Bet basketball - Different types of bets

Betting on basketball asks to take the crosspieces you bet on the NBA, international matches or European matches. As we explain to you in our article of advice to bet on basketball, at the top right, the world of the orange balloon is largely dominated by the favorites. The surprises are rare. Add to this that dummies do not exist, except for the European Cup of Clubs, and the 1N2 bet becomes very unattractive. To optimize the dimensions, you have to go get more specific types of bets. Details that the bet on disability is authorized for your online bets on basketball.

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The different types of betting on basketball

  • Paris type: winner of the match

It is the simple bet of basketball without the draw. In fact, you are asked to determine the winner and the loser.

Advantage : For a simple bet, it's 50 - 50.

Inconvenience : The dimensions are too unbalanced.

Our opinion : The ratings being less than 1.50, the surprises rare and when there is a doubt, the ratings do not rise. For basketball, whether you bet on the NBA or European basketball, bet on the winner of the match is rarely interesting on the medium and long term. Episodically to have fun, why not try a coin on an outsider, but in the long term, this type of paris basket will melt your bankroll.

  • Type of Basketball Paris: winner of the competition

Very simple. Who will be the basketball competition champion: NBA-USA, Olympic Games ...

Advantage : The ratings on the winner are often raised except when the USA send an ersatz from the 1992 Dream Team for the Basketball competition from the Olympic Games.

Inconvenience : This can block a game of Bankroll over a season and it's not far from being battery or face.

Our opinion : Whatever sport, we don't like this kind of betting even if in football for example the uncertainty of sport is swept away with millions, we are never safe from an industrial accident. And put 20 euros or more on a rating of a favorite and waiting 8 months is money that does not work.

  • Basketball Paris type: more than / fewer points per game

It is necessary to determine how many points will be scored by the two teams. And in a Sport to Statistics Like basketball, it is a bet to study meadows.

Advantage : The dimensions are often interesting and make it possible to optimize the ratings of the favorites.

Inconvenience : None except that you have to like to immerse yourself in statistical tables.

Our opinion : Is it a must? Quite simply. The beginner bettor will have to learn to juggle statistics. With 82 regular season matches per franchise, bet on an NBA match allows you to enjoy as many statistics as possible and thus be able to train on this type of betting for basketball meetings.

  • Type of Basketball Paris: Department of points between the teams at the end of the match and by quarter time

You have to find the gap the end of the match between the teams. This is not an exact gap that is requested, but a + 6 + 3 etc ...

Advantage : The dimensions are often interesting and make it possible to optimize the ratings of the favorites.

Inconvenience : None except that you have to like to immerse yourself in statistical tables.

Our opinion : It is still a classic. This bet is not bad for European matches or scores are much tighter. This type of bet must be in your basketball betting strategy. For quarters, it is less advised, because much more hazardous. Better to smooth your bet on the whole meeting.

  • Type of Paris Basket Match: Number of baskets with 2 successful points/ Number of 3 -point baskets.

How many basketball baskets and three successful points on the whole match? Good question isn't it?

Advantage : Rated ratings for a rather rare bet.

Inconvenience : It is a rather hazardous Paris.

Our opinion : We remain mixed in Paris and unless the opponents who oppose have well marked statistics, we must avoid this type of Paris. It is more rarely found on the Bookmakers approved by the Arjel.

  • Paris type: winner of the match & total number of points

You have to know the winner and estimate a number of points in + or -.

Advantage : The odds are very good and a bettable may make its butter.

Inconvenience : Two bets in one, so risk doubled, right?

Our opinion : It is a bet that we recommend to the bettors of the community who already have experience on betting in basketball. Determining a favorite is not the most difficult, but finding a point of points can be more delicate even if with the stats, you can have an estimate.

  • Types of bets: Best bastor / "rebounder" / marker

We put them together, but obviously these are bets that are not linked to your does not advise you not to combine them.

Advantage : The ratings are interesting, but sometimes you have to try bets on an outsider.

Inconvenience : Paris which can be very difficult or too simple, therefore poorly rated.

Our opinion : We do not really like bets too much on individuality in CO sports, but basketball is quite particular especially in the NBA where we know that LeBron will plant his "30 points" per games. Look carefully at the players of players, teams and direct confrontations. Then you play.

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