Texas Hold'em Poker: Tell Inversé or Reverse Tell

In our previous lesson, we have told you about such a long time ... For bad students, such is a body language that allows you to read the game of your opponents and of course. And this technique is a way of reading your opponent, but it is especially not an exact science. It is therefore possible to play with TELLs by diverting them, what is called the reverse Tell or Reverse Tell for a nice anglicism of which the poker players of USA loves. Obviously, we remind you that Tell and Reverse Tell are effective in real poker tournament or at a casino table. You can do it in front of your computer on Your online poker room, but we exclude all responsibility for its effectiveness and the reaction of your loved ones. To start, we strongly advise to read our Article on Tell. Before countering a tell, it's good to master them, right? You will not appeal to your kid or godson to bike in a skateboard pipe? There, it's the same.

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What is the reverse Tell?

It's cinema, it's doing the actor. It is to use a well -known Tell, sought after by poker players who are addicted to body psychological. Be careful, we mock, but very clearly, some pro players are exceptional. But the question is whether they really read their adversaries as well where they can read the opponent pushes him to make mistakes. A priori, unless you go to high level, you will have little chance of falling on a specialist of the genre. If you are lucky you will find an ideal target. Whoever believes in his talent, who believes he is special and who you will refer to his dear studies. The overturned Tell will allow you to counter the players who try to read your Body Language. The wealthiest solution is to type in fat. The fat in this case is to use the Tell most sought after by amateurs and give them what they want to scraper them, to bluff them, to roll them in the flour. And if that doesn't work, you will still disturb him in the course of his thinking.

A reverse Tell against which opponent?

If we start from the principle that you do not know anyone at the table, it's a bit of big sins. You can observe the players discreetly, without doing too much. The ideal is to come across a player who has discovered such and looking for them. To make a counter Tell to a beginner in poker is like pissing in a violin to make music. The only problem is that it is not written on the front of anyone and moreover, one of the best known such famous in poker, but to all the games in the world, it is to pretend to be A beginner or a noobs. The reverse Tell and Tell can make you crazy, to finish with nodes in the brain. Do not transform into behaviorist of poker table, you will get lost and forget about it. A good opponent for the reverse Tell is the one who will get caught. And that we know it while trying. So you shouldn't base your game on a reverse Tell unless from experience, you have this gift that some poker players have. And modestly, see humbly, I wonder what you are doing there to read me if you are one! You have the absolute weapon. Tell and reverse Tell, it's not panache, it's not pretty gesture, it's knowing your opponent's game, or rather the strength of your opponent's game. That is to say that you see when he bluff, that you know when he has a hand .. it's almost cheating. Fortunately, it's a lot of wind and even the experts like Helmuth who write books there will tell you about clinical cases. You see how the car engines are tested? In a glass cage without anything around, without road, everything is simulated. So when a consumer association do the same test in real condition, all the results are different. The same goes with profiling that takes the example of unique situations with such as caricatured tells or counters. In real life, it is the finesse of your observation that will detect the Tell and the finesse of your acting game that will make a good reverse Tell.

Poker we like for that, because ultimately, cards are just a tool for your creativity and a way to use your different talents. The perfect example is Joe Navarro, FBI agent, broke up on the interrogations and bodily languages of the interviewees. So, Joe, when he is at a table, players are so afraid of being read that they can do any Qoi.

The reverse Tell to start and go further

It is simply a question of using the best known and even some who are a little coarse like the player who will start to tell his life .... the simplest are the gestures. You relaunch in bluffing, but bring the cards closer to you. It is a rather interesting tell, because spontaneously, when you have games, we want to protect it from inquisitive looks. The strength of the reverse Tell is difficult to analyze in the spot. To play it, you have to know how to take the time. To make a good and real reverse Tell, you have to play Pavlov. Do you know the Pavlov dog? Well, your opponent must notice a tell. This Tell must really be in line with your game. For example when you have a good game, and bring your tokens to you. And when you have accustomed the table to your gesture, you will have an advantage over them to launch a counter Tell by making the gimmick that you have chosen when you do not have a game ...