Texas Hold'em : Le Squeeze Play et le Squeeze All

Here is a new page from our poker school with a simple move that will remind you of the triple barrel bluff in hardcore version. The nuance is that the Squeeze Play is an opportunism. In terms of difficulty, we can say that it is very simple to do on the other hand it requires a great sensitivity of play, a high Qi poker. The Texas Hold'em poker is considered by some as a sport. Being rather categorical, for me poker is not a sport, it is an intellectual game as are chess. Today, everyone wants to be everything. Whoever rhymes McDo and Parano in a frenzied rap becomes a poet, the one who writes a successful book per year becomes a writer ... No matter, still an aside to explain that the Texas Hold'em Poker is based on what is between your two ears, that is to say the brain for the slowest of you. Unlike a sport, training should not format you to react and make the right gesture. Whatever the move you have learned with us, it should never be an automation, but a thoughtful gesture and based on an observation of your game, your position in the game and the hand and by the analysis of the opponents, without Forget the variant of the game. And it is in this sense that you advise ourselves to use the Squeeze move with sparing and with a certain basis that you have been able to develop in free roll or on the virtual silver tables Online poker rooms.

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Le squeeze play : les bases

The Squeeze Play asks to have a certain player profile opposite; We need to play wide opponents who find themselves on one hand. You need a revival and one on recovery and this is where you intervene. The Squeeze Play is the movement you make at this key moment. It is not done on several hands, in any case necessarily on several hands, but it is originally dependent on the others. You cannot make a Squeeze Play if you do not have the opponents who offer you this possibility of MOVE. It is therefore interesting for beginners because you can gauge your ability to read in the opposing game, a quality essential to become a good Texas Hold'em poker player. So we are going to see who are the ideal opponents to make this bluff. And yes, we didn't specify it, but of the bluff of course. You have nothing or almost nothing in hand. Otherwise, you have the strongest hand and there is no longer bluff.

The Squeeze Play in Texas Hold'em: the perfect opponents

As often for bluff moves, players who play tights are not interesting. They are not going to follow you, not enrich the pot and if they do it, it is because they are likely that they have solid in their hands. This is all the beauty of this online card game, it is a good play of poker can go from the game tight to the bluff. For a beginner, it's better not to cogitate too much, because in the end to think too much, you will do nothing. A good squeeze n play is played against an opponent who often and vigorously relaunches. A play of this type is qualified as aggressive. It is the most common profile among beginners because it is one of the basic advice. Be aggressive to make your opponents sleep. The poorly mastered aggressiveness is a bullet in the foot. A player who is too aggressive and that openly must become your target. And bluff moves are made for this.

The Squeeze Play bluff: the best land

To make a good bluff, you have to have a good field. In this case, you must have good visibility of the players of the table. So avoid thes sit n go Where you will not have time to know the strengths and weaknesses of the players you face. In addition, the pots must be interesting with donation of poker variants with large bets. It is therefore necessary to favor the No-Limit Hold'em and the Pot-Limit Omaha. Why ? Well without a limit of bet, when you go to make your 3-bet (3 nd recovery) you can bet big hoping that the previous 2 BETs are enriched. The goal is to make your opponent sleep and you understood, as you bluff, you must not find yourself at the River. To send the players to bed, you have to be able to meet in force and therefore it is essential to proscribe the limits in this strategy.

The Squeeze Play: What information do you give you?

Rest assured, we did not enter the infantilizing coaching of the 21st third century on "how to find happiness". . The idea is that on a poker table you will read the opponents. Reciprocity is obviously true. Too bad for the cliché, but before knowing the other, you have to know yourself, which translates to a poker table can be summed up to control the information you give! If you want to make this MOVE because you find the right customers make sure to pass for a tight and cautious player so that your bluff is all the more resounding. And above all never show your cards, that's good for cinema ... Keep your secret bluffs, you are not there to impress the gallery, but to win.

Le squeeze All in

There, it is the Squeeze Rolls, but it is without round trip. It works in the same way except that you are going to bluff by going to the carpet. The only advice in addition to those of this article for this squeeze is to count your tokens well. You have to do it against players who will be in difficulty or released if they lose their hands.