Bet on basketball

Basketball is a particular sport. First of all, it is much less popular in Europe than in the United States. The difference is almost total. It may be the only sport or the same discipline can be played in such a different way. The rules change, the way of apprehending the game is diametrically opposed and the distances of the lines are different. It is therefore almost a heresy to make a common page to bet as a pro on European and American basketball.

The differences between European and American basketball

If you want to bet on European and American basketball, you have to understand that for the same sport the regulations are different.

  • The quarter time has a duration of 10 min in Europe and 12 min in the US
  • The 3 -point line is 6.75 meters in Europe and 7.24m in the US

  • The player is excluded from the fifth fault in Europe (including technical faults) and the sixth fault in the US as well as the second technical fault.

  • The player can touch the ball as soon as he is in with the arch in Europe. It is strictly prohibited to the US if the ball is in the ghost circle of the hoop.

  • Defense in the racket is unlimited in Europe. In the US, a defender will be punished if there are more than three seconds in his racket left without actively defending an opponent.

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And there are others. But these different rules, depending on where you play, show that discipline must absolutely be understood in a different way when you bet. In Europe, the game is more tactical while in American franchises, it is more physical. Never forget that these differences in play involve a difference in Paris.

Basketball is like many ways to betting on rugby at XV or a XIII. As you explained, playing at home gives a major advantage. The dimensions are therefore clearly impacted. The differences between teams are often marked with a clearly identified favorite. Bet on the difference in points will become a habit if you are embarking on betting on basketball.

Basketball competitions to bet in USA:

  • NBA: Season regulate playoffs
  • FIBA Eurobasket
  • FIBA World Cup
  • Continental championship
  • world Cup
  • Euro
  • Olympic games
  • National Basketball Association (NBA) Regular season + playoff
  • European League: USA -USA- Spain -turquie -Serbie
  • European Cup

This list is non-exhaustive, but you can bet on basketball all year round, but watch out for the exotic championships.

The types of betting on basketball authorized in USA

Basketball offers a very wide variety of Types of betting And in particular it is one of the rare sports to authorize Paris to disability.

  • Winning team at the end of regulation time - ES extensions - of each quarter time
  • • Winning team of the 2 me half time
  • • Deposit space between the two teams at the end of Cha qau quarter time and at the end of the match
  • • Total number of points at the end of each quarter time
  • • Total number of points at the end of the 2nd quarter time
  • • Total number of a team points in a match
  • • Score of each quarter time
  • • Extension score
  • • Number of baskets with 2 successful points
  • • Number of 3 -point baskets
  • • Best markers at the end of each quarter and match
  • • Best interceptors the end of each quarter and match
  • • Better counterfeers at the end of each quarter and match
  • • Best rebounds the end of each quarter and match
  • • Player (s) at more than 20 points

Our advice for betting on basketball

Beginners will be advised to play on simple bets. Basketball is a complex sport which by its structure in multiple quarters of Paris. Yet we do not bet on the 1st quarter time as we bet on the third quarter time. All these details would ask us here to write you a novel. This article being intended for beginners we will not go into details for the moment. For your bets on the Euro League, you will not have to look for long. The Final Four to its regulars whose names could speak to the bettors of football. Pro A is a difficult monster for the bettor. If the American competition is far from its European competitors, it is a real challenge to find the favorite of the competition. Extremely disputed, it is a ward to optimize its bets. There remains the sacrosanct NBA. You will find almost more information on the NBA if you speak English than on Pro A in USA.

This is the real problem of the NBA. The matches take place at night for Europe, jet lag requires. We strongly advise you to always watch the matches. Suffice to say that the Livebet at 3am upon waking up, we advise against it. To bet well, you have to be in good shape and woke up. International meetings and competitions are also to be taken with tweezers because it is almost impossible to know if the stars will be released by NBA franchises. Again, don't bet six months ahead of the world basketball championships.

Bet on basketball is still not recommended for beginners who know nothing about this sport. You will find interesting dimensions, but they mainly serve as supporting ratings for pros.

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