustrated": this law tends to demonstrate that the Golfer making the front page of the prestigious review will experience a reverse of luck after the publication of the journal. Is it true ? Well, yeah. The specialists explain that to make the front page, you have to do something exceptional and obviously, then, the golfer will unconsciously lower the guard.

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