Poker Texas Hold'em: play pairs

Poker strategy: how to play Poker Poker Texas Hold'em

The pairs fallen into a flop are always welcome. However when you are going to start playing online poker, you will ask yourself many questions after losing your hand with the best hand in a flop. By progressing, you will even be able to throw it during a hand because simply a pair is the best hand in the flop, but it can lose its power and its strength from the flop. Between an AS-AS pair and a 2-2 pair, there is a world. We generally separate the pairs in poker in three kinds. Small pairs, middle pairs and large pairs. The first category is a boon, the second an opportunity and the last a challenge. So we will explain to you how to play your pairs. Nevertheless, the positon, your bankroll, the type of players you face are all important factors that you should not forget. Please note that these tips are for Texas Hold'em, to play the Pocket Pair "at the Ohmaha for example, you have to follow a particular logic to this version. At online poker Come in tournament poker, this is how to play pairs.

Play little pairs in poker

The small pairs are:

  • 2-2
  • 3-3
  • 4-4
  • 5-5
  • 6-6

The little pair is the trap for a beginner. It is a hand made, but it is extremely weak. Imagine that you can have an opponent with a hand dressed like a valet - king or even a superior pair and your pretty little pair is not worth a nail. You can only hope for a Brelan or a miraculous square. You must therefore be careful with a small pair because it can train you to follow and enter a spiral that will cost you dearly. If, the pre flo part in recovery and on stimulus, sleep, abandon there as if you have a small mismatched hand.

Statistics to touch with a pair of 6 against 9 opponents at the table:

  • A pair: 35.15 %
  • Two pairs: 39.4 %
  • Brelan : 11,7%
  • Straight :
  • Flush : 1,95%
  • Full House : 8,55 %
  • Carré : 0,84%
  • Straight Flush : 0,02%

Chance to win: 13.9%

You see that despite your pair, your hand range is limited and touching a card to improve your hand is low. Your position is important with this kind of hand. If you play in first position or in early position, do not hesitate to throw away. Visibility can leave you information and if you find it blind, you are likely to be attacked. In the average position, if no one has relaunched, you can try to pay to go to flop. Above all, do not enter a war, you don't have a strong hand to get the flop. For a so -called late position and if no one has relaunched, you can try a recovery to catch the blinds, but nothing says that the last opponents let themselves be easily caught. The little pair therefore requires knowing how to read its position and the game of your opponents.

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Play the middle pairs in poker:

The middle pairs are:

  • 7-7
  • 8-8
  • 9-9
  • 10-10

So, we tell you right away, to avoid an email avalanche, the J-J is considered by Some players like a strong hand because dressed.

Statistics to touch with a pair of valet against 9 opponents at the table:

  • A pair: 35.15 %
  • Two pairs: 39.4 %
  • Brelan : 11,7%
  • Flush : 1,97%
  • Full House : 8,55 %
  • Carré : 0,84%
  • Straight Flush : 0,02%

Chance to win 19.91 %

We see that the chances of touch do not change. We tell you to show you that a pair whatever its level will always have the same chance of falling into exact conditions. Often you will have the feeling that with a pair of aces you will be less likely to touch. It is only psychological, statistics do not move. On the other hand, the chance to prevail changes at all. Again, if you play early in the tour of the table you will have to follow the Big Blind or the small reminders. Do not get anyone, you have an interesting hand, but your goal is to go to the flop for the least possible. For an intermediate position, with better visibility, you can play more aggressive in order to eliminate players before the flop to eliminate the risks of seeing an opponent touch at the flop. For a situation where you have visibility, take advantage of it to revive with an average pair and why attack a little to skim the table.

Play high pairs in poker

High pairs are:

  • D-D
  • R-R
  • AS-AS

Statistics to touch with a pair of ace against 9 opponents at the table

  • A pair: 35.15 %
  • Two pairs: 39.4 %
  • Brelan : 11,7%
  • Flush : 1,97%
  • Full House : 8,55 %
  • Carré : 0,84%
  • Straight Flush : 0,02%

Chance to win 30.87 %

There, it is the bingo, Keno, national holiday. You have touched a high pair and it's not time to get eaten and spoil this little luck gift. You have to launch a strong and significant revival, that is to say, 3 or 4 times the big bling. Why ? Simply to prevent an opponent from getting you to get you with a less strong hand and ends up with a flop draw that would put you in possibility. Always think of a fan of the hands and reread our article to understand why we must be aggressive with a strong hand and that especially in the flop.