Poker strategy: handrange

Evaluate the range of your opponent's hands

Play poker whether Omaha, the Hold'em and all other variants is simple. The rules are not complex, the order of the hands and their values are learned quickly. The most difficult comes for those who want to progress in this game. We too often put forward the earnings that we can have online poker or during tournaments, but venality is not the only motivation of the players you Care in the online poker rooms. The quest for the jackpot, the dream of making a living with poker and, what do I know, are not the primary motivation of a large part of the poker players as often the media, and sometimes we too, let it believe. Money is important because it gives a more exciting game a . However, the one who plays for money will find it difficult to pose a good part of his bankroll when the game asks him, and he risks tilter by winning big. the pleasure of playing And simply progress are very powerful stimulus among amateur players. The gain is the icing on the cake. A little aside after reading the mail of a POKERSTAR player Who asked us how to become a professional player ... So, before we make an article on this thorny question, we will give you an essential key to online poker to pass the beginner box: the evaluation of the fan of the hands From your opponents, what is called the Handerange in English. We are more in the technique than in the poker strategy. It is in relation to this calculation that you will implement a strategy.

What is the range of hands in poker?

The goal of a game of poker is to master your game and the options you have. So you are going to watch your game and the flop. Your cards in hand and the flop show you a path. Either you have touched and therefore you have a base that you are going to look for, or you have nothing but you go try to touch. And from there, you calculate the chances that you are going to have the card or improve it. The beginner's mistake is to stop there. And I think 99% of beginners make this mistake at the start of their learning. It's a mistake, but it's also a way to learn to play your game and master the range of your game. To pass and quickly at the next step, it is therefore necessary to do the same for your opponent. And there, the problem is that you have a stranger: his hand. So you have to guess the most precisely what game he has and what game he is looking for. And as it is about statistics, you can calculate the possibilities. Unless you are endowed with extraordinary calculation capacity, it is almost impossible to do it at a game table. Especially since the position of the player whether, for example, at the button or Under the GUNG is a factor to take into account.

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Why seek to determine the range of hands?

The first reason is simple. Knowing the fan of the hands is knowing what he is going to play and what he expects. If in reality, you never look for a precise hand, but a set of possibilities, you will often see and you will probably make this error by thinking in your head. He plays "color". You will therefore focus on this possibility by evacuating all the others. And once at the river you will see that it beats you with another hand. Imagine a head to head. Your opponent is BB (Big Blind), you relaunch and he is stimulating. A beginner will say that he necessarily has a big pair. You know it is not impossible for him to start the start of a bluff move. Forget, this possibility. This action is does not mean anything. On the other hand, what you are certain of is that it has a range of hands. If your player is a serious opponent, he leaves with several big hand possible, understand the pairs dressed in pre -flop. But this player can also play an ace - king or an ace - lady. We are not more advanced you will tell me? And much more than you think. Because now you have an analysis base. Au flop, you have a range of hands to watch. And this is where you must be an observer to refine this hand according to the actions of your opponent. This is the principle of the funnel: you do not start a substantial and flop range, at the turn and the river you must solve the possibilities and Afine more and more.

And there if this exercise is well done, you will discover a fairly strange feeling when your opponent is going to launch his cards and that they are the ones that you had identified. The first time, we are not far from having the feeling of having won the WOSP!

Handrange and mathematics

As much to tell you, this is the difficult part of this affair because you have to be able to juggle the statistics, but you can have a tool like the table that

percentage of
opposing recovery

Ventail of opposing hands




QQ+, and


Jj+, and


TT+, I, AQS+


99+, AQ+


88+, AQO+, ATS+


88+, ATS+, garlic+


66+, ATS+, garlic+


I+, cut+, Ato+


55+, A8s+, ATO+


hp+, A8C+, aya+, kyas


44+, feel+, lust+, as plaster+


44+, especially, feel+, member+, as plaster+


44+, A4S+, A8o+, KJS+


P+, dearest+, Qutz+, Ah+


P+, cut+, Qatz+, Ah+, brother,


33+, A2S+, KTS+, A4O+, this+


33+, A2S+, KTS+, A3O+, This+, Qjs


22+, A2S+, K8S+, A2O+, this+, QTS+




22+, cut+, cup+, a+, cook


22+, cut+, cup+, a+, kaqi+, short+, shot+, cut+, weather, jet


22+, cut+, cup+, a+, kaqa+, cruel


Any hand, pair, ace, king, t7o+, 79o+, 76o+

By cons beware, this table does not take into account the stimulus positions. For mathematics applied to poker, we are preparing you all!