Bet on winter sports: ski and snowboarding

Winter sports are considered by many as a negligible quantity in their online sports betting strategies. It is always a mistake to neglect less media sports and forgotten bettors. On the one hand, it is a way to enrich its range of bets during the winter and on the other hand to ensure a larger coast plate. To bet on skiing, you have to have some knowledge, but in general, you have a bit like tennis of the kings of the discipline which leave some crumbs to their opponents. From track skiing to slalom or downhill, biathlon to the Nordic handset, from acrobatic skiing to snowboarding, talking about a bet on skiing is a mistake in itself. Let's say that in order not to offer you a long title like a ski jumping springboard, we are general, but we are going to tell you about the different disciplines. Beyond the advice, this article "betting on ski" is above all didactic to facilitate the work of those who would like to embark on online betting on the various ski competitions!

The different ski families and the types of disciplines authorized by ARJEL

  • Ski alpin => Descente – Slalom – Super géant – Géant – combiné Alpin

  • Snowboard => Border cross - slalom

  • Ski de fond = > Toutes distances - Poursuite - Triathlon – Sprint - Relais - sprint par équipe

  • Biathlon => Toutes distances - Mass Start - Poursuite – Sprint - relais

  • Combiné nordique => Toutes les épreuves

  • Freestyle => Skicross uniquement

Ski brings together a set of disciplines and if some of them have more than a century of existence, new arrivals are made a place with obviously snowboarding or cross skiing for example. To speak frankly, we feel that it is rather a financial appetite for the IOC which wants to rejuvenate its image and seeks to attract young people with more trendy sports that has a market already well established even if since 2014, we note that the market has stagnated . The interest of the two worlds is to meet. You will tell me that it does not change anything for bets, but a good bettor must know how to look beyond what we want to make him believe. For each discipline, it is a different truth, mythical trials like the descent of Kitzbühel in Austria with the famous Streif track. These events are very commented and take out the skiing of a certain anonymity and it is a good option to embark on betting on ski with a good follow -up of bookmakers and info in the media.

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Skiing competitions in general man and woman authorized by Arjel:

  • Alpine world ski championship

  • American alpine ski championship

  • Alpine ski cuttings

  • Alpine skiing Olympics

  • Cross -country ski championship

  • American cross -country ski championship

  • Cross -country ski cutters

  • Cross -country skiing Olympics

  • World biathlon championship

  • American biathlon championship

  • Biathlon World Cup events

  • Biathlon Olympic Games

  • Freestyle world championship

  • Nordic Combined World Cup events

  • Nordic World Combine Championship

  • Nordic Olympic Games

  • American Nordic Combined Championship

  • Freestyle World Cups

  • Freestyle World Cups

  • Freestyle Olympic Games

The different types of betting on skiing in general

• Individual classification after a round (Top 30)

• Individual final classification after a test (Top 30)

• Final team classification (cross -country skiing and biathlon) after a test (Top 30)

• Individual classification in a full season (Top 30)

• qualified competitors after a series

• Qualified competitors for the quarter -finals

• Qualified competitors for the semi-finals

• Qualified competitors for the final

• Qualified teams for the final

• Number of successful shots by competitor

• Number of medals per country

• Podium

This is its advantage - the range of Paris on skiing is limited, which allows you to focus and learn more easily how to bet on the different disciplines. The ratings are rather high with the many uncertainties of his sports between the faults, the weather, the falls, the equipment ... Even a favorite like Martin Fourcade or Lindsay Vonn, will not have coasts like a favorite of a match For those who bet on football!

Our tips for betting on skiing

Skiing as a whole of disciplines is not a difficult sport to understand. In most cases, you have to go down as quickly as possible, or slide as quickly as possible. In a few races, you will always see the same arguing the podium. The range of Paris is quite light, even if they settle in major competitions such as the Olympic Games. Skiing being an outdoor sport and a winter sport, it is particularly necessary to observe the weather. Skiers are a bit like tennis players. Snow quality is an element that can make a difference like weather. The place and the route can recall the F1 races. Skiers will prefer certain stations, especially if they are at home. You also have to pay attention to the world or Olympic championship race because on a race, a perfect stranger can get out of the wood and become Olympic champion before falling back into anonymity. This difficulty allows bettors to enjoy good rating even for a favorite.

All these factors, you will find them on specialized sites and in the history of skiers.

Bet on skiing with our bookmakers at the end of October!

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