Pai Gow Poker - Play online for free

PAI GOW POKER is very successful in American -speaking online casinos. The originality of this game which is inspired by more than a Chinese domino game than Poker Texas hold'em. Available in a simple table, in video poker, but also in tournaments, the PAI Gow Poker is also played in virtual money in online casinos. Before you start real money, you can test this card game and train without having to risk your precious bankroll. If the principle of casino games, it is to take risks to win the jackpot and the multiple progressive jackpots, you must not neglect training and learning even if legitimately adrenaline and abyss Often acts as an irresistible magnet. If you want to discover the Pai Gow Poker Casino game in virtual money, it is worth MP of course play for free!

Playing the new Pai Gow Poker online for free

By discovering the Pai Goww Poker, you will probably be a little lost when you launch the lobby on your online casino. It is then a learning to understand the functioning of this game and all the finesse they hide from players and their uninformed eyes. Learning to play in virtual money, prevents you from losing your first deposit and your welcome bonus stupidly by clumsiness and beginners errors. To acquire the basics, virtual money allows you to focus only on the game itself without having to take into account other parameters such as your bankroll, your position in a pai gow poker tournament or for example management pressure. It's a way of playing that will not make you a great player because you will have to learn how we play in online tournament, how the game mechanics evolve and how you will have to manage your carpet. Nevertheless, do not put the cart before the oxen as we say trivially. If the name obviously evokes poker and therefore the complexity of this game, you can be reassured. The PAI GOW POKER would be a breeze if you compared it to all the strategies and the bluff that you have to master to play online in Texas Hold'em Poker. Despite this apparent ease, going to Boeotian to a Pai Gow Poker table is suicidal and will only make the happiness of the online casino where you play!

The first thing to play poker in virtual money is of course to know the hands that can recall poker, but with some nuances especially with the Joker who plays the Wild of online slot machines. Unfortunately the game does not necessarily have a tutorial in the online play rooms, so you can find here your hands of the Pai Gow Poker:

You have a hand made up of

  • The square hand and the Joker: First oddity. You can have 5 identical cards thanks to the Joker who will take the value of your square. A square is for novices, 4 identical cards.
  • The sequel or fifth : It is a sequel that is not necessarily in color. Note that the second strongest hand at the PAI Gow Poker begins with the AS at the bottom. AS-2-3-4-5. As in poker, the Flush Royal Quinte-AS -Ro-Dame-Valet-10 is the strongest combination
  • The quarter or square hand: four identical value cards like a D-D-D-D-D
  • The full hand (a broken and a pair): a pair on one side and a broker on the other.
  • The Flush hand: it's a color, so five cards of an identical color that are not in fifth, that is to say that they do not form a suite. It's Flush.
  • Square or quarter: four cards of the same value like R-R-R-R
  • The full (Brelan + pair): Three identical cards that make you a Brelan and two identical cards that make the pair like 8-8-8 and 9-9.
  • The Flush: you have five cards of the same color, but they are dispersed and do not form a suite as in the tile color: 3-8-v-d-as
  • The hand no -colored hand nicknamed the hand sequence: it is a suite with the mismatched colors.
  • The hands pairs: as the name suggests, these are two identical hands.

PAI GOW Poker rules in virtual silver

To play Pai Gow Poker, a simple game of 52 cards and a Joker are necessary. The Joker does not replace any card. The Joker plays its role only in combinations: Brelan, Flush and Royal Quinte. To win at the PAI GOW POKER, you have to beat the banker or to bet on the player who is opposed to the banker. It is a bit the same principle as classic online casinos table games like black jack or Bacarra. You will therefore be opposed to the custody of the casino. You will have a game of seven cards that you will have to separate five cards in two hands and another from two cards. It is a key factor since each hand being independent, they can bring you victory if you constitute them with strategy.

In conclusion on the free pai gow poker game

The apparent simplicity of the PAI Gow Poker can mislead you. This game can make you lose a lot of money if you do not master the basic rules, but also strategies. This is how we advise you vigorously to play in online casinos that we recommend in order to be able to test the PAI GOW POKER in virtual silver mode, sometimes called "for pleasure", or free mode.