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WPT Deepstacks is a poker tournament circuit which today has 25 dates. The World Poker Tour is a flourishing company born in 2003. Today there are more than 13 seasons. The popularity of this tournament is due to its originality. At the time, he was the first poker television tournament. Deepstack means "deep carpet". No, this is not the name of an Indian chief murdered by the white settlers to found Las Vegas. Deep carpet means that you have a large stack, a high bankroll, many tokens at the start of the tournament. So it's a bit of marketing, but unlike other tournaments, you go with a substantial stack. We will therefore present to you these tournaments which make the success of the WPT, but which nevertheless remain mysterious for the general public.

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WPT Deepstacks or not?

It is a circuit of poker tournament. This one gives pride of place to Texas Hold'em Poker since to our knowledge, most tests use this version which is the most popular on the planet. During a WPT, there are different tournaments and we can find the Omaha version for example. Be careful because the term "deepstack" is used by other tournaments and other circuits. The WPT, that is to say the World Poker Tour, is a real institution and it is for many thanks to its TV program that the poker conquered the planet. We are not going to do it backwards. It's big American marketing. You can find all the detestable shots of poker there, but you will also find talent players who play poker as if they did the lesson. It is therefore a must and it is up to you not to fall into the marketing fair and to stick to your game. On the 25 dates of the World Poker Tour Deepstack, some are in live stream. It remains an excellent thing to see how pros players, but also amateurs, we will come back to it, react, with what cards, they will play ... Besides, it has always asked me an existential question ... if all The world can study your game on several tournaments, how to surprise your opponents over time? Well in any case the pros players believe it. Maybe there are video analysts as well as football in order to detail the game of a poker player?

How to play a WPT Deepstacks?

We're going to go on a mined ground. In poker, anyone can participate in a tournament. It's true online, it's true in hard, it's true for everything ... Let's exaggerate anything. In poker, there are no international rankings recognized by all even if there are attempts that have aborted. How to classify poker players? We know an elite because we see them regularly arriving in the final table. There is the WSOP which remains the Grail. However, even at WSOP, if you have the bank account, you can find yourself in front of the world poker Gotha. The explosion of online poker has democratized the public with online satellite tournaments that save entrance fees. And we can say that it made the regulars who found themselves faced with amateur players developing a specific online poker game. And when a headliner was out by an illustrious unknown, some were scandalous. However, this is the principle of a poker tournament. We can say today that the contribution of online players in the evolution of the game is notable.

To participate in a poker tournament, you have to pay the entrance fees. For a WPT Deepstack, it's exactly the same thing. The entrance fees are variable, but never harmless. Today, most Poker sites Offer satellite tournaments that offer the opportunity to qualify for a hard tournament of the World Poker Tour. The advantage is that the entry price is low and the gain includes a travel pack - hotel - entrance price. Again, it is not the Sunday players who qualify. The level remains high and it is not uncommon to see the professional team of the site participate. In any case, these satellite tournaments allow talents to express themselves without conditions of wealth. Because paying 1000 euros to play a tournament is not given to all budgets. And finally, those who feared leveling from below returned their jacket.

WPT Deepstacks: In USA, it's Deauville

The barrier casino therefore welcomes the WTP in its Deauville casino. During the last event in December 2018, the buy in was $ 1100 + $ 100 = $ 1,200 for the Main Event. Over 480 players participated in the tournaments. The qualifications were played on the online poker site of the PMU. At present we do not yet have the dates of the second part of the WP Deepstack. We can reasonably think that it will take place at the end of 2019.

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