Texas Hold'em Poker: 3-bet-light strategy

And here is the drama. It slams as a name, enough to impress the gallery at the Friday evening after work. Seriously, if you go to an after work, do not read this article. Soon we will use alcohol -free beer at poker tables, we can smoke more and our earnings will be more taxed than Apple's benefits! What a nightmare, this reality. All because of the term "After Work". So, I repeat it, a word that hunts unbearable trends in this drifting society that we lead by the tip of the nose of its work to its After Work: 3 Bet Light. It slams, it's Rock Rock’n’Roll, it doesn’t smell bling bling, it’s the slightly bright shadow of an old harbor in a deserted alley, 3 Bet Light, so light. 3 Bet Light is a new movement that we will share with you. It is one of the basic moves of Texas Hold'em poker a look. Again, you have probably realized it without being aware of doing so. And this is where you will now make all the difference to your poker table. You are going to be aware of the move you are launching and we are going learn to master it So that the 3-bet-light is one more fatal blow in your round.

3 Bet Light is a weapon of mass destruction and it may be registered in The Hague. Who says Adm, a weapon of mass destruction, says double edge. The 3 poorly mastered Bet Light can very well turn around in 3 Bet Night, good night the little ones. Everyone calms down, I hear the rumble that comes from the bottom of the room "but what is your p .... of 3 bet light". You have never been patient ...

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The 3 bet Light, what is it?

It is simply a on -breeding. A 3 bet, three bets. It is a bet, a revival and an over-revival. Why Light. I lied to you. I played, with talent, it's true, on the "light" metaphor in the light sense. Nevertheless, here, the "light" is in the light sense. At the same time, if the English and the Americans had a more extensive vocabulary, that is to say a word for everything, we would not be there. Light, from light to lightness. You see poetry, it is with us. In short, I feel that today I do convolutions. Everything is fine. The light means that your over-election is light, that is to say that you do it with a game whose strength is below the average pre-flop. The 3 Bet Light is therefore a technique to "steal" the pot with a weak hand, but it is also a way to vary your pre -flop game and optimize your high hands.

Characteristic of 3-bet-light move

  • Prevail
  • Is played with a weak hand

  • Two situations: Overlance in position or over-60s from blinds

A 3 BET is therefore a usual movement that we do completely naturally when the game lends itself to it. We can be more rarely dealing with a 4 BET. Relans-sur-Relance -Su-sur-Relance. The peculiarity of 3 BET Light is to make an over-revival while our hand is weak. Poker players who still play security will hate this move and yet it can be extremely profitable if it is played with efficiency especially in Texas hold'em no limit. As always a good move is played against a good customer. The 3 BET Light asks an opponent capable of playing the pre -flop in an aggressive manner by betting. This type of player is always a problem for beginners Who don't like to be attacked in a pre -flop. Poker is sometimes also like judo. You have to know how to use the power of the opponent to better counter it. In poker being attacked constantly is not pleasant, but it is a sign that your opponent plays wide in the pre -flop because it is impossible that he touches premium hands in each hand. It is therefore the perfect target to play a 3 bet light. By systematically relaunching, he puts himself in danger by playing the bluff and you bringing him back, you can take it in his own game. Again, if you do it systematically, you will be as readable as him. Take advantage of his game, but don't enter it.

3 Bet Light: How to make it intelligently?

If you have followed Our advices Since the start of our poker school, you have become a more aggressive player. This is very good, but you also understood that the excess of aggressiveness endorses you in danger. On online poker tables, you will find that many players are in excessive aggressiveness. If you like poker, it is because it is an intellectual company of destabilization. Cold blood and balance are often forgotten by many players. The 3 EBT Light will ask you for its two great qualities. The first thing is to identify the target that we have already described in the previous paragraph. And yes guys, don't read diagonally. Your prey being identified, survived with an average game. Do not meet like a nag, I remind you that you have a weak game. The risk of this move is to get caught up in your own game.

Play 3 Bet Light

The first rule: it is a poker movement, which means that it is anything but suicidal. You don't have to be overwhelmed anything with anything. Again knowing how to go to bed even if you have survived, it does not matter, but risking part of your bankroll just because we decided to do this move, it's silly. The good hands -For beginners: Pocket pairs of small values. Yes, one as for the semi-bluff if you want. Assorted connectors are also good cards to try the move. It is simply because it gives you a bigger chance of touching the flop. Playing in 3 BET Light is a way to make your game illegible. If you only play your hands in PRENIUMS, you will be countering because your opponents will never go against you if they don't have very heavy in hand. You win little. By blurring your opponents with this kind of movement, you can optimize your little hands while confusing the other players. Be careful all the same, we repeat it again, once do not allow us to train in a climbing of putting if you have a small hand.