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Baseball ... Far from the NBA marketing, the folklore of American football, there is a sport flowing in the blood of North America and the United States of America, it is baseball. For 150 years, he has transmitted from father to son, such as his cards of yellowed players, his baseball balls, his gloves and his bats ... Since 1960, American football would have replaced baseball as a number one sport. No doubt in figures, but not in hearts. Yet baseball was born, so long ago that it could look right in the eyes, as well as rugby. Basketball did not exist in 1856 when Alexander Cartwright created baseball (typography of the time), American football still stammered and did not yet exist. Baseball is the modern story of the US. In films, literature and all art forms you have works dedicated to this sport ... This sport is an American monument, but like American football, it has never found its place in Europe. As much US football can do nothing against the rugby, as much as there is no battle sport like baseball, except cricket which implies only the subjects of His Majesty you find baseball in three places in the world and history can help you. First of all in Cuba where it is a national sport ... and yes before the Che and Castro, the island was subject to the USA through a not really friendly dictator. In the end, once the Americans Bouted de Cuba, they remained the American cars and baseball. The other country is Japan ... After launching the H -bomb and the capitulation of the emperor, the US have "occupied" the country through gigantic military bases which still exist for some. Baseball was transmitted this way. He has become one of the king sports in Japan who is just as crazy as the Americans and the Cubans. This is why you can bet that in two championships in USA: the major American baseball and the Japanese Baseball Professional Baseball.

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Baseball competition available for your bets:

  • Major League of Baseball (US) Regular season + playoffs

  • Nippon Professional baseball (Japon)

Do you think it's limited? Could we make a game? Guess how many meetings in the American Baseball Professional League ?

  • 2644 meetings, or 168 per team! And that only for the American regular season.
  • 1728 meetings, or 148 by teams! Only for the Japanese regular season.

Baseball will never leave you hungry. And to bet on baseball you only have 14 teams in Japan! This means that for 1728 meetings, you have only 14 teams to learn and understand with a lot of extraordinary statistics in a season since the teams meet a good hundred times. Even if you don't know anything about it, in a season you can acquire the basics quickly, know the balance of power, the history with a history that does not exist anywhere else: if you bet on football, to have stats on 10 games, not counting the cuts, you need to count on several seasons. For baseball, in one season, you can live several without fundamental change in teams and players.

Paris type authorized for baseball:

  • Winner of the match
  • Winner of the championship / event • Winner of the Channel
  • More than / fewer points per game
  • Deposit gap between the teams at the end of the match

Again, bets are quite limited, which leaves you the possibility of focusing your analyzes on very specific points. It's still a to bet on baseball! Now this is the most difficult part. How to bet on a sport Who is culturally as far away as an glacier craftsman in Greenland? Well, it is an exciting challenge because beyond this sport, you enter a sports culture and an exciting story. For having had the chance to see a baseball match in San Francisco, I can tell you that it is a confusing experience. The Mays Field-nickname of the stadium plagued by naming, stands by the sea and as the baseball stages have the particularity of having only three stands, you see the port and the bay as a landscape to meet Giants. Are you going to tell me what is we don't care? Perhaps, but that is to bet on baseball is to soak up this sport. Not everyone will have the chance to go, but you can understand it by reading, exploring and watching the matches.

Essential to bet on baseball

  • Baseball offers a favorite, but the difference between the teams is less than in other sports. A team can dominate the championship with 60% victories.
  • Baseball is a sport where the simple bet is the most used. There are no zero games. In fact, you have a chance in two to win your simple bets. It is a rather rare statistic in online sports betting.
  • The incredible number of matches requires prudent management of his bankroll. You have time so take it. Think long term! It's science fiction, but if you earn 1 euros per game, it's $ 2644 in your pocket.
  • Analyzing the launchers ... And yes for us the hero, it is the drummer who sends you a home run in the bluish bay of San Francisco. The launcher is so important that according to the list presented by the coach, the ratings will varied, not according to the group of launchers, but by launcher. This is where you have to study the launchers, their shapes and in relation to them the drummer. It's a bit like when you bet on tennis.

Baseball can be a real more value if you play the blow. The rules are not that complex. For the most part of the news, you have to master English even if American enthusiasts offer information and forums. Above all, don't be discouraged, play little, time for once, is with you.

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