Texas Poker Hold'em - l'attrape bluff

After the Tests and the Reverse Tell, we stay in the world of the bluff with the Catcher 'bluff' or Bluff's catch. We arrive dear friends in finesse who require a real experience of poker players to have the right mauve at the right time! Some movement are inherent in poker. This is a possibility of play and if you have an online poker experience, it is very likely that you spontaneously have a bluffing catch with the River. Well spontaneously, we all run, yet some train and perfection. In the end, they will run better than us, even if everyone knows how to run. It is not the same for some Move of poker. If you master them and your gesture is calculated, understood and mastered you are obviously more likely to win the hand and become a Excellent poker player. So there's a question of bluffing catch ... It's pretty, it makes you think of the dream catches and somewhere if you catch the bluff of an opponent, you will also catch his dream, obviously illusory, of bluffing. The Bluff's catch is a complex move, we don't hide it from you. It is done at the River in the final bet. It is therefore among these movements that can put you in danger if you do not master them. We harm. Did you know thatart of pedagogy is repetition ?

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What is the Bluff catch?

You are at the River, an average hand in the pognes, 99 times in a hundred, you would have flod. There, your little brain has turned into a machine to catch the bluffs. You have too weak a hand for a BET value, not strong enough to beat the possibilities of the opponent's range, but on the other hand your hand is just strong enough to beat a bluff. The catcher bluff therefore requires one impossible thing: being sure that your opponent bluff. The Bluff's catch prohibits one thing: never use it against a player who never bluffs. It seems logical, but when doubt interferes we can always say that he may bluff for the first time. It may be true, but it is surely false.

The catcher bluff never is used against a player who does not bluff. The good opponent is the one who bluff. So we always end up with your ability to read the opponent's game. It is undoubtedly the most difficult in poker. You have to be able to read the range of games that a player can have. It is a real intellectual exercise, a game intelligence that develops as you develop as a poker player. The Bluff catcher is therefore the variants of poker or the bluff is an integral part of the game. We find the Texas Hold'em no limit and the Omaha. The difficulty of Bluff Catcher is that this MOVE takes all its power against good players or, in any case, experienced enough to have a real game strategy. The triple barrel bluff that we have developed in our strategy lessons is an excellent MOVE to which opposite the Bluff's catch. The fact that this movement is played out in Al River implies that you have already followed with not much and it is likely that the carpet is well endowed. So it is essential to make your internal calculator work ...

The Bluff's graduate in calculation: equity and pot rating

This is still the difficult time for all those who are rebuilt by mental calculation exercises. However, you know it is an essential to play like a poker pro. And for many observers, this is the difference between poker geniuses and good poker players. If you do not yet master the concepts of rating, pot of pot and equity, take a look in our poker school. It is essential to understand the rest. The bluffing catch you want to make must put on the ratings on the dimensions. The pot coast and the calculation of equities are the two simplest options. When a player calculates his EV (Expected calcul) he compares the pot rating and the probability of touching. So far, so good. The notable difference and for once crucial is that for the bluff catcher a condition is added to your basic calculation. You have understood, as your opponent Bluff must, you need to calculate the incalculable; The frequency of bluff. And there it becomes quantum. Finally, I don't know if it's quantum, but it becomes complex and intangible.

We ask you for a figure for an action that is difficult to calculate. To my knowledge, there is no official figure of the occurrences of bluff. And we come back to this little extra that makes the plume of a part of online poker. Reading the opponent. If your noticed when and how it bluff, you have more than a statistics, you have the advantage over it. Does that seem impossible for you? The easiest way is to come across the one who will show his cards from time to time. It's rare, but on an online poker table, some do it. Not you, you know yourself it is prohibited! And you will tell me that you never know if it will bluff? Observe, a play that will go to the end and you will see the river if it is taken or not. Sometimes it's not complicated. The complexity is really to find a way of catching it. This mastered move must bring you big!